Baphomet As the Mother of Blood

This is an excerpt from an unreleased treatise.

In mainstream Occultism, Baphomet of Mendes (hereafter referred to by hir name Octinomos) is a “hieroglyph of arcane perfection” and “bearded idol of the alchemists” who carries “the torch of intelligence.” Mainstream Occultists interpret the name Baphomet as meaning “Father Mithras” or “Father of Universal Peace Among Men” and they consider Octinomos to be related to Capricorn and “the Holy Ghost” (semen). Octinomos is “the lord of the double horizon” and “the ass-headed Satan.” (S)he’s the symbol of the stage of spiritual development at which the magickian has conversed with his Inner Deity.
In the tradition of Hebdomadry, Baphomet of Albion symbolizes the fifth stage of spiritual development and personifies the archetype of the rounwytha. She is imputed to Mushrati (the Sphere of Jupiter, which is the sixth sphere) and her moniker as “the mother of blood” likely refers to menstruation. The veneration of her instantiates the ONA’s transcendence of mainstream Occultism’s masculous/patriarchal ethos. Baphomet of Albion appears to be almost an answer to or rebuttal of Octinomos and the principles/weltanschauungen illustrated by hir.
…Anton Long calls Baphomet the Bride and Mother of Satan and also describes her as lunar. Her iconography depicts her holding up a torch, as many Greek goddesses attributed to the moon carried torches in reference to it.
The Goat of Mendes points upward with one hand to the white moon of Chesed (Yahweh’s mercy) and downward with the other to the black moon of Geburah (Yahweh’s wrath/justice). The ONA’s sigil of Baphomet, which is called the Dreccian Moons or the Moons of Baphomet appears to symbolize a balance of opposite traits within the self, such as the traits of Insight and Ruthlessness, or the Sinister and the Numinous (and the Numinous is itself a unified dichotomy).
…If a witch calls upon Octinomos, she is calling upon the Supersoul. If she calls upon Baphomet of Albion, she is calling upon the Planetary Spirit of the Earth, or Mother Earth.

-V.K. Jehannnum


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