Ereshkigal (with chants)

Ereshkigal is the goddess of the underworld in Sumerian mythology who was incorporated into Judao-Xian demonology and rightfully identified with Hecate in the Michigan Magickal Papyrus. Upon manifesting before my coven, she made it clear by her bearing of torches and barking of hounds that she was an aspect of Hecate indeed. We called upon her in our rite of initiation into Sathariel-Satorial, the Saturnian Qlipha in opposition to Binah, being the sphere to which Thomas Karlsson attributed her.

The names of Ereshkigal, which names pertain specifically and originally to her, Ereshkigal, Ereskigal, Ereshkigala, Irkalla, Allatu, Allatou, Allat, Allatum, Ninmug. The title Allatu is also applied to the son of Ereshkigal, Namtar, in Sumero-Akkadian religion, but to Ereshkigal herself in Sumero-Babylonian religion.

The names given to the underworld plane under Ereshkigala are Kurnugi, Kur-nu-gi-a, Mahan, Magan, Cutha, Araru, Aralu, Arallu, and Emeslam, wherein her palace is known as Ganzir. The undead known, as the gidim or the etimmu, which undead would bedevil humans failing supplication, resided herein.

A group of seven demons, which demons personified the wrathful forces of nature, answered unto Ereshkigal. These demons were often viewed as one entity and rarely ever acted independently of one another. They are known as the Galla, and they, as the emissaries of Ereskigal, are the only ones who may depart from the netherworld upon entering it.

She manifested last time as ten feet tall with massive raven wings and black robes adorned with a uniquely-shaped bronze-colored crown. One of the most impressive appearance I’ve ever documented.


Aperiatur Kur-nu-gi-a et Ganzir, et germinet Ereshkigala
[Open the Underworld and its Palace, and bring forth Ereshkigala]

Io Ereskigal-Irkalla [Hail Ereskigal-Irkalla]

Veni, veni, Ereshkigal– Regina Irkalla-Kurnugi!
[Come, come, Ereshkigal Queen of the Underworld]

Allatu, Irkalla, Ninmug, Allatum-Ereskigal (names)

-V.K. Jehannum

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