The Feminine Aspect of Satan: Satania or Tallamea

I am intrigued by the feminine aspect of the Devil as described by Nargargole Shlod. Her name is Satania, and her secret name is Tallamea. I’ve created a formula for calling on her: a series of names and words of power to vibrate in order to call upon her. The first and last entries serve to presence infernal energy, whereas the others are all either invented or channeled names for Satania. This name-vibration formula is useful for any ritual calling upon Satania, for she has blessed it personally.


I have also created three magickal chants calling upon the auspices of Satania/Tallamea, each with a versatile but individual purpose.

IO SATANIA METER PSEUTES means “Hail Satania Mother of Lies.” This chant may be used for any ritual involving Satania, but it can also be used to call on Satania to empower any other ritual.

The second chant is SALVE SATANA-LUCIFERA. Satana is the proper Latin name for Satan (whereas Satanas is Greek) and Lucifera is the feminine verison of the title Lucifer. The word Salve means “Hail.” This chant is useful in invocations of Satania, and it can also be used any time you need her guidance.

Lastly, AGIA H SATHANIA is useful for evocation and means “Numinous is Satania.”

It seems to me that the best magickal color for Satania is lime green. She’s apt for blood magick as well.

-V.K. Jehannum




4 thoughts on “The Feminine Aspect of Satan: Satania or Tallamea

  1. To which better-known entity could you ascribe her? Lilith? Azanigin?

    I have to ask you: since Azanigin is even more far-reaching than Shaitan, is it still possible to link Her with Lilith? Lilith should be at the same “level” of Shaitan, isn’t it?

    Who could fit the Lilith role? Baphometh? Aosoth? Or Aosoth is more like Naahemah?

    I have no such faith in the existence of the very qliphothic ruler but according to the hypothesis of their existence, how would you link them?


    1. I wouldn’t link them. I do not like it when Satanists boil all the individuality out of entities like Shaitan and Enki by identifying them with one another. This is an exercise in futility.

      Baphomet is our planet’s planetary spirit. She is Earth in a literal sense.

      Aosoth is a ghostly hermaphroditic gender-shifter, so don’t equate her with any of the succubus queens.

      Azanigin is a dark earth goddess, so she is most similar to Nahemah. Unfortunately, Azanigin also gender-bends quite often and even manifests as a darksome fallen angel (according to Niner Hagur). Read my article about Azanigin for more detail, and you willl find that she cannot be equated with any of the goddesses you have posited.

      Besides, Azanigin is the beneficent aspect of Mother Earth and her planetary attribution is Saturn, so there’s a problem with associating her with the Empress of the Black Earth even with the most shallow investigation.

      The identification of Baphomet with Lilith, which has been pushed by Niners who have never studied demonology through a legitimately Satanic lens, is equally fallacious.

      I hope I do not come across as rude, disrespectful, mean, or salty, but I want to drive this point home. You are only shooting yourself in the foot when you boil the individuality out of the spirits you work with, whether you literally believe in them or not.

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    2. Satania is not to be ascribed as you have described either. She is part of the Devil’s person (I know you do not believe in their literal existence, but I do not have the faculties to filter the conception of Satania through your weltanschauung [worldview]).


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