Fluctuations in Magickal Development

Suffering trauma, particularly in the formative stages of one’s lebensweg [life path or journey], sharply augments the spiritual potentiality of the afflicted. It wasn’t until I saw my behavior through the lenses of another person’s observations that I realized exactly how traumatized I had been.

But what I went through was nothing compared to the prior experiences of the persons I initiated, and I was confused as to why some of them appeared to surpass me from the moment of their inception into the Black Arts. I have learned not to mind this, as my covenmates and I take turns surpassing one another in various fields over the course of our ascents.

Many practitioners studied the Craft in their past lives and/or consorted with forces of infernality betwixt incarnations, and therefor incarnated with augmented potential. I wonder if mundanes sense their gifts and last out at them subconsciously. Those who do not pursue anodos, or magickal ascent, are destined to try and impede it. A time will come when the persons around you will lash out and try to drag you down to their level– a homeostatic impulse on the part of both the Cosmos and its inhabitants. Positivity, optimism, and aplomb are everything in these stages.

A person afflicted with illness or fatigue will want to neglect the Craft pending recovery, but it is these times when spiritual endeavor is truly needed the most. And it is natural, when encountering adversity, to drift away from one’s guiding spirits and loved ones, but to indulge in antisocial moping is the wort thing that one can do. Let your allies be your comfort and the Black Arts be your therapy, and you will find yourself all the better off for your commitment.

-V.K. Jehannum


One thought on “Fluctuations in Magickal Development

  1. Stephen Bleach commented on this article on Facebook and I’ve decided to reproduce it here: “Its most important to be aware of the changes you are referring too. Many years ago when I decided to explore the ‘Tunnels of Set’ I experienced many things along the way, it took about 18 months to fully explore them. A little while after completion of the work, I awoke one night, and my heart was racing and I felt almost as if I was experiencing a psychosis. I leapt from my bed, considerably disturbed by this occurrence, but as I sat there and I simply let the feeling ride through me, I understood. Much inner ‘subconscious’ rubbish and such was being purged from my being. After about half and hour I felt cleansed and free from many blocks I never realized were even there! Moral of the story, Always pay attention to what your path and the spirits are telling you. It could save you much misery and failure, and perhaps a lifetime or two.”


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