Bealuwes Gas and Myndsquilver in PDF

Myndsquilver is the magickal autobiography of Richard Moult, also known as Christos Beest. The esteemed Niner and musician who “failed his Sinister Quest.” Much spiritual and sociological wisdom has been packed into this 25-page document. I honestly love it.             myndsquilver

Beawules Gast is one of David Myatt’s autobiographies, which biography focuses on the baleful or exeatic aspects of his lebensweg [life journey] which engendered his creation of Hebdomadry. Consisting of about 80 pages if I remember correctly, this text mainly lends insights into the origin of the Order of the Nine Angles than it does convey pragmatically applicable knowledge of life or spirituality.

Bealuwes Gas Part One

-V.K. Jehannum


7 thoughts on “Bealuwes Gas and Myndsquilver in PDF

      1. It is basically Myngath but with additions, mostly from an exterior source. After comparison of both texts, the additions sounds highly unnatural and forced. I would advise Niners to stay away from this text and go for Myngath instead.

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