Names: Niantiel, Mawethel, Madraphaleon
Direction Attributed to Spirit: West
Vale of Name (Gematria): 91, 160, 1118
Zodiac of Tunnel: Cancer
Musical Key of Tunnel: G
Colors of Tunnel: Indigo-Brown; Greenish Blue
Atavism of Tunnel: Beetle, Wolf, Scorpion
Tarot of Tunnel: Atu XIII (Death)
Tunnel of Set: 14/24 (A’arab Zaraq-Thagirion)
Species of Tunnel: Necheshthiron
Colors of Spirit: Yellow, Purple, Indigo, White
Zodiac of Tunnel: Scorpio
Hebrew Letter of Tunnel: Nun
Initiatory Ordeal of Tunnel: 5=6
Planetary Attribution of Spirit: Pluto
Elemental Attribution of Spirit: Air
Stellar Attributions of Spirit: Sirius; Arcturius
D/N: Niantiel is Equally Powerful in the Night and the Day

Summoning Chant: Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Niantiel
Chant Translation: Open the Infernal Plane, and bring forth Niantiel

Niantiel’s name is generally translated as “the Brazen Ones,” even though no one disputes the fact that Niantiel is a singular spirit rather than a group. Elohim and Behemoth are also plural nouns which refer to singular entities. The plurality denotes their stature rather than their numbers—Hebrew is weird that way. Let us postulate then that the name Niantiel means “Great Brazen One.”


My coven has recorded two appearances for Niantiel. The first is as a hairless male with charcoal-colored corpse flesh and glowing yellow eyes. He’s a little over six feet tall. He levitates in such a way that the bottom of his cloak never touches the ground. He doesn’t appear to have legs. His sleeves culminate in long, hanging apertures through which his massive hands hang, palms downward, long fingers curving towards the floor.

The second, being the more common of the two, is a nine-foot-tall anthropoid composed of darkness. Strong, lean muscle covers his figure and two long, black horns extend from his forehead. Niantiel is a spirit of necromancy—He subjects the witch to purification by way of putrefaction. He helps attune the witch to that grey essence of death which aspiring necromancers are warned about, and He can be inventive in His method of doing so.

I have encountered a third description wherein Niantiel manifests as “Female. A transparent, skeletal figure. Many eyed, she carries a pair of sickle scythes. On her head is a peacock feather crown. At her throat is a mayfly, which lives but a single day. At her genitals is a scorpion, and at her feet are a pair of snakes. Her halo represents Time. She is purity through putrefaction, a cleanser, seeing all and slaying all before her. Nothing can escape her. She is the Great Initiatrix, the desecrator, the Sun-Phallus in Amenta-Anus. Seed amongst shit, the fertilising churning of new life. Niantiel is paired with Lafcursiax. The Hebrew letter traditionally associated with Atu XIII is Nun, originally derived from the Scale’s of Libra, the balance of Maat associated with Atu VIII, Lafcursiax’s ‘dayside’ counterpart.”

According to Liber Azerate, Niantiel facilitates the witch’s participation in “astral necrophilia.” I couldn’t wait to tell my coven about that shit.

Niantiel specializes in undoing the changes caused by previous spells. He functions as a psychopomp and is more than happy to assist the witch in regular sex magick. He can bring about changes in any causal circumstance and he instructs the sorcerer in the art of evocation.

Niantiel is adroit in creation, the stimulation of new life, and the facilitation of new growth. He’s one of the best spirits you can work with for astral sight. He is associated with the atavism of the beetle. Niantiel is more than just a lord of death—he is a father of renewal. In the same way that he guides sorcerers through the astral planes, he helps Satanists reincarnate.

Niantiel can impart reasoning skills, foresight, creativity, motivation, decision-making skills, mindfulness, talent for writing, leadership skills, and the talents for strategy and deception to the witch. In addition to this, Niantiel can help her properly conduct and get away with operations of homicide, theft, drug-dealing, and arms dealing.

Niantiel is knowledgeable regarding BDSM and he can teach the magickian a lot about ceremonial magick, astronomy, psychology, meteorology, and neurology. He can also improve her hand-eye coordination and physical reflexes and teach her how to wield a firearm or sword.

One night, two fellow witches and I were drunkenly walking the suburban roads outside of the covenstead. I looked back at the tall fellow who was possessed by our guiding spirit, and asked “What should our coven be focusing on now?”

The witch, possessed by a Hekatic archdaimon, said “Astral necrophilia.”

I blinked. “Wait, really?

“Find a ghost, and fuck it,” he said

So I summoned Niantiel just before I went to bed one night, requesting that He take me out of my body and be my wingman. Astral copulation builds a strong connection to the spirit, not just emotionally, but in the same way that a lock of hair affords a strong connection between a target and a voodoo doll. The whole thing did wonders for my
spirit communication.

Niantiel can help the witch leave her past behind and start a new life and teach her how to use cannibalism, blood, and the death essence in sorcery. We have also seen him exhibit strong competence in money spells. He rules over deathly rites of Atlantean magick.

Magickal Chants

Io Mawethel-Niantiel
“Hail Mawethel/Niantiel!”

Aeternae Mawethel Gloria
“Glory to the Eternal Mawethel!”

Cresce Niantiel Praevalidus Veneficus
“Rise, Niantiel, Mighty Sorcerer!”

Adveni Patronus Nekyia– Advoco Erus Niantiel
“Come, Patron of Necromantic Communion– I Call to Lord Niantiel!”

Niantiel Basileus Nekyomanteia
“Niantiel, King of Necromancers!”

-Vagina Killer Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Liber Azerate, Liber Obsidian Obscura, Sabbatica, Thelemic Qabbalah V. III, the writings of Cort Williams, The Shadow Tarot, The Tree of Death and Qliphoth


4 thoughts on “Niantiel

  1. What do you make of Niantiel’s appearance in the “Formula of Calling and the Invocation of Qayin” from Liber Falxifer? It seems that the name is being used as another title or aspect of Qayin there—have you experienced a connection between Niantiel and Qayin in your practice?


    1. Yeah, they’re connected. 160 is the Gematrial value of both Qayin and Niantiel. That’s why they’re called on together. Niantiel appears in Liber Azerate. He’s not being used as a name of Qayin, he’s just one of the demons relevant to the tradition.


        1. If you look at Grant’s description of Niantiel’s sigil, you’ll find that he is said to wear a “five-rayed crown of death” and bear a demonic cross on his scythe, corresponding to the tav/tau mark on Qayin’s brow.


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