A Simple Rite to the Azerate (Chavajoth)

Ave Deus Alienus! [Hail the Alien God]
Vedar-Gal Tiekals Somdus Azerate! (magickal chant)

Agios o Havayoth (x11) [Numinous is Havayoth]


Qodesh la-Azerate [Holy to the Azerate]
Azerate Achad-Asar [The Azerate are 11]
Ili-Ilu El Acher [My God is the Other God]


(specify requests)

Athah Gibor Leohlam Azerate [Eternal and Mighty are the Azerate]
Agios o Azerate [Numinous are the Azerate]
Ave Havayoth [Hail Havayoth]


5 thoughts on “A Simple Rite to the Azerate (Chavajoth)

  1. VK, I sincerely respect your miscellaneous approach toward occultism, and to be earnest, you look like a hood person, with sake of body and mind, but this time I have to ask: aren’t you putting it a bit too simple? Azerate isn’t that easy to summon, not even its “spiritual tune”… obviously it’s the spiritual link between the summoner and the entity that brings forth the latter, but I am a bit puzzled by the title itself, “a “simple” rite to the Azerate”… what’s simple with such a terrifying energy? What do you mean byt the term “Azerate” by the way? isn’t it the composed personification of all the eleven qliphothic ruler?

    Help please πŸ™‚


    1. The Azerate is the Elevenfold Pantheon of Sitra Ahra. It’s a group of eleven deities.

      The rite is what’s simple. The energy is still powerful af but the approach (this rite) to tap into that energy is simple.

      This is just an easy and approachable ritual, composed solely of spiritually charged magickal formulae.


  2. I contacted IT about ten years ago and almost died πŸ™‚ been in therapy for two years after that πŸ™‚ not seeming I’m trying that again soon πŸ™‚

    In my personal experience there are two order of qliphoth, the terrestrial one, and the cosmic one. The terrestrial one are the Nekalahs. Yeah I know what you’re gonna think, “nah it’s not”, but they are. The division into eleven power zones is approximative. All those who think they’re working with whatever entity, is indeed working with a face of one of the Nekalahs,a more sincere face or a less sincere. The Nekalahs are the only true gods of this portion of universe. The cosmic qliphoth are the forces of Lemuria/Atlantis, those who are called somewhere in Codex Saerus “Those Who were never named”, They are the powers that let the Nekalahs on Earth to lead the fireborns ( and eventually also whatever mundane is humile and brave enough to work with them) but except for this kid act toward us They are completely inhuman and would easily devour even a fireborn, not only a mundane. They are the scientifical over-powers that will one day devour this universe and all other universes. Azerate is the composed manifestation of the cosmical qliphoth, not of the terrestrial ones. Somehow, certain people seem able to tap into their homicidal (or should I say “existence-cidal”) purity and transcendency, and I have to believe that some of the 218 can do that. The only time I really tried to contact Azerate I felt something completely different than the Nekalahs, a power who wanted nothing more than to “re-collect and save” everything… by EATING it. I even (only with the help of Shugara) survived an actual summoning of At-Azoth, regardless of the fact that it destroyed my phisical and mental health for a week, but Azerate was completely other. Ten years later I stil have problems in eating, sleeping or keep a job due to the memory/call for the ultimate abyss that IT made me perceive.

    I think I’ll keep up with the Nekalahs, hope it doesn’t seem spineless to you, I respect you


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