Invocation of Azazel

{This ritual incorporates both a magickal chant to Azazel from The Book of Azazel by E.A. Koetting alongside multiple magickal chants of my own invention. The rite opens with my original nine-vibration formula for the calling of Azazel, which includes obscure historical permutations of his name, invented magickal epithets in Greek and Hebrew, and two numerical values of Azazel’s name in Gematria pronounced in Enochian as magickal words of power. The traditional demonic enn for Azazel appears in this rite as well. Phrases, names, and words of power in bold are to be vibrated. Phrases in italics are to be chanted in a rhythmic monotone. Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets and explanations or instructions appear in parentheses. This ritual may be performed without any opening ceremony, sigils, or physical equipment, but such unnecessary additives are advantageous and should/can be incorporated as determined by the individual celebrant}

Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia!
[Numinous is the Magickal Current and Alchemical Endeavor of Demon Magick]

I call forth the Strong and Blessed Scapegoat. Oh, Azazel, answer unto the names:
Archon Totou Se’irim + Aza’zyel + Aba Ha-Nephilim + Za-Za-E’il + Radrab Ha-Saharim + Val-Na-Hath-Orth + Qatziyn Ha-Iyrin + Azazel + Mals-Pe
[Ruler of all Se’irim + Aza’zyel + Father of the Nephilim + Za-za-e’il + Chief of the Saharim + 115 + Chief of the Watchers + Azazel + 31]

Aperiatur Dudael, Et Germinet Azazel (x12)
[Open Dudael, and bring forth Azazel]

The reconcilliation of two opposed lunar forces has begotten the Demi-Anjelick Divinity who is regarded as the Visible Emanation of the Adversary. I raise my voice unto the Netherworld’s Depths so as to raise the Grey One Azayzel from slumber.

Eya On Ca Azazel Aken (x12)
[(Demonic Enn for Azazel)]

Azazel is the Grand Insurrectionist whose Myriad Eyes gaze upon the magickal efflorescence of humankind so as to guide our ascent. I give praise unto Azazel the Black Eleutherian whose liberation from the sands of purgatory has coincided with humanity’s evolutionary crescendo. Hail unto Azazel!

Aperiatur Qliphoth; Invoco Azazel (x9)
[Open the Qliphoth; I Call to Azazel]

Itzrel Itzrel Azazel (x12)
[(This Chant is From The Book of Azazel)]

Ya Namosh Panachasragoth Exat! Ho Drakon Ho Megas!
[In the Name of the Entirety of the Infernal Divine, Let it Be So! The Great Dragon! (Panachasragoth is an Invented Magickal Name for the Entirety of the Infernal Divine. HDHM is a Separate Term which Refers to the Entirety of the Universe. Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia is the default ritual-opening exclamation I use in my ritual magick. HDHM is the default ritual-closing exclamation of the Draconian Tradition, and YNPE is my personal addition to it. All three are applicable to any tradition of demon magick, are powerful and useful, but may be removed at the prerogative of the witch)}


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