Alternate Names: Baal-Peor, Peor, Beth-Baal-Peor, Beelpeor, Baalphegor, Balphegor, Beelphegor, Bel-Peor, Zomithan, Belphegor, Ophel, Belphagore, Belfegore, Soratharos, Chura
Qlipha: Thagirion (Black Sun)
Element: Earth
Direction: North
Herb: Lemon Balm
Gematria: 187, 305, 321
Color: Green
Holy Days: March 31; April 9;  May 13
Letter: I
Month: April
Season: Spring
Incense:  patchouli, lemon balm, devil’s claw, sandalwood, gum arabic
Rank: Ambassador to France; One of Seven Princes; Chief of Thagirion; Grand Minister

Belphagore is a solar fertility god whom the Israelites worshiped through the statue of a giant phallus in orgiastic sacraments, venerated by the Black Lodge as a granter of wealth and resurrector of the blessed dead. His are the will to power, the attainment of wealth, licentiousness, the flash of creative inspiration, the rush of combat, the necromantic arts, and sexual power. Belphagore is the lord of the dead and a master of all manner of weaponry, and he is a harbinger of economic advancement and personal transformation. Spells to help the witch with occupational or monetary concerns and letting go of the past are specialties of Belphagore’s.

Liber HVHI refers to Belphagore as the “encircler of shades,” and the manuscripts of the Temple of the Black Light call him “the deifier of the inner dark flame and the Rising Beast of the Final Apocalypse.” His name means “Lord of the Opening,” which esoterically harkens to liminality, black holes, star gates, and other nexions. He can empower the witch’s psychic senses and powers and enchant herbs and plants.

A good relationship with Belphagore is a good relationship with the Devil– Satan and Belphagore are very close. He enjoys wisdom and art, and he strongly enjoys offerings of blood.

Eliphas Levi postulates that the medieval witch sabbats were resurrections of the ritual veneration of Belphegor. Among Belphegor’s devotees were the Kadeshoth, being religious (ceremonial) prostitutes. He was often venerated in the form of a phallus, or as a semi-bestial man with a phallus-shaped tongue. He was primarily venerated on Mount Peor, and his devotees are said to have eaten the sacrifices of the dead.

Belphagore is a deity of alchemical transmutation and he’s said to be a deeply cunning spirit. According to Liber Azerate, “Belphegor manifests before men as a beautiful, naked, demonic princess and before women as an elegant, naked, demonic prince, revealing his face which has the aspect of a wild and peculiar beast. If you survive beholding his countenance, he will manifest before you as Sorath, who is described in the bible as the Antichrist or the Beast 666.”

Traditional demonography generally depicts Belphegor as a bearded man with claws, and occasionally with horns as well. According to the Joy of Satan Ministries, “Belphagor has blonde Hair, and a muscular build. He usually leaves one with a warm glow after meeting him. He has white wings and very piercing eyes.”

Ketab-e Siyah presents an “infernal alphabet” wherein one demon is attributed to one of a list of letters, which letters are the same which occur in the English alphabet, albeit out of order. Belphegor is attributed to I, which is counted the 17th letter of the “infernal alphabet.”

The infernal alphabet is a construct which no one understands and no one uses, but I can analyze Belphegor’s particular alphabetic correspondence with ease. 17 is the number of Aeonic progression, and is a sensible attribution for Belphegor, in that he rules the Qlipha of the Black Sun, which Black Sun is the engine of Aeonic progression. 17 is also the number of squares inside the swastika.

The letter I clearly refers to the Higher Self, which Higher Self the magickian traditionally encounters after initiation through the Black-Solar Qlipha of Belphegor.

Above: Sigil of Belphegor from the OFS Demonolatry Website

For a list of magickal chants useful in rites to Belphegor, follow the hyperlink:

-V.K. Jehannum

Sources: The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic by J. Thorp, The Gods of Hell by the Joy of Satan Ministries, The Book of Sitra Ahra by the 218 Current, The Black Grimoire of Satan by T.J. Dawson, Gematria and the Tanakh by Brian Pivik, Serpents Flame of the Serpent’s Key Society

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  1. Couldn’t find a way to be intimidated.I believed in Satan and I believed in Great Lucifer and I believed in Sorath and I believed in master of the gaps BAAL PEOR

    ,my contact +2348084823187


  2. Couldn’t find a way to be intimidated.I believed in Satan and I believed in Great Lucifer and I believed in Sorath and I believed in master of the gaps BAAL PEOR

    ,my contact +2348084823187


  3. Couldn’t find a way to be intimidated.I believed in Satan and I believed in Great Lucifer and I believed in Sorath and I believed in master of the gaps BAAL PEOR

    ,my contact +2348084823187


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