Names: Chia, Satanackia, Satanachia; Put Satanachia, Satanchia
Subordinates: Pruslas, Amon and Barbatos (Sustugriel, Serguthy, Heramael, Trimasel)
Answers to: Mammon; Lucifer; Lucifer; Lucifuge (Primary)
Rank: Commander in Chief; Great General
Planet: Earth; Mercury; Moon; Black Moon; Venus; Saturn (Lesser)
Direction: West (Primary); North
Element: Water (Primary); Earth (Secondary)
Legions: 45 or 54
Color: Pink, Green, Indigo, Silver, Red, Yellow
Time: 3rd Hour of Night
Attributions: Holy Thistle, Lemon Verbena, Sage, Horehound, Elder Berry, Paprika, Red Sandalwood, Mugwort




I was clutching a quartz crystal while meditating on my bed in accordance with the voice of a demon who was guiding me. She told me to focus on the energetic emanations of every planetary sphere I was ill-aligned with, gently realigning myself and gaining power thereby. After this was done, I felt at piece. I asked, “By the way, who is guiding me at the moment.”

“Satanachia,” the spirit responded.

The demon(ess) Satanachia isn’t discussed very often, although (s)he carries a high rank in Hell. (S)he appears in both the Grimorium Verum and Grand Grimoire, yet it is difficult to find good information about him/her.

It is said that Satanackia is a very carnal spirit, and that sexual energy is very useful in workings to him/her. He/she appears to switch genders far more often than most gender fluid demon(esse)s I know. According to The Black Grimoire of Satan by T.J. Dawson, Satanachia’s magickal specialties are “Lust, Desire, Safe Travel, Protection, Knowledge, Prosperity.” The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic attributes Satanackia to anger, revenge, and violence.

Satanchia presides over crystal balls, tarot cards, Ouija boards, and divination by fire. She can give strong insights into the practice of circle casting and the raising of sacred spaces in general. She can give in-depth delineations of the four elements.

Put Satanachia can improve mental acuity and increase bodily flexibility. She can make  the witch a better liar and teach her to manipulate others.

Satanackia specializes in shielding and banishing alike, as well as rope/knot/cord/yarn magick and the use of sewing and autoeroticism in magick. She can fortify entire locations and reverse the effects of a spell and/or redirect its target. She can help the witch see the future and commune with the Higher Self. She can attune the witch to her True Will and empower any given chakra. She can enchant a chess board for the manipulation of all manner of forces. She can teach much about divination, including various unique tarot spreads, as well as regarding the Higher Self.

Put Satanachia can give much knowledge regarding astrology and magick. He has profound knowledge of all the planets and she/he can impart much knowledge of Chavajoth (the Azerate). He/she teaches the witch when to keep her mouth shut and dismiss everyone who makes a sound.

Satanachia has power over all women and girls and can bring about their submission. He empowers the base and crown chakras. Satanachia can call up armies of spirits who serve Mother Earth to renew the life force of the planet and provide animal familiars to boot. His familiars bring fast and easy results provided that they are content with the operator. He rules longevity and brings about self-transformation through the energetic emanations of the Black Moon of Gamalielim.

One of the best pieces I ever read about Satanachia identified the demon with Chia, a Triple Goddess from the Pre-Columbian religion of the Muisca. His personal gnosis regarding Satanachia definitely lines up with both my personal gnosis of the spirit as well as T.J. Dawson’s gnosis of Satanchia’s faculties. The planetary attributions I cited for Satanachia are completely derived from personal gnosis– Pre-Columbian religion and I both attribute the spirit in question to the moon. I didn’t notice it until now, but the planetary attributions I channeled for Satanachia strongly paint the picture of a “Complete Divine Feminine” archetype. The fact that she also often manifests as male is nothing strange– Belphegor, Astaroth, Semyaza, Flereous/Haures, and Beleth all switch genders very often (or at least, they frequently manifest as both genders. They probably don’t “switch”).

My personal gnosis is that Satanachia and Chia are either the same entity or aspects of the same entity. I messaged a bunch a handful of black magickians via social media and had them ask their guiding spirits whether the two were the same entity (I didn’t tell them my conclusion), and their responses have made me very confident that Chia really is Put Satanachia. It wasn’t until after I was confident in this identification that I began researching Chia, only to find that the elemental and directional correspondences I had listed for her was a match.

Chia was one of the most important deities in the religion of the Muisca. Her name means “the One Who is Like the Moon.” There was a city named after her and she was held to be the patron goddess of the monarch of Zipa (i.e., the southern part of Muisca). The priests of the sacred calendar were in charge of her ceremonies, wherein she received offerings of gold and ceramic artwork. And yet, she was considered notoriously evil and destructive. Her reputation was awful. She was viewed to be a goddess of water who spitefully massacred the innocent via floods– misdeeds for which she was turned into an owl (i.e. the Moon). Mothers would shield their daughters from moonlight because they thought Chia was actively trying to kill their young via illness.

Magickal Chants

Exsurge Aeviternitas Put Satanachia
“Rise, Sempiternal Put Satanachia!”

Agios Es, Praevalidus Domine Satanchia
“Numinous Art Thou, Mighty Lord Satanchia!”

Concelebrate Omnituens Satanachia
“I Praise the All-Seeing Satanachia!”

Furca Na Alle Laris Satanchia
Satanachia’s Traditional ‘Enn’ or Summoning Chant

Io Satanchia-Put Satanachia-Satanackia
“Hail Satanchia/Put Satanachia/Satanackia”

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Satanackia
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Satanackia”
Used to Summon or Call or Satanachia While Presencing Qliphothic Enery

Invoco Sancta Put Satanachia
“I Call the Holy Put Satanachia”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia



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    1. I strongly appreciate that. I’ve recently finished redoing every one of my demonology articles but one to rival this one in quality, should you need more information on an entity I’ve covered in the past.


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