Enn: Elit Rayesta Verrier
Direction: Northwest
Color: Light Green
Date: November, Late Autumn
Primary Element: Water
Secondary Element: Earth
Herb: myrtle
Incense: black cohosh, myrtle leaves, lavender, coltsfoot, copal


Verrier is the perfect spirit to call upon in order to preserve your personal power and agency in just about any way imaginable, and she really seems to enjoy doing so. She can preserve your influence over circumstances or people, make sure you keep your job or any position of power, ensure a steady income, keep your interpersonal interactions running drama-free and smooth, and establish a pattern of success in all manner of action.

She manifested as androgynous in my experience with her. I tend to use female pronouns as my default, so I’ll use them for hir as well.

Verrier can prevent the decline of phyiscal health or fitness and impart almost any kind of spiritual empowerment you ask for.

Verrier is a demoness of healing who specializes in nature magick and has knowledge of herbs. She causes timid persons to develop a habit of self-assertion by teaching them to truly value their wishes and intentions. She may be invoked in ritual with the aim of fostering a good relationship with a specified person (or with a few). She can teach the witch to trace her cultural/racial background and help her work magick to see bloodline preserved over time.

When invoked in execration magick, Verrier helps bring destruction, cause death, incite hatred, and reduce the victim to poverty. Furthermore, she can stop the occurrence of any number of unwanted obstacles, problems, or interferences.

I had a lot of difficulty finding information about her in my book research, so discovering most of her faculties necessitated that I summon her and ask her directly. It kinda saddens me to see the powers of a great spirit go unrecorded, so I’ll be thankful for anyone who cares to detail their insights into her.

Sources: The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic by J. Thorp and The Dictionary of Mythology by J.A. Coleman


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