Words of Power for Black Magick

This word of power helps one see beyond the causal illusion of separation. I use it to enter a gnostic state.
Source: Liber Azerate

This word of power is used to confer mental determination and focus to the celebrant.
Source: Liber Azerate

Pronounced “PAY-yit-SHIN-TIM” (syllables which sound like known English words in caps). This phrase refers to the magickal causation of an intent by the Evil Eye.
Source: The Bible of the Adversary

Pronounced LAY-EE, a word meaning “Not,” meaning “Not this, but that” in reference to the spiritual realm

Pronounced “DAY-vaw-GNAW-OM.” Used to confer mental concentration and empty the mind of the celebrant.
Translation: “Daevas are worshipped through me”
Source: The Bible of the Adversary

Pronounced DAY-AVA-ah-MARRY-TAUGHT.  In English, “My Higher Self ascends within me, manifesting my immortal consciousness.”
Source: The Bible of the Adversary

This WoP is used to enter a gnostic state and thereby facillitate spirit communication via telepathy
Source: Nargargole Shold’s Youtube Channel

This word both signifies and generates the fifth element (spiritus, azoth, ether)
Source: The Church of Lucifer

“Far, far, go away profane ones!”
Used for banishing
Source: Greek Magickal Papyri

Pronounced “az-ksee-re-NEW-IS.” Presences dark energy within the astral double to strengthen or heal it.
Source: the Bible of the Adversary

Word of power used to bypass any barriers to astral projection
Source: Dragon Rouge

“I have come into being”
used either to give one the strength to complete their journey or used in the pursuit of spiritual power
Source: The Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path

This word is used to contact one’s Higher Self/Inner Daemon. Consistants of 11 letters, with 11 being the number of magick.
Source: The Magical Revival

This noise creates a good amount of white and pink noise which makes it easier for the which to evoke or invoke just about any kind of spirit. This should be the first step of your ritual.
Source: Typhonian Terratomas


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