Lucifuge Rofocale

Name Variants: Lucifuge Rofocal, Lucifuge Rofocale, Rofocale, Lucifugus Rofocalus, Lucifage, Rofocale, Lesifuges, Lucerifuge
Color: Black
Rank: Prince; Prime Minister
Qlipha: Satariel (Saturn/Lucifuge Rofocale)
Infernal Letter: G
Animal: Black Birds
Gematria: 414
Attributions: Wild Rose, Black Olive Juice, Olive Oil. Alcohol, Mandrake, Sage, Mullein

Lucifuge is the Witch-God or Patron of Sorcery as well as the Chief of Infernal Pacts. He can be called on to cast destructive curses upon deities and he erases the demiurge’s ability to hinder the witch. Lucifuge Rofocal specializes in the infliction of illness and deformity, and he can devour a target’s strength of will. Although he is a being of great knowledge and perspicacity, he speaks with a soft voice.

Above: Sigil of Lucifuge from the OFS Demonolatry Website

Lucifuge can refine the intellect of the witch and impart wisdom and erudition to her. He can help connect you more strongly with the spiritual world around you. My coven had three members who own martial arts staffs, and we were instructed to enchant them all in his name and have them present when evoking him.

Although he is an overwhelmingly powerful sorcerer, Lucifage emanates and aura and presence of tranquility to conceal the magnitude of his strength. His nature is apt for baleful rites and the diffusion of the curses placed upon you. Lucerifuge rules over money, luck, chemistry, prosperity, and ambition. Considered to be he Qliphoth’s Occult librarian and scholar, he rules hatred, execration magick, war, revenge, strength, victory, courage, and anger. As a slightly psychic-vampyric entity, he can steal the magickal power of an Occultist plotting for the harm of the Satanist.

According to E.A. Koetting, Rofocale is “the Lord of Excess. He has no concept of having ‘had enough,’ and I doubt that ‘contentment’ is even a word he’s familiar with. More power, more wealth, more sex, more love, more happiness, more joy. More, more, more.”

Koetting’s description of Lucifuge appears to be verified by the description of the spirit in a traditional rite of his summoning cited in The Secret Teachings of All Ages wherein Lucifuge is referred to as a “Prince of Demons” and said to be able to “bestow upon me all the treasures of the earth” and “fulfil my every desire for the length of my natural life” [sic]. S. Conolly has mentioned working with Lucifuge “to manifest more disciplined working habits for [her]self.” One Traditional Demonolater I’ve corresponded with over social media has described Lucifuge having completely purged him of all his addictions, “even candy!”

Liber Azerate refers to Lucifuge Rofocale as the “Living Darkness” who obliterates and weakens the Abrahamic deity’s influence over the populace and helps the witch transcend the limits of causality. The manuscripts of the Temple of the Black Light refers to Lucifuge as “the revealer of all the hidden treasures of the Nightside” who “establishes the purifying the darkness illuminated by the Black Light.”

The Path to Satan attributes Lucifuge Rofocale to the letter G of the “Infernal Alphabet.” Kenneth Grant has referred to G as “the letter of the High Priestess” and “the vehicle by which the crossing is achieved.”

Lucifuge Rofocale is most popularly held to preside over Satorial/Sathariel/Harasiel, the Qlipha related to Saturn, but there are lesser-known traditions of Qabbalistic Demonology wherein Lucifuge is held to be the Chief of Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphagore).

Lucifuge is the archivist of Hell who instructs the witch in all manner of arcana and assists all black magickians, newer Satanists in particular. According to Mark Allan Smith, he rules “worlds in the realm of possibilities beyond the spiritual abyss.”

Stephen Bleach once evoked Lucifuge very disrespectfully in his youth, and Lucifuge was quick to retaliate mischievously. He does not tolerate abuse, but he will forgive a magickian with potential.

Lucifuge is purported to appear either as a three-horned Satyr or a red and viperous, five-horned anthropoid, or perhaps as a bald magickian in a gold and silver robe, and he rules the third Qlipha from the top. In The Book of Agares by S. Conolly, a dream-gnosis is described wherein Rofocale appeared as an older man with silver hair and silver eyes.

The name Lucifuge Rofocale has a value of 414, being also the number of the Limitless Light. According to Liber Sitra Ahra:

Lucifuge Rofocale, Beelzebuth, and Moloch all have 16 hidden in their names. We see that these three are united in some way. We see the words “becoming” and “establishment”. More importantly, if we take the number 16 and add the 1 and 6 we get 7. Three 7’s, 777, as we know is OVLM HQLIPVTh or the “land of shells”.

To make a minor correction, “the Land of Shells” or “the World of the Qliphoth” is not a name for the Qliphoth itself, but a name of our fucking planet.

Analysts are too quick to equate him to pre-existent deities: Focalor, Tarchimache, Belial, Mephistopholes, Tarichimal, and Lucifer. These will obscure the actual essence of Lucifuge, so he is best approached as an independent deity. The witch who does not approach him with respect will suffer.

For a list of magickal chants useful for calling onto these entities, follow the hyperlink:

-V.K. Jehannum

E.A. Koetting’s Youtube Channel
The Black Grimoire of Satan by TJ Dawson
Goetic Evocation by Steven Saddow
Complete Demonolatry Guide
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TotBL Common MSS
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The Book of Sitra Achra
The Secret Teachings of All Ages
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Liber Sitra Ahra


12 thoughts on “Lucifuge Rofocale

  1. Lucifer once asked to swipe over the Sage-plant and a few days later it died. This was strange. The second branch from the same plant is still alive and grows well. Then during a sit-in with Lucifer I started to sense as if he was “doubled”. Then this young English guy telling in one of his videos (podcast with EA Koetting) that Lucifuge is connected to Dark Stars, not astrally but physically, because those different planes in their truest essence are merged together as one reality. Lucifuge led me to a Video with Petrucelly who claims to have worked with Black Holes – makes sense when he offers a 30 min-cleansing of astral parasites, they just got sucked in and devoured, no filters needed for that. Then Lucifuge led me to Ahriman whom I experienced as extremely kind, helpful and cooperative. So, he can do a lot for the mage under one circumstance: love, tenacity and respect. Ahriman said he can smoke ones spirituality in his pipe easily and will not be impressed whatever skills you are going to present him, but when you meet him with flowers then it is just beauty.


  2. After getting the Lucifuge and the Lucifer the next task is: how to manage barking dogs and fascist energy? The Gods, dark or bright, always have tasks for you. They know who they are but we even do not know WHAT we are. And: how to cure a simple cold?


  3. I had the same impression of his “chalky” soft voice inside the head. Sage-Tea works very well, Onyx-stones, soil ( I managed to get the fresh earth from a mole-hill), bark from a beech-tree, my copper-disc with the Saturn-Hexagramm that somehow happened to manifest on it after lab-work, Incense from the shop luciferianapotheca, etc. I had great results but it was very consuming work. Also he seems to be deeply connected with Met Kafou and Baron Samedi (who is probably the Man with the hat from Saturn, he also generates fake fear, can cause feelings of dying, nausea and cold etc.). So it all makes perfect sense. When you go to you can order some hennbain-seeds for making an oil and other plants that are hard to get. Thanks for all your works, VK!

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  4. I never experienced Lucifuge as a “Lord of Excess”. This more this, more that is a projection of EA’s own personality into a deity. But, hey, he plans to lead the Infernal empire in one of his videos.


  5. Greetings, Would you be able to tell me what the hoop like thing is that Lucifuge Rofocale is holding in the old drawings?
    I’d appreciate it.
    Melissa Artemisia


  6. Excellent work. Regarding the Gematria of demonic names, I would like to recommend something: take a look at a modern cipher known as “Alphanumeric Qabbala”. It’s basically an alphanumeric sequence from 0 to 9, and then A=10 through Z=35, so in a way it is the Gematria expression of a Base-36 numeration system, in which the letters of the alphabet are *truly* used as numbers.

    In that system:


    ROFOCALE = 147 = DUBH SIDH (The “Black Fairy” or “Black Man” of the Witches’ Sabbath) = MOTHMAN = OLD ONES = SATURN = VAMPIRE

    There aren’t many online calculators having this system of Gematria, but you can use my own calculator and play with it as much as you want to:

    Best regards!


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