The Rite of Wyrdful Allignment

(This ritual calls upon Baphomet and Atazoth/Azagthoth, the Cosmic Deity who saturates the cosmos with Spiritus/Azoth, to supercharge the physis of the witch and align her with her Personal Wyrd or ‘True Will,’ even if she does not know what it is. The ritual also begets a holistic increase of the psychic senses and magickal power. The improvement of muliebral faculties such as empathy and intuition is to be expected as well. It is likely that the witch will experience drastic changes in personal motivation. This ritual will, for example, be useful to a person struggling with addiction, as she will be inclined to live for personal goals which may not be consciously known to her until a certain point in magickal development, as well as any magickian faced with a complicated decision)

Nythra kthunae Baphomet (x17)
Agia H Baphomet (x21)
Aperiatur terra, et germinet Atazoth (x9)
Agios Athanatos (x9)

Fusion of Insight and Ruthlessness,
Let us tear Mithras asunder.
Illuminate my path with the torch of empathy,
Et illumine sedentes in tenebris.

Agios o Baphomet (x3)
Agios o Atazoth (x5)
(Vibrate Atazoth thrice)

Mother of Aeonic Sacrifice of Men
Let us wash away the Holy Ghost
With rivers of flowing blood.

Agios o Baphomet, your Balocraft be done.
Veni, omnipotens aeternae Baphomet (x6)
(Vibrate Atazoth thrice)

As Arcturus rises in the West,
The Blood-Stained Idol of the Rounwytha
Hoists up the severed head of Muhammad.
The opposing crescents of justice and mercy
Are finally replaced with the Dreccian moons,
The Hieroglyph of Arcane Equilibrium.

Agios ischyros Baphomet (x7)
Agios Athanatos (x9)
(Vibrate Atazoth thrice)

Baphomet is the Lady of the Unbound Horizon,
The flower-crowned satan of Albion,
And she represents the perfect concord
of the Numinous and the Sinister,
The Measure of the Mystery of Jupiter and the Earth.

Nythra Kthunae Atazoth (x6)
Agios o Baphomet, your Balocraft be done.


3 thoughts on “The Rite of Wyrdful Allignment

  1. Nythra Kthunae Baphomet does not make any sense according to Septenary magick.

    If you’d actually worked with the Septenary system in the direct manner you would know and would also know why.


    1. And yet it appears repeatedly throughout the orthodox O9A Corpus. Open one of those big ass O9A PDF’s and use Ctrl + F to look it up.

      Since you’re here, can we compare notes on the Pone, Diabolus, Custodiam chant if you have had occasion to use it? This isn’t a comeback, I just haven’t found anyone else who has actually made use of it. In my recitations, the chant caused the manifestation a tall, white, sword-bearing fiend with an echoing voice. This was the result I got pretty consistently, save for once when a black entity of the same description appeared.


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