Any Satanist with a social media presence is going to get routinely begged by persons from the third world to initiate them into the Illuminati. Most magickians just ignore these requests, but one day, somebody got the idea to ask one to record himself performing my Rite to Mesphito, which rite can be found here:

This wonderful magickian sent me the video of the Illuminati applicant calling upon Mephistophiles, which I’m told the demons found hilarious. Enjoy 🙂

-V.K. Jehannum


One thought on “Illuminotreal

  1. I had a guy in my town contact me. Wanted me to initiate him into Satanism. I tried steering him right by explaining the interpretation of Satanism that I follow and showing him free resources where he could learn about the same, but her kept persisting. I started ignoring him, but he wouldn’t let it go, so in the end I decided that I would construct an elaborate ritual in which he would humiliate and infatilize himself as an “infant of the Dark Queen,” but in the end he turned out to be too stupid to prank and couldn’t even follow the preliminary instructions I gave him to prepare for the video-recorded humiliation in which the final act would be to read out loud from a “sacred” scroll printed with the words, “I am my own god.” Would have made for a hilarious video, but the guy was just too dumb to prank.

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