Invocation of Lykania (Hekate’s Lycanthropic Aspect)


{This ritual serves to invoke Hecate’s esoteric lycanthropic aspect through name vibration and Enochian script. In the process of this, the ritual raises Qliphothic and Demonic energy because Hecate is known to work closely and harmoniously with those forces amongst her followers in the LHP. The purpose of this is to raise the spiritual vibration of the area in order to better facilitate the rite. However, as I acknowledge that many practitioners will not desire this kind of energy, I have underlined all chants which call forth Demonic and/or Qliphothic energy so that they may be excluded at the discretion of the celebrant. Names and chants in bold are to be vibrated, whereas phrases in italics are to be chanted. Where name lists occur, each + signifies the end of one vibration/exhalation, and translations of non-English phrases appear in brackets}

Liftoach Pandemonium! Ave Hecate Kyno Megiste!
[Open the Demonic Realm! Hail Hekate the Great Hound]

Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas

It is my Will to attain union with the Mistress of Hellhounds who is know as Lykania-Hecate so that I might prosper as a sorcerer and lycanthrope. I call forth the Theriomoprhic Matron of the Dark Moon and the Underworld who presides over wraiths, werewolves, and vampyres. Oh hear the names: Kynegetis + Kynokephalos + Philoskylax + Lykania + Kyon Melaiana + Kyno + Skylakitin + Skylakagetis + Kynolygmate

Veniat ad me, Mater Ameibousa (x3)
[Come to me, Mother (Hekate the) Shapeshifter]

Melus de Quo Magma (x3) [Reality Emanates from the Demonic]

Ol zodameta, Micalzo Lykania! Arphe das caosgon odzamran pambt!
[I conjure thee, mighty Lykania! Descend and be to the earth and appear unto me]

Blood-Drinking Hound of Sitra Achara!
Lupine Sentinel of the Netherworld!
Predatorial-Lunar Devourer!
Shapeshifter and Destructrix!
Hekate-Lykania, unite with me!

Veniat ad me, Mater Ameibousa (x3)
[Come to me, Mother (Hekate the) Shapeshifter]

Ol argedco Hecate-Kynokephalos ds ivonph od baltim!
[I invoke Hecate-Kynokephalos who is wrath and furious justice]

Ol oecremi Hecate Skylakagetis ca ol noasmi saga a tilb!
[I praise Hecate Skylakagetis as I become one with her!]

Veniat ad me, Mater Ameibousa, Liftoach KliffotEt revertetur ad tenebras!
[Come to me Mother Shapeshifter, open the Shells and return all to Darkness]

I walk the earth with the pilose legs of Hecate’s forbidden esoteric atavism, for I am the avatar of Lykania! I gesture through the night with the talons of Hecate and taste the air with her sacred fangs! Lykania, facilitate my self-transformation!

Ol zodameta Lykania, micalzo gah ds ivonph od baltim!
[I conjure thee Lykania, mighty spirit who is wrath and furious justice]

As I have spoken, so let it be done! Ave Hecate Kyno Megiste!

Above: Original Sigil of Lykania (Hecate’s Lycanthropic Manifestation)


4 thoughts on “Invocation of Lykania (Hekate’s Lycanthropic Aspect)

  1. Very strange you share this at this time, for I’ve had my first actual possession experiences with these beings around the full moon (one day after I think).

    Amazing power indeed.. up to this point i’ve only encountered them in maybe dream, with the odd presence in the temple room..

    Never directly in the flesh. Note the results from this if its anything like the possession I experienced it will be explosive. I’d be extremely careful when invoking them as it was a very visceral and real transformation, and actually not expected as it was initiated during simple scrying in their direction not via invocation.

    I hope to detail the encounter a bit more in a new blog post when I get the time in the coming weeks but swamped getting all the work detailed..

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    1. Perhaps you could invoke an entity whose faculties are apt for the facillitation of such a possession, such as the demon Lepaca, whom I will post an article about later today, which demon is often beseeched by adherents to the Draconian Tradition for his auspices in both evocation and invocation. The reason I intend to post an article regarding him is believe his true potential is squandered by the practitioners who call upon him. I am the only celebrant I know of who has evoked him directly.

      The many likes you have left on my blog have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. If there are any writing requests (i.e. ritual creation) you would like fulfilled, I will likely fulfill them for you at my convenience. Let me know.

      Hecate’s kunes aidao [chthonian dogs] were my go to for psychic self defense for years. I have un-haunted haunted areas in the past with their auspices. Hecate’s hounds are immortal, but you cannot truly communicate with them. They mainly serve three purposes– first, to notify witches of Hecate’s interests or presence; second, to protect Hecate’s interests and adherents combatively; and three, which third reason I have only directly witnessed once, the raising or improvement of sacred space.

      An archdaimon of Hecate, a male strige to be exact, taught my coven a phrase we can use to summon one of the kunes aidao [chthonian hounds] so that it will eliminate any interlopers or simply stand guard: “The door opens only at night; the wolves prey only in opportunity.”

      Due my coven’s fundamentalist upbringing and our residence within the Bible belt, there would often be angels dispatched to hamper the fruition of our magickal and alchemical efforts. These angels, unlike archangels such as my favorites Raphael, Metatron, and Cassiel, are weak and can only resort to a form of prayer-based white magick. One of the kunes aidao can kill several of them sans a problem, but then again, the kunes aidao are strong enough to kill are three members of my coven’s inner circle, or even a more experienced practitioner like E.A. Koetting or Michael W. Ford.

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      1. That’s not a bad suggestion, one that should have been more obvious. I will admit some trepidation in some ways to working too much with these entities, but its certainly something I want to explore!

        Not a problem, your posts are genuinely good. I actually found these ones via google search, not via follow or wordpress itself. There is very little information on people who’ve actually actively worked with Hecates wolves on a higher level. I appreciate you sharing this as its easy to sometimes get stuck in an echo chamber within a coven, tradition or small circle. People seem to get stuck on an angle or tangent. So its great to see someone else whos worked with them and can give sincere reflection on their experiences there.

        Thank you for the offer, its kindly appreciated. The same goes to yourself!

        Id very much enjoy further postings about Lepaca. From what I can surmise from quickly looking, he is a demon of opening and channeling linked to Ashtaroth? The only demon of opening and unlocking Ive really approach is Surgat. Part of the next work im approaching is a amulet made from copper with his mark, and working with him via Lucifer.

        I see a post you have put up linking Lepaca to the call to open the abyss. On a side note i find that that call quite flexible in how it can be used. Before i actually encountered that in text, I was already using the ZAZAZ part of the call (the end z is there because that is how it initially came through). Was interesting to see it already documented and utilised in regards to the Abyss.

        The communication you mention with the wolves is interesting, for in the possession state there was no communication per se. Its almost like I became one of them, ending up hunting with them for a someone (it was certainly something of the two legged variety that Hecate had sent the wolves after!). This person had done some serious transgression. There was no real communication at a conscious level with them, it was all instinctual, animalistic, hunting feelings and actions in bilocation. Thats as best as I am going to be able to say it at this time of night. But yes I can see why they would be excellent at both guarding as well as sending / frightening away any unwanted energies.

        Ive kind of seen the first, definitely the second, and the third ive only heard mentioned and ive never directly invoked them for that. However a friend of mine mentioned something with them in one of his works about it, and how in his experience they arnt to be kept around for the long term as they are ‘antithetical to the human lifewave’ to quote from memory. Again this would seem to align with my albeit limited experience with them.

        Thanks for sharing the call. Interesting invocative text there for sure.. I like how direct and to the point it is. Very much like them.. hopefully I can find a similar inlet to them with my own practice exploring them in the coming months. This is something i think is best connected personally to.

        I don’t know if you work with angels directly at all. I have sometimes done some Tree of Life workings with success with them.. from what I’ve experienced there and contrasting your description it sounds more like those are some very low level, almost fetch like / familiar (hate to use the word servitor) behaviour rather than ‘proper’ angels. No wonder the wolves tear them to shreds, as such a highly regarded and powerful servant of hers that they are.

        I am not a particular fan of Koetting, especially since the spider and green butterfly debacle that I believe lacks credibility, but Ill leave that tangent buried where it should be and not sully this post with it.

        I hope they always walk with you and protect you when you work in her night,

        Ave Hecate,

        All the best,



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