Regarding the Binding of Donald Trump

I have considered whether or not I should go about posting this video here, as even my apolitical take on this issue has seen me branded a Nazi because of how heated this election was, but here we are. I will not delve into politics either on my wordpress or my youtube channel because that is not what you come here for and I do not wish to misuse your following.

There is a “worldwide” effort, spear-headed by Wiccans, to prevent Trump from causing any harm or violence via magick. Wiccans tend to justify this form of thing by erroneously claiming that a binding spell is different from a curse. Since I do not feel the need to justify the harm and coercion I have brought about via magick, I have no reason to acknowledge this pseudo-distinction.

I made a simple roast video in response. My goal was to articulate the magickal failings of the ritual and get a laugh in the process. I made a minor slip up in saying that Walpurgisnacht is May 30th (it’s APRIL 30th), but other than that, I think I did well.

There is one thing I failed to get into because it confused me. The progenitor of the effort recommends that the celebrant use a white candle to symbolize the element of fire.


I’ve seen this before, Wiccans are fuckin’ scared of red candles because you can fuck somebody up with them. This is deeply fallacious, because just about every color of candle has a different possible application in execration magick (read Baneful Magick by E.A. Koetting).

TL;DR: Try getting confused for a Nazi as well as a Jew in the same day. It’s unfortunate.


5 thoughts on “Regarding the Binding of Donald Trump

  1. I personally do not think any magick that is being used at someone, without some material activity upon them, will have any impact, unless that individual believes in or is motivated to act upon it. The only magick that can work in my opinion is if I am already acting against a target, but I need to call in support from a daemon in order to provide me with opportunities, resources and strength to carry out my manifestation of will. The Wiccans are impotent and are living in lala land if they think their efforts will achieve anything.


      1. “Gardner and his fellow witches, drawn from various covens, had what he called the Cone of Power. This, they claimed, had been responsible for half the Spanish Armada being wrecked before it could reach these shores and Napoleon’s failure to mount an invasion of England.”

        Wiccans are the invariable lolcows of the occult world.

        There’s also no evidence beyond the pathological liar Gardner’s word for this ‘rite’.

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  2. Apart from the main topic… About Wiccan Candles, when you read Doreen Valiente, you can find that the first gardnerian witches were using a candles that was on hand, if they got red they use red. Whole stuff about variations of colours came later with Buckland and all american authors like Henri Gamache. If you know your magic and where it comes from the representations are not that important… but, yeah… wiccans…


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