Invocation of Flauros

{The ritual which follows incorporates magickal chants and words of power from Liber Azerate, Dragon Rouge, Book of Belial, and OFS Demonolatry in the creation of sacred space for to facilitate the witch’s possession. The ritual to invoke Flauros in her “aspect of muliebrity” (i.e. her female form) was designed to facilitate and extended seance during which I would channel information about various spirits. Flauros is said to be all-knowing or “pansophical,” being knowledgable in particular regarding cosmology, demonology, angelology, and theology including polytheism, and it is said that she can perceive the past, present, and future alike. Flereous is also capable of imparting various spiritual powers; the witch may invoke her and then pursue attainment by speaking in tongues. Of course, the witch can use this ritual for whatever end she likes, just like any other invocation}

My vibration of the names which follow initiates of my invocation of Flauros.
Haures + Flavros + Havres + Flereous + Hauras + Flauros

Dongraph-Zodamran-Malsveh, Liftoach Pandemonium
(magickal words to erect a sacred space of infernal energy)

Oh Flereous, You Immortal Enchantress, You Witch-Goddess from the Southern Corner,  I will to conjure you via the Black Arts of the Left Hand. I invocate your consciousness to engender a state of partial possession by your aspect of muliebrity, whereby your gnostic omniscience and faculty of divination might be conferred unto the witch.

Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas, Liftoach Kliffot, Zodamran
(magickal words to erect a sacred space of infernal energy)

As the Gates of Pandemonium part, I open the Gates of my Self. I instruct my aura and subtle form to welcome the transgression of an archdemonic descending and silence my internal relations to let a foreign voice be carried by the night winds of my cognition. Come unto me, Flerous. I have been readied for your presence.

Liftoach Pandemonium, Melus de Quo Magma
(magickal words to erect a sacred space of infernal energy)

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Flavros (x11)
[Open the Infernal Plane to Bring Forth Flavros]

Ol-Argedco Isli-Flereous-Tabaan O-A-Ialpurg-Babagen (x7)
[I Invoke Thee Flereous Governor of the Burning Flames in the South]

Ganic Tasa Fubin Flauros (x6)

Black Magickal Psychopomp and Golden-Eyed Demoness
Numinal Predator and Genetrix of Spiritual Attainment
Venusian-Mercurial Operant of Benighted Assassinations
Dark Elemental of Fire and Mighty Duke over Hell
Archivist and Historian of Demonography and Cosmology
Pyrogenic Shapeshifter and Murderer-Arsonist in the Spirit Plane
Cunning Mother and Warrioress of Aquarius and Capricorn
Archdemonic Prophetess who works to Generate Metanoia
Descend unto this, my vessel of flesh. Manifest in Blackness and Feminity
And impart the fruits of your pansophy to the queries of my seance.

Flavros, Hauras, Flereous –  Venire Ducis Haures (x7)
[(Three Names of Flauros) – Come Duke Haures]

Liftoach Kliffot, Et Revertetur ad Tenebras, Melus de Quo Magma
(magickal words to erect a sacred space of infernal energy)

Ganic Tasa Fubin Flauros (x7)

So mote it be.


8 thoughts on “Invocation of Flauros

  1. Could you please specify on when you say the word ” incorporates” does that mean that you have taken works and put them together or are these just your own versions of what you read in those texts?…..


    1. Chants such as Melus de Quo Magma and Liftoach Kliffot, which originate in other grimoires as magickal words to presence demonic/infernal energy, are incorporated into the ritual in that they are recited during it.

      Rituals by Ford or Mason usually only use a chant like LK or usually ZZNZ once per ritual and are satisfied with the atmospheric changes that produces. Personally, I prefer to fill the place with demonic energy. Melus de Quo Magma means “Reality Emanates from the Demonic” and is a common chant, appropriate for any rites to the demonic, in Demonolatry. Liftoach Kliffot basically means “Open the Gates to Hell” and presences the energies of the infernal-demonic around you. Liftoach Pandemonium has the same meaning and effect, as does Zodamran. The more of this energy you raise, the more effective your magick and the clearer your psychic senses will be therein, and the stronger the astral manifestations of what you call will be.


  2. Was I the only one who had experiences of HIM as a kin to entities like Andras and Glasyalabola? In my passed (and now happily expired) experience with Goetia, Flauros only use was to kill people.


    1. The descriptions of the demons which appear in the medieval grimoires only delineate fractions of what the demons are truly capable of. Many Demonolaters and Satanists have arisen since then, each channeling further gnosis of the demons’ abilities. Acausal entities are not bound by gender. They can and will appear as either as needed. I am not the first person to write about Flauros’s feminine manifestation. Believe it or not, a local witch I work a lot of magick sensed Flauros being female before I told him that was how I experienced her.
      TL;DR: Modern grimoires trump tradition.


  3. Thank you for your responses, I asked pertaining to your use of the words not necessarily their origins or their practitioners, I asked why you incorporate words into rituals because there are many along the LHP who do such things and, foremost as a skeptic, I have to question the efficacy of self made rituals that are essentially amalgamations of other rituals, these details of source and practice are appreciated, though I wonder how useful all the mixes of rituals would appear to an uninitiated person.


    1. Well, none of the people who’ve indulged my eclecticism have found it lacking in efficacy. The whole “keep traditions separate” thing clearly originates in the mental gymnastics and armchair theory people use to escape from the implications of spiritual experiences when they cannot deny their existence.


      1. What in the fuck are you even talking about you babbling moron?

        I gave you the leniency a few years ago when I didn’t want to engage you, but now I will not stand by idly while you sully the name of LHP Practioners by spewing this garbage to the populus.

        Have you ever considered in your tiny dumbass brain, that the reason no one complained to you is because they are literally just as retarded if not more than you are?

        Like honestly what even is the purpose of this shit you put out? Do you feel proud of yourself for plagiarized hymns from all walks of heterodox faith?

        You write nothing but bullshit, and only people who have nothing and are too stupid to ever look into things for themselves will find you interesting.

        As for your smug comments, shove them up your ass dick head.

        I’m writing a piece on you and your absolute turd of a website.

        Go fuck yourself faggot.


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