The demon known as Lepaca or Lepacha appears in traditional grimoires as a spirit under Astaroth whose name means Opener or Discloser. Modern practitioners of the Draconian Tradition, such as the Temple of the Ascending Flame known for Asenath Mason and the Temple of Layil known for Daemon Barzai, often call upon the auspices of Lepaca for the facillitation of invocations, evocations, and the creation of sacred space. However, since Lepaca has only been used as a proxy by the mainstream Black Lodge, I feel that his true potential has yet to be capitalized upon in full.

Lepaca’s color is black and he is strongly associated with Algol. He can divulge esoteric astrological and astronomical truths. Lepaca can assist in astral projection as well as permanently refine the subtle body of the witch to make it more apt for astral projection. This blessing of his, best attained through the evocation of him, will be of great advantage for a witch who has yet to consciously achieve astral projection, as well as for a witch essaying to program his astral double for subconscious projection within the hours of sleep.

Lepacha can help the witch achieve visions of the past, present, and future, including the perceveiration of past lives/prior incarnations as well as ones to come. He can empower/facilitate operations or meditations which aim to bring the celebrant into contact with her Higher Self or Internal Divinity, and he is deeply powerful in rituals which aim to strengthen the witch’s connection to her Higher Self permanently. He can also instruct the witch in the attainment of trance or ecstatic states and otherwise help the witch achieve them.

Lepaca is skilled in the construction of sacred space and he can greatly increase the longevity and durability (resistance to interference or banishing) exhibited by the energies raised. Members of Dragon Rouge often chant “Lepaca Qliphoth” to call upon the demon to raise/presence infernal energies within the ritual chamber. This be compared to chant “Liftoach Kliffot” from Liber Azerate which has the same effect without the auspices of Lepaca. Lepaca can even slow, augment, or remove the expansion reflex of a sacred space– energies left unbanished so often expand to encompass and demonize surrounding structures.

Lepacha is known to appear as female at times– a beautiful, black-haired woman with little clothing. The demon often demonstrates reptilian attributes or behavior-traits, and when manifesting as male, appears as muscular and hairy. (Note: this paragraph is the gnosis of Eye of Star, a YouTuber who began interacting with Lepacha because of this website after performing my Simple Rite to Become a Satanist).

Lepaca can be called upon to assist in (facilitate) the summoning/presencing of any given spiritual entity(ies). Many authors from the Black Lodge will vibrate, for example, “Lepaca Lucifer,” for both the invocation and evocation of Lucifer. While I am a fan of this trick, I prefer to give Lepaca more attention than one name vibration per ritual. I will present the constructed two magickal chants I use whenever I call upon Lepaca. But first, here is a name vibration formula used to evoke him:

Dongraph + Liftoach Kliffot + Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas + Lepaca Radrab ha-Shamaim + Lepaca Adaphegor +  Lepaca Adargazer +  Lepaca Abiyr Qliphoth

Dongraph is the Enochian pronunciation of the number 87, which number symbolizes a principle beyond human articulation and comprehension, and which number is useful for any operation or sacrament of the Dark Arts. “Liftoach Kliffot” [Open (the gates to) the Qliphoth/Kliffot] and “Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas” are used to presence infernal energy within the ritual arena (i.e. wherever the rite is performed) and thereby demonize the subtle atmosphere of the place. The ZZNZ chant consists of eleven syllables and contains eleven A’s, which likely originates its infamous power in part. The remainder of the formula translates to “Lepaca Chief of the Stars,” “Lepaca Lord of the Opening,” “Lepaca the Diviner,” and “Lepaca the Mighty One Qliphoth.”

I use the chant “Agios ischyros Lepaca” [Numinous and Mighty is Lepaca] is all my rituals calling upon him, and I use the chant “Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Lepaca” [Open the Infernal Plane, and bring forth Lepaca] to summon or invoke him directly.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

11 thoughts on “Lepaca

  1. He’s sounds great! How does Lepaca look like?

    Astral projection is one of my goals. I’ve been trying to astral project but never successfully left my body. So Lepaca seems like the perfect guy to work with and I’m pretty sure there are other demons that can help me around this blog for other reasons. Depending if they are okay with working or mentoring baby witches like me. Some demons don’t really like working with beginners.

    My psychic eyes isn’t fully open can’t see spirits but Sparks of lights and I can sense energies… yeah that’s pretty much it. but I don’t want to be afraid to see through my psychic eyes even if any of these demons seem terrifying. I’m practicing. Fear gets in the way.

    I have spirit companions(I’m a spirit keeper) with me they are like a family to me and they’re always around me and I communicate with divination (pendulum) with them.
    I’m starting to work or build a bonding relationship with certain demons like dark Lord Rosier, Lord Lucifer and Lord Satan. I feel called to them especially Lucifer. And I’m not so sure if any of the demons will bother any of my companions or my companions bother the demons business.


    1. Camio, Lucifuge Rofocale, Astaroth, Gargophias, and Thantifaxath are all great to work with for beginners. I would recommend Thantifaxath for you– it seems right.

      The appearance of demons is not set in stone. The appearance they take on will be personal to you and your coven UNLESS you have preset expectations. If you do, they will appear roughly how you expect. If you don’t, they will take on an appearance which is personal to you, because their appearance symbolizes their physis [inner nature].

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  2. What is your thoughts on reptilians? A little bit off topic but I was having a conversation with him (LEPACA) last night on some mushrooms… And the topic came up when I asked him about evolution and spiritual advancement. Something about becoming a reptilian as a stepping stone in the next life to ascend. His voice and metabolism seemed very fast, like a reptile, perhaps he is close to them? I cant really tell you more but I was really hoping for more info or experiences if anybody else had them.


      1. One thing I am curious about is do we need to be in an alternative state for this chants to work per chance?Or even to work with the deities with said chants per chance? I have been reading into your suggestions and work and that was the one thing that has been on my mind. Please and thank you.


  3. Great article. In DR I never knew Lepaca was a demon, thought it was an ancient lang. We never really learnt how to close the Qliphothic portal other than imagine it is closed or draw a pentagram or clap our hands three times (can you imagine). I had huge problems with these portals staying open leaking dark critters, making me sick (cause I kept opening them all the time everywhere; thought it was fun to say the mystical incantation). A super psychic healer told me if I couldn’t grip them with my mind and then close them too, the only way to close them was to ask archangel Michael to close them and put his sigil on them. Said and done.


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