Primary Planetary Attributions: the Earth; Neptune
Lesser Planetary Attributions: Saturn; the Moon; the Sun
Qliphothic Attributions: Thagirion; Gamchicoth
D/N: Nocturnal
Direction: Northwest
Color: Light Green, Red, Blue, Pink, White
Date: November, Late Autumn
Elemental Attributions: Water (Primary); Earth (Secondary)
Attributed Ingreidents & Substances: Myrtle, Black Cohosh, Lavender, Coltsfoot, Copal

Above: Sigil of Verrier from the OFS Demonolatry Website

Verrier is the perfect spirit to call upon in order to preserve your personal power and agency in just about any way imaginable, and he really seems to enjoy doing so. He can preserve your influence over circumstances or people, make sure you keep your job or any position of power, ensure a steady income, keep your interpersonal interactions running drama-free and smooth, and establish a pattern of success in all manner of action.

Verrier manifested to me as male. He is equally attributed to the Qliphas known as Gamchicoth (Jupiter/Astaroth) and Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphegor). He can prevent the decline of phyiscal health or fitness and impart almost any kind of spiritual empowerment you ask for.

Verrier is a demon of healing who specializes in nature magick and has knowledge of herbs. He causes timid persons to develop a habit of self-assertion by teaching them to truly value their wishes and intentions. He may be invoked in ritual with the aim of fostering a good relationship with a specified person (or with a few). He can teach the witch to trace her cultural/racial background and help her work magick to see bloodline preserved over time.

When invoked in execration magick, Verrier helps bring destruction, cause death, incite hatred, and reduce the victim to poverty. Furthermore, he can stop the occurrence of any number of unwanted obstacles, problems, or interferences. He can be called upon in spellwork to get somebody money, jobs, raises, and promotions. The spirit can be summoned to help somebody make friends or cause someone’s friends to abandon or turn on them, as well as to fix up romantic relationships and get somebody laid. He can ensure that specified persons, objects, and affairs remain concealed.

Verrier can impart diligence, mindfulness, creativity, motivation, maturity, self-awareness, determination, foresight, and an aptitude for strategy to the magickian. He can improve her skills of visualization and concentration and divest her of shame or guilt. He can refine the witch’s leadership skills, her talent with musical instruments, her talent for seduction,

Verrier can engender lucid dreams and he specializes in the Black Kundalini and the Transpersonal Chakras. He is knowledgeable regarding psychology, architecture, archaeology, BDSM, astrology, drug dealing, psychology, politics, homicide, neurology, and quantum mechanics. This demon can also increase the witch’s bone density and improve her physical reflexes and fitness.

Magickal Chants

Elit Rayesta Verrier
Verrier’s Demonic Enn

Ave Verrier Animus Magicae
“Hail Verrier, Spirit of Magick!”

Agios Ischyros Verrier
“Numinous and Mighty is Verrier!”

Perveni Ambroisus Verrier
“Come, Eternal Verrier!”

Ornate Megist Verrier
“Praise to the Mighty Verrier!”


The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic by J. Thorp
The Dictionary of Mythology by J.A. Coleman

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


3 thoughts on “Verrier

  1. I have asked Verrier to help smooth my relationships as you stated, and things were changing for the better almost immediately(within a day or two) I also asked her if she could make the changes in my astral body necessary in order to help me astral project easier. Later that day was the first time in a while that I consciously projected!! She is awesome!! I look forward to working with her more and thank you for sharing her with us. \m/

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