Rite to Lucifer

(This ritual uses magickal chants from the Order of the Nine Angles, Liber Azerate, and Daemon Barzai. The word effulgence means brightness and Stregheria is an Italian witchcraft religion. Phrases in bold are to be vibrated and phrases in italics are to be chanted. Translations appear in brackets)

I call unto Lucifero for the sake of self-empowerment and magickal alchemy. Oh, answer to the words of power and names: Med-Orth + Lucifero + Lumiel + Helel ben Shachar + Lucibel + Asturel + Aggelos Phos + Liftoach Qliphoth + Liftoach Pandemonium

Aperiatur terra, et germinet Lucifer (x7) [Open the Earth and bring forth Lucifer]

Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer (x11) (this calls to Lucifer to empower the Black Flame)

Hail unto the Solar-Venusian Warlock whose effulgence foreshadows the Sunrise and the Coming Aeon’s arrival! Hail again unto the God of Stregheria! I call forth Lucifer to magnify the power of my internal fire and beget manifold evolution unto me!

Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer (x7)

Ol um isli das ol zodameta, Lucifer, [I call thee and conjure thee, Lucifer]
Micalzo Uransee Gah o a Ror, [Mighty Elder Spirit of the Sun]
Zil odzamran caosg! [Stretch forth and appear on the Earth]

Lucifer, Asturel, Liftoach Kliffot (x7) [Lucifer, Asturel, Open (the Gates to) Hell]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!


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