Falcifer and Mactoron

The title O9A, when spelled out with Greek letters as Omega-9-Alpha, has a unique connotation. Aside from signifying aeonic renewal (End->Beginning), Omega-9-Alpha signifies the Tree of Wyrd itself. According to Advanced Planetary Magick, each of the first seven Greek letters is identified with a planetary sphere. Omega corresponds to Zuhal [Arabic: Sphere of Saturn], and Alpha corresponds to Qamar [Arabic: the Sphere of the Moon], and the ToW is very much a top-down progression from Zuhal to Qamar.

The Star Gate through which Atazothic currents flow into the Cosmos which the ONA emphasizes is the one near Saturn and named Falcifer [Latin: Reaper/Sickle Bearer] after the deity Saturn, often referred to as Deus Falcifer. The axiom “Come as a reaper for thus you will sow” symbolizes the incarnation of Falciferian/Saturnian current within Vindex, or within a civilization symbolized through Vindex (see Aeonic Notes IX).

In Hebdomadry, Mother Earth is venerated through the dark goddesses known as Azanigin, Aktlal Maka, Baphomet, and Gaia. While Aktlal Maka is Mother Earth, Mactoron is Mother Saturn. The Sinister Tarot poem attributed to Mactoron makes it clear that Mother Earth is an emanation of Mother Saturn, just as Vindex is an emanation of Falcifer. Since Azanigin is presented in the ONA corpus as equivalent to Aktlal Maka, is it of significance that Azanigin is attributed to Zuhal as well.

According to Aleister Crowley, Babalon is a personification of the sphere of Saturn. Ergo, Mactoron is the non-Qabbalistic equivalent of Babalon. Any comments on this article are appreciated.

-V.K. Jehannum

Acausality, Acephalic Mysticism, and the head of the Order of the 61st Minute are the three best writers the Order of the Nine Angles has, listed in order of complexity. They’re roughly equivalent in caliber, but completely different in focus.
Acausality primarily analyzes philosophical and historical concepts of relevance to the Sevenfold Way. It can be found here:
Acephalic Mysticism delves deep into the esotericism of the Sevenfold Way and fleshes it out with rich endeavors into Western Occultism. It can be found here:
The literature of the OOT61M is the most complex of all, and often delves deeply into correlations between the Sevenfold Way and various schools of science. It’s not for beginners.

8 thoughts on “Falcifer and Mactoron

  1. The entity who corresponds to the pathway between Zuhal and Qamar is Azanigin, whom Anton Long calls “the mother of demons who lie waiting in the earth.” Azanigin previously appeared as Aza in the Typhonian Trilogies, being referred to as Aza and called “the mother of all demons.” AZA signifies Alpha-Omega-Alpha, once again signifying aeonic renewal. Two or three books in the Typhonian Trilogies discussed “Aza” and “Azathoth”, almost always in the same paragraph.

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  2. Sorry for being off-topic in the comments but I didn’t know how else to contact you (don’t have facebook).

    I really enjoy this blog and you seem to know what you are talking about so I wanted your opinion on something. Some time ago I found a comment on 4chan – and since this is 4chan everything is of course to be taken with a bucket of salt. Until this day I haven’t managed to confirm nor debunk the comment on my own so I would like to know what you think about this:

    “According to the Temple, the secret name of the 11-headed Dragon of Chaos is AZERATE, which comes from the Hebrew AZRAT. According to the Temple, Azerate has the gematric value of 218.

    This is incorrect.

    AZERATE in Hebrew is not spelled Azrat, as the second a (or aleph) is not written. Aside from the first, vowels are not written in Hebrew. Azerate, therefore, would actually be written AZRT, with the vowels not counted in gematria. Thus, Azerate or AZRT actually has the gematric value of 217, NOT 218 🙂

    The word is made of the letters:

    Aleph, Zayin, Resh and Teth = 217.”

    Is he on to something or just trying to discredit the current? I am not “actively” into the current but very interested in it so I was wondering what this is about. If I remember correctly that guy from the Lilin Society isn’t all that happy about the name Azerate either (don’t remember his particular reasoning for this, though).

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  3. He’s technically right. Hebrew words generally are spelled absent vowels under the presumption that the reader can fill them in as he goes. Ergo, there would indeed be no second aleph, IF we were writing the name out in keeping with traditionalism.

    But your friend is missing something: There was a commonly known order of demons which sought to empower itself by adding a second aleph to their name. Thus the esoteric significance of the improper grammar.

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  4. Interesting.

    Could you recommend some further reading into this order of demons? Never heard about them before to be honest.


    1. They’re not demons. I wouldn’t bother looking into them if I were you.

      These entities are kinda mysterious. This essay is more information about them than you’ll find just about anywhere else.


  5. Wait, what?

    “There was a commonly known order of demons which sought to empower itself by adding a second aleph to their name. Thus the esoteric significance of the improper grammar.”

    I was asking about further reading about THIS order (you referred to as demons).


    1. Oh damn, I’m sorry. I forgot what we were talking about and thought you were asking about Mactoron. I do apologize. Here’s an excerpt:

      “Thamiel represents duality whereas Kether represents unity. Thus Thamiel is the division of that which is perfect only in unity. As a demonic order name, the Thamiel were before their ‘revolt’. This signifies ‘Perfection of God’. These angels sought to become more powerful by adding an Aleph to their name. They then became the ‘Duality of God,’ an order of the lesser demons. In the lowest state of their ‘fall’, they become the ‘the Polluted of God.’ The cortex or outer form of the Thamiel is called Cathariel, ‘the Broken’ or ‘Fearful Light of God’.”

      Source: http://www.astronargon.us/A%20Nightside%20Grimoire%20&%20the%20Ordeals%20of%20the%20A.’..’.htm


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