A Pagan Restoration of the Corpus Hermeticum

“Distinct among all other beings on Earth, mortals are jumelle; deathful of body yet deathless the inner mortal. Yet, although deathless and possessing full authority, the human is still subject to wyrd. Hence, although over the harmonious structure, when within become the slave. Male-and-female since of a male-and-female father, and wakeful since of a wakeful one… For Physis, having intimately joined with the human, produced a most wondrous wonder possessed of the physis of the harmonious seven I mentioned before, of Fire and pneuma. Physis did not tarry, giving birth to seven male-and-female humans with the physis of those viziers, and ætherean.”

Faces-of-Transition2Art Work: Faces of Transition by G.A. Rosenberg

I was in a state of refined connection with my prior incarnation as a gladiator and disciple of Typhon, Hades, and Leo Nemaeus when I began reading this file. I felt that ancient and transcarnated aspect of my Self well up with emotion at finally having the chance to read this document.

This PDF presents the translation of five segments from the Corpus Hermeticum as rendered by an initiated Pagan and nature witch. This witch, David Myatt, has lived as a Satanist, a Pagan, a Muslim, and a monk, beecoming artificer of a Neo-Hellenistic Alchemical philosophy entitled the Numinous Way and the author of a Neo-Graeco-Alchemical praxis of magick variously referred to as the Sevenfold Way, the Septenary Way, and Hebdomadry, which praxis draws from Arabic cosmology and sometimes integrates elements of Satanism. The Order of the Nine Angles, which Myatt has since left behind, comprises merely a portion of the philosophy and corpus which Myatt has produced, and this text represents the fundament of his weltanschauung [worldview].

Prior translations of these tractates are burdened with an added Christo-Platonic connotation and thus misrepresent the actual nature of the literature. An aspect of this text, albeit an aspect of a prior translation, has been used, that is, recited, by adherents of the White Lodge in rites to contact the Higher Self. This fact should convey some of this text’s significance to the reader.


-V.K. Jehannum


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