Ritual to Apollo’s Lycanthropic Manifestation

Io Apollon-Lycegenes [Hail unto Apollon the Wolf-Begotten]
Aperiatur Stella, et germinet Lyceus (x3)
[Open the sky, and bring forth Lyceus]

I call forth the Bestial Manifestation of Apollo which is known unto humanity as Lyceus and Lycoctonos. Impart your auspices in harmony with my ritual such that I might see fruition for the intentions which follow: (specify request)

Oh hear the names: Lycegenes + Apaliunas + Lykeios + Apollo Cunomaglus + Lyceus + Lycoctonos + Ave Apollo Cunomaglus + Io Apollon-Lycegenes

Agios ischyros Lycoctonos (x7) [Numinous and Mighty is Lycoctonos]

Hail unto the Effulgent Hound-God over Olympus whose influence disperses bale and convalesence throughout causal society. The Olympian Hound-Packs of Apollo Cunomaglus scour the astral planes for those who strive to enmity with Apollo. I call upon the Lycanthrope Apollo-Lycoctonos!

Venire – Pater Lyceus (x7) [Come – Father Lyceus]

As I have spoken, so let it be done.
Ave Apollo Cunomaglus! [Hail to Apollo whose Face is a Hound]


8 thoughts on “Ritual to Apollo’s Lycanthropic Manifestation

        1. Fortunately WordPress has stats and I get a lot of feedback via social media, so I can tell you with certainty that the answer is definitely no.
          If you look at the Wikipedia article about Apollo, you will find that even it delineates Apollo’s aspect as the son of the wolf goddess and his patronage over wolves.


          1. People bought the ‘pet rock’ you fucktard, you think that a couple of losers on the internet with no knowledge of what you are speaking on, make your opinions valid?

            By that logic, anyone who has even an inkling of a following is somehow valid because other people agree with him/her?

            Are you a flat earther by any chance Pal? 🤣


  1. WOW @V.K . I’m one of the people who really appreciates what you’ve been doing some of these trolls are just ..😂😂😂😂😂😂

    that right there folks , The naysayers trolls and 12 year old pimply faced fat kids in Iowa who obsess over content they say they “hate ” or have a bone to pick over Yet they still come back IS a BEAUTIFUL example of Vampyrism and guess where all your energies going

    You must stay satiated with this shit V.K.


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