The O9A is Inherently White Supremacist

Hebdomadry attributes a different word of power to each planetary sphere it seeks to work with. For example, Saturn’s WoP is Chaos, and one of Luna’s words of power is Nox. The WoP attributed to the sphere of Mars is Azif, and since I was initiating myself into the sphere of Mars via Qliphoth, I decided to add the Martian WoP to the ritual I was writing.

I think the word Azif translates to mean “lawless,” and I didn’t consider it to be any more significant than any other given magickal word. I assumed it had an either ineffable or shallow meaning like most words of power, but in reality, Azif signifies one of the most important concepts in Hebdomadry.

Hostia refers to the word Azif in passing when contrasting that Numinous-Pagan worldview which is (allegedly) our heritage with the Thelema, explaining “The true ethos of the West – which the religion of the Nazarene distorted and supplanted – may be signified by the word `Azif’ and the symbol of the sunwheel; it is pagan in essence. The ethos of the West (which derives from the present Aeonic force or ‘current’ first established c. 500 AD) is not and never has been patriarchal in the sense that Crowley and his followers believed – such a ‘patriarchal’ ethos representing the distortion imposed upon the original ethos by the Nazarenes.”

According to orthodox O9A treatises on cliology, the swastika/sunwheel is the glyph of this current aeon, which aeon is called the Thorian aeon. This refers to Thor, the great warrior who was venerated as a god by Pagans upon his death. The use of the descriptor “Thorian” for the (allegedly) sabotaged aeon implies that the religion which this aeon was supposed to practice was Norse Paganism.

And yes, I think it is specifically Norse Paganism which is of particular importance here. The aeonic significance which the O9A attributes to National Socialist Germany and Adolf Hitler himself seems more coherent if Norse Paganism has a special significance in their cliological narrative.

While most Niners are unaware of this, the O9A does have a legitimate reason to use the German word “opfer” in the place of the English phrase “human sacrifice.” During World War II, many National Socialist officials affixed badges called “opfer runes” to their uniforms to commemorate their comrades who died during the Beer Hall Putsch. If you look up which tarot card Vindex is attributed to, you will find that he is attributed to the card entitled “opfer.” If the name Vindex means “avenger,” what do you suppose (s)he is to avenge?

Western nobility!

If the swastika and Azif both denote the Western ethos of honor, warriorhood, and daring, it’s clear what kind of changes the rite of the Martian sphere is intended to cause.

The Christianization of Scandinavia may very well be what Myatt is alluding to when he talks about how Western Paganism was “distorted and supplanted.” While said Christianization was a gradual and nuanced procedure, sometimes boiling down to syncretism, there is a particularly egregious instance wherein Christian missionaries deliberately falsified Norse mythology and persuaded the Pagans that this bastardization was indeed the legitimate mythos. The missionaries presented their “updated” mythos to convince the Pagans that the pantheon which they currently venerated was simply no longer relevant. In doing so, the missionaries dissuaded countless persons from their natural, Pagan ways of life and converted them to Abrahamic orthodoxy. That is to say, Norse mythology was both “distorted and supplanted” in a very literal sense—the authentic Norse tradition is lost to time, which explains why, despite the greatness attributed to Norse Paganism, Myatt doesn’t want the O9A practicing Astaru.

Perhaps the most unacknowledged aspect of Naos is its cursory expeditions into Norse Paganism. I am referring to the appearance of Norse runes with succinct descriptions in the text as well as the diagram of the Tree of Wyrd with various Norse deities placed upon the spheres. To the casual reader, the delineation of Norse runes would appear to serve the purpose of providing the reader with an easy and accessible magickal system for convenient use on the fly. Similarly, the attribution of various Norse gods to the spheres on the ToW would appear to be a tool to help the reader wrap his mind around the schema. However, things may not be that simple.

One of the least discussed and understood staples of the O9A’s iconography is the Cosmic Wheel, which Vilneus Thornian describes as symbolizing warriorhood, “Will”, and the determination necessary to effect macroscopic change. The symbol also foreshadows the “destiny of man” to explore the Cosmos. Thornian refers to the four legs of the Cosmic Wheel as “scythes” in a clear reference to Falcifer.


The swastika, in addition to being the glyph of the Thorian aeon in Hebdomadry, is commonly held to symbolize Thor’s hammer, Mjollnir. It seems that whoever designed the Cosmic Wheel deliberately mixed a symbol pertaining to Thor with the Sun Cross which is used to symbolize Odin.


Thor’s hammer, Mjollnir, is purported to be the source of thunder and lightning. As the Cosmic Wheel purportedly symbolizes the “destiny of man”, it is only logical that someone felt the need to combine The Lightning and the Sun.

The Cosmic Wheel therefore has an overtly racialist (pro-Aryan) connotation, which at first, struck me as counterintuitive. Creating a glyph for warriorhood, honor, bravery, and technological innovation within an overtly Aryan-centric frame appears to disparage other races to an unusual extent. I was almost inclined to dismiss this perceived connection, but as Nexion explains, such a harsh racism is in keeping with the weltanschauung which the orthodox O9A literature was written in accordance with. “Essential to the Western ethos, and thus the fulfillment of its wyrd, is the belief in the superiority of its peoples and its civilization. This belief, held by the ‘creative minority’ of all civilizations regarding themselves and their own civilization an essential part of the mechanism of all civilizations, and it alone enables transmission of the élan of the civilization and thus the fulfillment of the magickal Aeon.”

Generally speaking, when orthodox O9A literature discusses what it calls the “Western ethos,” it succinctly describes this ethos as cultured, adventurous, brave, ambitious, etc., but this quote clearly imputes white supremacy to the “true Western ethos” as well, lumping it in with the aforementioned traits. Like the Cosmic Wheel, a seemingly transcendent adoration of strength and innovation is revealed to be code for white supremacy.

Most of the O9A literature which imputes nobility to Adolf Hitler describes the adulation as if it were based on the courage, honor, and the nobility of the man—that is to say, it attempts to argue that Hitler is laudable on the basis of certain commendable traits, rather than racialism. Unfortunately, this appears to have been a jape.

In Nexion’s description of the Nazarene distortion of the Western Aryan ethos, a hidden facet of their so-called “Traditional Satanism” is revealed: “The distortion has changed the Western civilization significantly: from being a pioneering entity, imbued with elitist values and exalting the way of the warrior (and thus enshrining a ‘master-morality’) it has become essentially neurotic, inward-looking and obsessed (and obsessed partly with ‘un-Western’ archetypes). There has been, in short, no Promethean/Luciferian spirit.”

In a footnote, the text elucidates the meaning of the term Promethean: “Here as elsewhere, Promethean is synonymous with `Satanic/sinister.” When the O9A identifies the Western ethos with the Satanic/Promethean, they are identifying Satanism with white supremacy.

If Western means Aryan, then all this discussion of “Western archetypes” refers to a racial collective unconscious. Since the Tree of Wyrd is supposed to be a map of the human psyche, when Myatt allocated Norse divinities throughout the tree in Naos, this was most likely a hint as to who the ToW is made for. According to Nexion, the ONA espouses the “identification with specific Western archetypes and particularly that ‘inspiration/energy/daemon’ which propels fulfillment of Western wyrd (i.e. Imperium),” which wyrd is apparently a policy against colored folk.

Among the correspondences listed for the planet Mars, to which planet Azif is imputed, is the form “blood,” likely signifying heritage. In the footnotes of Nexion, we find a brief discussion about how heritage works: “An individual, by being born within a civilization is psychically linked to the ethos of that civilization (and thus the natural archetypes) if that individual is descended from the folk who created that civilization and maintained it/expanded it. That is, aeonic archetypes are racially-bound.”

The Cosmic Wheel, in its combination of the sunwheel and the sun cross, really does summarize the matter nicely. The “coming avender” Vindex is attributed to the sphere of the Sun, as is Atazoth, the impetus behind aeonic progression. In case you’re wondering, yes, Myatt attributed Satanas to the sphere of the Sun as well.

So remember, when the O9A espouses “Traditional Satanism” or the “Western ethos”, it is quintessentially trying to groom you for Nationalism (and failing). Myatt wanted to have a whites-only party, but it didn’t work out, because white people don’t like him any more than anyone else does. He delusionally spouts off about honor and the bonds between the folk, but the dude doesn’t have the integrity god gave a serpent. So if honor, loyalty, and nobility really mean anything to you, you should probably avoid good ‘ol Dave.

All I wanted to know was what Azif meant.

The O9A’s Occultism is viable and its founders believe in its power. I make no claims to the contrary. The Sevenfold Way integrates a deep and legitimate understanding of both hardcore Western Occultism and rural druidic Craft. I integrate the O9A’s words of power, divinities, and chants into my magickal system, and I can tell when something doesn’t wok. When E.A. Koetting slips up and posts a shitty magickal chant like his script “To Summon Forth” any entity, I can tell that it’s weak even if I’m accustomed to his chants being strong (and they usually are).

I know the difference. When Skyler Rasmussen sent me his “Sigil of Antinomian Gnosis”  through Facebook messenger after he made it to ask what I thought, I felt could sense its flatness. The symbol was awesome looking and the graphic design of it was impressive, plus multiple known motifs from black magickal iconography were figured in the sigil, I simply wrote back that he needed to make use of it more, because it hadn’t accumulated a significant amount of power yet. He wrote back “finally, someone who can sense that shit,” and explained that he had only meditated on it once or twice (it’s stronger now). Myatt is a real and powerful sorcerer who believes in the merits of sorcery, and most Niners do view magick as an important part of their elitism. This is the trouble with understanding the Order of the Nine Angles: it takes a lot of study to figure out which memes are disingenuous and what purpose is served by advancing them. Shit, most people think Myatt’s a Muslim now– the dude still writes spiritual literature (it’s pretty good, too).

-V.K. Jehannum

26 thoughts on “The O9A is Inherently White Supremacist

  1. Greetings Brother Azif is an Arabic word it only means the sounds made by the dessert insects, when they rub there legs together. I enjoy your article hopefully it will open the eyes of others.


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    1. Not to be rude, but this is clearly your first time trying to find out what a word means through Google. That almost never works.

      Like I was trying to figure out what Zamal meant. Apparently it means cannabis in French, faggot in certain African cultures, and refers to the god of the morning star in Mayan mythology.

      Trust me, everything is a baby boy’s name in at least three languages. This shit is harder than you’d think.

      I appreciate your compliments though! 🙂


  2. Sorry I forgot to add the second definition of Azif which is

    Azif is a Muslim baby Boy name, it is an Arabic originated name. Azif name meaning is Singer, Musician and the lucky number associated with Azif is 8..



  3. In my experience, most systems that are elitist or exclusionary tend to veer towards nationalism (yes, this includes Abrahamite beliefs as well, tho that may be obvious).
    Indeed if you have a PATH (in all caps) or SYSTEM than to import more than one lineage or tributary will ‘contaminate’ the original thought. We’ll put aside for the moment that introducing new ideas and new flows is the only way to keep a system an evolutionary one.
    Does that mean that when Long speaks of evey one who comes to the 7 Fold Way developing their own Welterschung, they are meant to develop it from a rather specific menu of choices?


    1. I don’t think new ideas are the problem, it is the fact that predominatly the new ideas are untested and unworked. And yes everyone should develop their own weltanschauung, though the key word is ‘develop’ as opposed to just writing about an idea. How long should such an undertaking be, my view is say ten years to develop and then ten years to master.

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        1. My point was focused on what has been added to the tradition, which clearly has not been developed and is in fact dross.


  4. 🙂 Ok VK I see that perhaps our mutual exchanges have been fruitful as they drove you to study this further. We recall a person in a old yahoo group who shared a article from around 1998-1999 that was making rounds called Satan is dead Odin lives. A bunch of the very same things you are saying where being espoused in it. Not sure exactly who wrote that but it is probably floating around somewhere. Now where gonna level with you some folks close to us who where previously involved in Druidry( mind you not just a celtic wiccan coven who are all 3 fold law) have stated to us after looking at Naos in particular and the ONA in general this. That they saw tons of Druidic wisdom entwined in it. In fact it delighted them that they found a system that was unlike several others they had encountered . It was inherently western and not complacent to ” magian pollution” of its system. We have also been told parallel things by traditionalists many who find great value in alot of the esoterica particularly its Hermetic elements and its Faustian spirit. In fact any traditionalist we have ever communicated with who where opposed to it only dislike 1 element. That those who are drawn to Goetia and more (( Semitic )) forms of the left hand path might be might not intuit what was being presented and be enamoured with it . 🙂 We are going to choose to disagree with you that Myatt failed to draw anyone to Volkish ideals , in fact in our current climate of Antifa and PC libtards this has even more potency. While I can see the anti ONA stance in this I have to say you have actually helped the ONA . As the information elaborated here can be used to draw those with Volkish ideals to the ONA 🙂

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    1. “We recall a person in a old yahoo group who shared a article from around 1998-1999 that was making rounds called Satan is dead Odin lives. A bunch of the very same things you are saying where being espoused in it.”
      I was five years old at that time.

      In regards to your mentioning of druids claiming there is legitimate Druidic wisdom in the O9A Corpus, this is not something I would dispute. I have not been trying to make the case, at any point, that Hebdomadry is hogwash. It is indeed a magickal tradition with legitimate magickal intent, but it is a grooming project simultaneously. They’re making Nazi witches.

      Er, National Socialist Rounerers.

      The dickish comments at the end of the article were just an attempt at comic relief after a long-ass article. As for helping the O9A, I probably did. If I gave a damn, I probably wouldn’t have let all those obscure O9A and O9A-related PDFs sit around on my WordPress. I’m willing to bet I’ve helped your critics just as much…


    2. Perhaps you allude to an article by Fraternitas Loki, the inner order of the OJB at the time. FL also mentioned and referred to the Sinister Tradition, the Ethos of Europa and proclaimed Satanism to be dead. Just like the OJB the FL had a Völkisch Weltanschauung and they shared the same Sinister practices with the ONA.

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        1. I have never been able to figure out the exact relationship between Stephen Cox, founder and head of the OJB, and the ONA. Both the FL and the ONA represented the Sinister Tradition but FL defended the Nothern, pagan point of view.

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  5. very well written article. the content is what makes it important the ona was never really interesting to me maybe because I always knew what it was and why it was created besides I am not some kind of nerd who goes out cos playing as a nazi it was never my thing.

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  6. I will not dispute the conclusion that can be drawn from the sources and the meaning of the Sun Wheel. Together with the OJB, FL, TBO, WOT there was a strong Völkisch background in the nineties. But esoterically speaking this goes beyond political Nazism. To seek one’s Numinous cultural and Völkisch Connexion is a different matter all together. Nazism became a movement that was only interested in sheer power and the occult aspects from the Romantic-Völkisch organisations were soon forgotten. The Western heritage is of course very important and the ONA comprises several aspects: Greek-Roman heritage, Alchemy (which goes beyond Europa in fact), English folklore, paganism. From an aeonic point of view the ONA seeks to overcome the present state of things which are a consequence of messianism, Post-enlightenment values, humanism, secularism. The ONA aims beyond the instant gratification of the individual. That is the enormous strength: an acephalic Dragon.

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  7. “I will not dispute the conclusion that can be drawn from the sources and the meaning of the Sun Wheel. Together with the OJB, FL, TBO, WOT there was a strong Völkisch background in the nineties. But esoterically speaking this goes beyond political Nazism. To seek one’s Numinous cultural and Völkisch Connexion is a different matter all together” 🙂 It would be interesting if say Martinet Press where to have the ability to reprint some of those lost and obscure texts

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    1. Yes, that certainly would be interesting. I am planning on doing some own research on this Völkisch movement myself. The main ideas behind the Völkisch movement of the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century were recuperated by the National-Socialist ideology and used for political resasons. Important thinkers such as Jünger, Heidegger, Spengler had ‘pure’ ideals which are still relevant today but these are overshadowed by the legacy of the 3d Reich. Of course, the ONA texts stress the NS context. Julius Evola was also critical of the racialist ideology and I fully agree with him as the racialist agenda (racialism is a social Darwinist ‘science’) takes away the richness of the Folk, mythologies, history,…

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  8. Interesting post, and I’d like to point something out. When you say what you say about their attitudes towards Western ethos and white supremacy and all that, it sounds like they think that the Western ethos is linked to the white (or rather Aryan race), much like any brand of ethno-nationalist tends to. I’m reasonably familiar with the argument that race is tied to culture and cultural values, and I assume that’s what the ONA people, as you describe it, view things as well.

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    1. Yes– the quotations I cite outline that specifically. So much of core O9A literature praises Western culture for benign and sensible reasons, dedicating only a small percentage of their corpus to extolling eurocentrism and aryan supremacy and trying to make the case that such racialism is intrinsically tied to Western (Aryan) heritage– that heritage they’ve strategically dedicated so much of their literature to convincing you is dope. And Western culture is great– I wouldn’t dispute that. But the O9A’s disingenuous portrayals of it for the sake of propaganda is not something I’m a fan of.

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      1. To me is sounds like they’re the kind of people who don’t get that Western culture isn’t great just because of “muh white race”. In fact, I’d say there’s the argument to be made that the things we value in Western culture would actually be eroded or destroyed by the kind of racial supremacism they advocate.


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