Bufas or Pruflas (Goetia #73???)

Names: Bufas, Pruflas, Pruslas, Buhguul, Bagul
Legions: 26
Magickal Numbers: 97, 111, 899, 000, 57, 94, 91
Rank: Great Prince or Great Duke
Gender: Usually Male
Crystals: Pyrite, Amethyst, Cytrine, Smoky Quartz
Enn: Timgalla Rimtorra Pruflas Rimkathorra
Herb: Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Ginger
Oil: Petruli, Lavendar
Direction: East
Color: Purple, Green, Orange (listed in order of his/her preference)

The original list of demons from which the Ars Goetia was derived consisted of only 69 demons. According to Wikipedia, the Ars Goetia added four entities and excluded one by accident. We will be listing this entity, largely lost to time, as the seventy-third Goetic demon.

According to Pseudomonarchium Daemonum, “Pruflas, otherwise found as Bufas, is a great prince and duke, whose abode is around the Tower of Babylon, and there he is seen like a flame outside. His head however is like that of a great night hawk. He is the author and promoter of discord, war, quarrels, and falsehood. He may not be admitted into every place. He responds generously to your requests. Under him are twenty-six legions, partly of the order of Thrones, and partly of the order of Angels.”

In our analysis, Pruflas appears to be part djinni* and part demon (perhaps part something else as well).

*For comparison, Azazel is part djinni, part angel, and part unknown. The reason that Azazel bestows such quick and instantaneous results is his djinnic heritage– a djinni is a highly evolved elemental, and elementals are renowned for their quick results.

Bufas presides over the second heart chakra and can help the witch open and demonize it.** In doing so, he imbibes the energy of the celebrant (only to return it with interest), and it is best that the witch is intoxicated in some (any) way when this is performed– Pruflas loves that kind of energy. This operation simultaneously results in the refinement of the witch’s entire subtle body, facilitating the easier/smoother flow of prana throughout the subtle body. This will bring a sense of power and peace to whatever you do and eliminate the tendency to wrongfully second-guess one’s psychic perceptions.

**Pruflas’s demonization of the second heart chakra introduces a vengeful compassion to one’s interpersonal relationships– that is to say, it makes the celebrant (rightfully and appropriately) protective of her loved ones.

Pruflas can augment the witch’s azoth, lending increased vitality while increasing psychic and magickal aptitude. He can also powerfully strengthen the witch’s psychic centers. Pruflas can refine the witch’s personality so as to help her remain level-headed in times of crisis. He can “even out” the witch’s confidence, thereby imparting a more balanced self-image to her. His is a pleasant and soft-spoken presence.

Pruflas presides over warriorhood, strength, and the augmentation of intelligence, and he is known to be powerful and death magick. He can facilitate or engender the modification of one’s worldly circumstances, ensuring success in worldly endeavors. He can help the witch resolve personal trauma through astral work.

Pruflas is apt for Qliphothic self-initiation– specifically the spheres of Samael (Mercury/Adramelech) and Gha’agsheblah (Jupiter/Astaroth). He can also assist in initiation through the sphere of the Sun,*** which sphere is not to be confused with Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphegor).

***Self-initiation through the sphere of Sol must be pursued outside of the Qliphoth.

The chant “Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Pruslas” [Open the Demonic Plane, and bring forth Pruslas] is effective in calling him/her, but the optimal chant for calling upon Pruflas is “Timgalla Rimtorra Pruflas Rimkathorra,” which I am told simply means “Appear from the Other Side, Pruflas, as an Infernal/Darksome Entity.” He likes to appear in incense smoke and skyring water.

Among his many forms are a monkey and a bewinged serpent-dragon. Another is like a white-fleshed, white-robed wraith with long black hair. Lastly, I’ve seen Pruflas as a lime-green fleshed ghoul or zombie and a yellow-eyed, red-scaled snake with yellow protrusions around which, quite frankly– the latter form looks like it could’ve been a Pokemon or something.

Above: Sigil of Pruflas

2 thoughts on “Bufas or Pruflas (Goetia #73???)

  1. This is all interesting on Pruslas but how can you be sure of its authenticity or importance if only Johannes Weyer mentions him? Who would be his alternate Angel in the Goetias if all the other 72 are already “paired off”? It seems like he serves no purpose at number 73 if only 72 are required to perform the Goetia? Whay do you feel?


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