Stolas (Goetia #36)

Names: Stolas, Solas, Stomas, Stolos, Etheliel
Magickal Numbers: 45, 91, 67, 83, 47, 96
Date: Dec 8-11, March 6-20, Sep 18-22
Path: 29/Pisces/Qoph
Tarot: 10 of Cups; 10 of Disks/Pentacles
Direction: East
D/N: Diurnal
Planet: Jupiter; Venus
Element: Air, Earth
Color: Yellow, Blue, Purple, Dark Blue
Legions: 26
Gematria: 186, 651
Zodiac: Pisces 15-29; Saggitarius 15-19; 25-29 Virgo
Atributions: Celery Seed, Gum Mastic, Mustard Seed. Flax, Cedar, Copper, Tin


While most demons were never angels, Malphas and Stolas both were. Traditionally, Stolas is said to appear as a either a raven or an owl– deathly birds regardless– and assume a human visage upon request, and a modern recording of this manifestation by an LHP extremist delineated the remains of a victimized person still hanging from the beak.

I have never seen him manifest as a bird– he appeared to me as a robed and hooded male with dirty-blonde hair and a pointed beard. Another Satanist recorded the spirit appearing as a suited man with leather shoes. According to the Coven of the Golden Seal, “Stolas has beautiful long dark brown curly hair and blue eyes. His wings are cream colored and laced with gold trim. His wings are like a Griffin‟s wings.” Demons will usually only assume their old-ass grimoire appearance if you expect them to– otherwise they will assume a likeness which is appropriate for the conveyance of their nature to you, rather than manifesting with the symbolistic connotations of a long gone age to have their character lost in translation.

Stolas can teach the magickian how to permanently alter his being through magickal operations requiring specific metals. He can teach the magickian astral projection either while conscious, unconscious, or from within a lucid dream. He can teach the witch history and mythology, and/or aid his memorization abilities while she is studying the subjects which he is associated with.

Stolas rules chakra work and gastrointestinal health. He is an expert regarding the practice of pathworking meditation, excercises in which are often referred to as “meditation journeys.” He is an knowledgable regarding tarot cards, skrying, and divination by water.

Stolas specializes in psychic protection and success. He rules nocturnal magick and he can help the magickian initiate herself through the planetary sphere of the moon (which is different in nature from the sphere of the Black Moon) without contacting Sephirothic forces or the Sephirothic plane (many magickians perform planetary initiations without using either the Qliphoth or the Sephiroth, Practical Planetary Magic by David Rankine and Sorita D’Este teaches one to initiate through the seven planetary spheres without any schema of that sort, and the Order of the Nine Angles self-initiates through the planetary forces via a schema all their own).

Stolas can make the witch more attentive to her intuition and strengthen her aptitude for the discernment of its meaning. He can also impart a sense of mental clarity and a mindset of practicality. Stolas prefers the outdoors to ritual chambers.


Stolas was the first demon who directly conveyed interest in me, specifically by relaying a message through a certain gifted psychic long before I had ever practiced evocation. He’s a massive book nerd and an excellent teacher. He can teach the witch regarding poisonous plants, mythology, the virtues of herbs and stones in the Craft, history, biology,  astrology, astronomy, geology, and he can relay gnostic perceptions of the Watcher angels (Grigori) and give dissertation on the nature of Zoroastrian and many other kinds of spirits.

Magickal Chants

Stolas Ramec Viasa On Ca
The Demonic Enn for Stolas

Salve Aethereus Solas
“Hail to the Immortal Solas!”

Interveni Ambrosius Stolas
“Come, Etermal Stolas!”

Ave Divus Stolas Arbitrator Alchimia
“Hail to Stolas the Deity, Lord of Alchemy!”

Aeternae Solas-Etheliel Gloria
“Glory to the Eternal Solas/Etheliel!”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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