The Failings of the ONA

Hebdomdary is Inaccessible

Note: Hebdomadry is what the ONA calls its system of esotericism. Synonyms for Hebdomdary include the Dark Tradition, the Sevenfold Way, and the Septenary Way. The ONA’s pantheon (group of deities) is called the Nekalah, or the Dark Gods, and includes deities such as Atazoth, Baphomet, Abatu, Sauroctonos, and Budsturga.

Most of the ONA’s magickal operations have very specific environmental and material requisites. This results in both members of the movement known as the ONA and those inspired by it to default to take up completely unrelated magickal disciplines and to neglect the Nekalah. When aspects of the ONA’s tradition are incorporated into unrelated Occult movements,  the Dark Gods are usually left behind. Among the groups which adhere to the ideology called the 218 Current, which ideology acknowledges direct inspiration by the ONA, only one works with the Nekalah. This is the recently defunct Lilin Society, and they only work with one of them.

Even experienced Niners who work with the Nekalah do so sparingly, as convenient and accessible rituals to them do not appear in the ONA corpus. This has led to me being personally requested by ONA coven leaders to create rites and chants to the entities even after I left the ONA.

Little to no information regarding the Nekalah appears in ONA literature, so if you want to learn about the Dark Gods, my blog and Koetting’s books are your best bet. A Niner would argue that the provision of sparse information allows members of the ONA to experience the deities unhampered by preconceptions. In reality, this prompts adherents to the ONA and those influenced by it to delay and/or limit their workings with the Nekalah in favor of workings with unrelated divinities.

One of the ONA’s primary subgroups, namely the ABG Lodge, has misidentified the Dark God Abatu with Abaddon (Apollyon/Apollo) on the basis of perceived etymological similarities* and the fact that Abatu and Abaddon are both considered destructive. Compare this mistake to the Temple of THEM’s misidentification of Noctulius with Nyktelios (Dionysus), which led to me unknowingly working with Dionysus instead of the Dark God.

*No evidence was presented for the etymological relationship of Abatu and Abbaton. This conclusion was based solely on surface analysis presented as conclusive when it should have been tentative, as speculative etymology is usually deemed inconclusive pending evidence (through epigraphy, for example).

In contrast, my identification of the Dark God Sauroctonos with Abaddon/Apollo is based on etymology, numerology, Isopsephy, Gematria, mythology, Occult demonology, Paganism, letter correspondences, planetary correspondences, and more.

ABG Lodge’s misidentification of Abatu with Abbaton erroneously legitimizes the use of magick which the ONA expresses contempt for and both impedes the understanding of Sauroctonos and blurs the lines between Abatu and Vindex.

Hebdomadry’s inherent inaccessibility severely hampers the Niner’s relationship with the Nekalah. In order to fully understand an entity such as Sauroctonos, the witch must supplicate its various aspects: Sauroctonos (Olympian-Warrior Aspect), Apollo (Olympian-Magickal Aspect), Lyceus (Olympian-Lycanthropic Aspect), and Abaddon (Infernal-Demonic Aspect). The Niner is restricted to one, limiting the benefit which he can attain from Apollo and restricting Apollo’s interactions with him.

The best way to get to know an entity is a three-step process:
One: Verify with your guiding spirits that you should work with the entity to ensure that you are neither putting yourself at risk nor wasting your time. Certain deities (like Budsturga) have a disconcerting presence that should be prepared for, and
Two: Evoke the entity devoid of prior knowledge of it so that you may attain direct gnosis** of it unhampered by preconceptions. Preconceptions really can not only inhibit the channeling of individual insights into the deity, but often contraindicate/disincentivize the pursuit of them entirely.
Three: Research the entity in as much depth as possible. Not only will you need the insights of others to form a full picture of the entity both by supplementing as well as contextualizing your personal experience and gnosis, but taking the time to study the spirit strongly attunes you to it and strengthens your workings with it as well as your ability to perceive and communicate with it.

**Gnosis here means “knowledge of a spiritual nature and source.”

This process, which is how I approached the Goetia and the Qliphoth, should be explained within the ONA corpus, and in-depth analyses of the Nekalah should appear in the corpus alongside it. While some Niners will doubtlessly peruse the explanations given for the Nekalah before pursuing individual experience, the benefits of my suggestion would outweigh the detriments. The ONA corpus, as it is presented, adventitiously derails attempts to ascertain the Dark Gods’ identities, occasionally leading to Niners working with the wrong entities entirely and/or severely misunderstanding both the Nekalah and Hebdomdary itself. It also restricts the Nekalah themselves by both causing those influenced by the ONA to disregard most or all of them and lowering the qualities of the relationships which the Nekalah have with Niners. Niners seek the aid of outside divinities instead of Dark Gods perfectly suited to their needs, thereby aiding the propagation of other magickal systems at the direct expense of the propagation of Hebdomadry. When outside magickal traditions inevitably draw influence from the ONA, they usually do so without bringing new disciples to the Dark Gods.

Atazoth is Stolen

The ONA book Temple of Satan exhibits an in-depth familiarity with the Typhonian Trilogies of Kenneth Grant in the chapter which introduces the allegorical character Ezra Pead. The unofficial DM timeline states that Myatt was involved with a magickal group inspired by Crowley (who taught Grant), and ABG Lodge has dropped hints regarding the rumors that Myatt was in the OTO (started by Crowley, later led by Grant).

The relation of Azathoth to azoth appears in the first book of the Typhonian Trilogies, and Myatt’s attribution of Atazoth/Azathoth to the sphere of the sun also originates in Kenneth Grant’s writings.

Grant writes that Azathoth is “the supreme reflex of Da’ath as AZA.” Here, Aza has a dual meaning, first as A-Z-A (Alpha-Omega-Alpha), and second as Aza, the Gnostic concept of the source of evil and alien energies. The first meaning is the origin of the ONA’s concept of Atazoth being the agent of aeonic progression, and the second is the origin of the concept that Atazoth provides the influx of azoth into the Cosmos. The identification of Azathoth as a reflex of Da’ath is the source of the ONA’s identification of Atazoth as part of the void.

Aza, being “the mother of demons” according to Grant, is the origin of another one of the Dark Gods: Azanigin, who is described in Naos as “the mother of demons who lie waiting in the earth.” Azanigin and Aktlal Maka are among the two given aspects of the beneficent aspect of Mother Earth (whereas Yusra is the wrathful aspect of Mother Earth). Since Azanigin is the nurturing aspect of the Divine Feminine, it is likely that the attribution of her to the sphere of Saturn originates with Aleister Crowley’s attribution of Babalon to the sphere of Saturn. Since Crowley identifies Babalon as a personification of Binah (the Saturnian nurturing aspect of the divine feminine), Babalon is thus equivalent to Azanigin as Azanigin is delineated by the ONA.

Update: Azanigin and Aktlal Maka are identical in ONA literature in their theological signification as the beneficent/nurturing aspect of Mother Earth. Magickally speaking, the names are used completely differently, so they are (approached as) separate aspects of Gaia (beneficent Mother Earth). When you read the tarot card description given for Mactoron, you find a pellucid hint that Aktlal Maka is an emanation of Mactoron. Mactoron is presented as a precursor to Aktlal Maka and thus Mother Earth, and it is pellucid that Mactoron may be called Mother Saturn. My point about Babalon and Azanigin requires correction (although I was on the right track). Babalon is Mactoron, and Azanigin/Aktlal Maka is an emanation of them.

The ONA’s pathetic attempts to hide these realities, even from their own members, exemplifies a massive failing of character. It also displays a lack of respect held by David Myatt for the members of the ONA and elucidates his desire to keep them ignorant.

(New) The ONA’s Underlying Philosophy Was Stolen

The Typhonian Tradition claims roots in the ancient nature cults dedicated to Goddess veneration, which Goddess was a symbol of the Earth’s fertility and Nature itself. This cult venerated the spiritual aptitude of women and dates back to the worship of the Mother of Satan Set, Ta-Urt. The tradition’s namesake, Typhon, was the son of Mother Earth, which the Typhonian Tradition refers to by the name Gaia, and was closely related to the baleful aspects of nature.

It was Gerald Massey who selected the name ‘Typhonian Tradition.’ Massey claims that the Typhonian Tradition is derived from the cult of Sevekh. “According to him, Sevekh’s name signified the sevenfold.”* Typhon/Set, identifiable with Satan (in their minds, not mien), is viewed as a progression from Tiamat, who “personifies the dark, primal aspects of Nature.”

The Typhonian Tradition complains that the deities of their veneration were demonized in accordance with the “patriarchal structures imposed by the solar current.”

*All quotes in this section come from Glimpses of the Left Hand Path

The ONA’s Overt Misanthropy Cripples the Movement

By “Overt Misanthropy” I am referring to the stringent standards required of Niners as well as the declaration that most humans are suitable for human sacrifice.

Pronouncing the average reader as worthy of death may appear to serve a dual purpose in the mind of adherents to the ONA. First, deterring most readers can help sustain ideological purity. Moreover, it prevents the causal practitioner from adopting the ONA’s tradition and making the tradition look weak to outsiders by its association with causal (and thus incompetent) practitioners.***

***One common criticism of the TotBL and the rest of the 218 Current is that most of their adherents are incompetent.

Unfortunately, an individual who really looks into the personage of the ONA will find that the purposes I described are really not served at all. The condemnation of the public at large has brought about the accumulation of unstable, dysfunctional, and mentally ill misanthropes under the banner of the ONA. These persons have, through their in-fighting and neuroses, given the ONA an unprecedented reputation for incompetence.

Worse, the ONA corpus does nothing to address the ongoing mental illnesses, depressions, and personality flaws of the unstable practitioners which it directly, albeit accidentally, accumulates. Instead, the ONA thrusts them into tumultuous situations and physical danger, prompting in-fighting and mental breakdowns. The well-being and character of the Niner is thus destroyed instead of enhanced, creating members who deter the personally healthy people whom unstable Niners need in their lives from enlisting in the movement known as the ONA. Social integration (i.e. involvement in social circles) is the most effective deterrent of suicide, and the ONA corpus directly contraindicates it by labeling modern humanity as worthless. The influence of the ONA’s misanthropy caustically wears away at the Niner’s respect for his fellow man, damaging what relationships she does have.

Moreover, while the stringent standards of the ONA have delayed Hebdomadry’s integration into mainstream Occultism, it has not prevented it entirely. Adherents to the 218 Current such as the Lilin Society, the Temple of the Black Light, and the Misantropisk Lucifer Orden have incorporated magickal formulae (chants) into their own magickal operations, finally disseminating the ONA’s teachings amongst the Satanic and black magickal communities in their entirety.

The Baphomet Codex by Ego Diabolus includes the 21 Satanic Points within its pages and The Path to Satan includes a magickal chant from Codex Saerus (aka The Black Book of Satan). E.A. Koetting, an apostate from the Order of the Nine Angles, recommends the support of four of the Nekalah (Dark Gods) in his books Evoking Eternity and Works of Darkness. A writer by the name of Steven W. Minish penned an insightful article regarding and a powerful and eclectic ritual invoking Azathoth which analyzes and incorporates Atazoth as a name and word of power. His article, The Illumination ov Azathoth, appears in the fifth edition of Chaosphere Magazine.

Moreover, by making Hebdomadry inaccessible, the ONA corpus has, in actuality, destroyed its ideological purity by prompting adherents to practice external magickal systems.

Encouraging Arrogance Stymies Personal Development

One of the most consistent and unique traits exhibited amongst Niners is a solipsistic sense of self-regard. This sense of arrogance incites an instinctual belittling of other persons, cultures, ideas, and magickal traditions to an extent at which the trait seems as if it could properly be properly listed in the high-functioning regions of the autistic spectrum. The arrogance which these Niners exhibit appears to render them unable to legitimately consider an opposing idea and their self-awareness is severely inhibited.

While Niners often are deeply intelligent and well-read, their arrogance prevents them from properly analyzing an opposing argument and consistently stymies reading comprehension. They often instinctually grasp for straws in order to justify their belittling and dismissal of an opposing tradition as soon as whatever previous assumptions they made are corrected.

They are often led to exhibit consistent patterns of unprompted verbal assault, interrupting others, and intruding in conversations in which they are not included (often to engage in one of the prior two behaviors). This further erodes their level of social integration and weakens interpersonal relationships. Even when their more considerate brothers in arms are willing to humor their behavior, said brothers will dismay as these behaviors weaken their own interpersonal relationships with unrelated persons. The ONA’s group cohesion is also detrimented by these behaviors, and when one Niner engages in this nature of conduct, others join in like a game. I have completely broken off contact with the majority of the Niners I had intended to retain online correspondence and physical friendship with on account of these behaviors.

I am speaking, in this segment, specifically about experienced Niners. I have observed these traits consistently and exclusively in my interactions with Niners. While many do not exhibit these behaviors at all, the ONA is the only group who exhibits them consistently.

The Abandonment of Numerical Correspondences

Among the ONA’s goals for the obliteration of mainstream Western Occultism is the desire to do away with numerical correspondences, including numerology, Isopsephy, and Gematria in particular because it is Jewish in origin. Unforunately, the universe exists in patterns, such that even the ONA’s anti-Gematria system consistently exhibits correspondences which can be deduced via Gematria. In this segment, we will be analyzing a couple central concepts in the O9A’s esotericism via Gematria.

Various original O9A texts outline the rules to be followed for a traditional O9A grotto (subgroup). These texts, with Falcifer: Lord of Darkness being among them, require that the grotto practice a willing human sacrifice once every seventeen years. Ergo, let’s analyze the number 17 via Gematria and see if its correspondences can be used to connect some central O9A concepts.

There are 17 squares in a swastika. According to O9A tradition, the swastika is the symbol of the current Aeon. Since the regular practice of human sacrifice, necessarily of willing male initiates, serves to bring about the coming Aeon, and the swastika is something of a turning wheel, this makes sense. The swastika has been interpreted as a wheel of four scythes/sickles in the past, and Falcifer (the ONA’s primary source for Aeonic progression) literally translates to “Sickle-Bearer.” But, we have departed from the topic of Hebrew numerical correspondences.

According to Gematria and the Tanakh, the Hebrew word “Zabach,” meaning “Sacrifice,” has a numerical value of seventeen as well.

According to Liber Sitra Ahra, the number seventeen symbolizes a lightning bolt. The O9A has publicly cited The Lightning and the Sun as one of the texts which influences their Cliology.  This book focuses on Esoteric Hitlerism, claiming that Hitler served to pave the way for the incarnate harbinger of the coming Aeon. The author describes Hitler’s character through the metaphor of him being comprised of “too much sun” and “not enough lightning” and goes on to say that the coming Avenger will be defined by the qualities symbolized by lightning.

The number 17 is the numerical value of the Hebrew name for Capricorn, a constellation which is comprised of 17 stars. The second of these stars, Beta Capricorni, is Dabih, the lucky star of the slaughterer, which is one of the stars that the ONA’s Blood Mistress and Mother of Human Sacrifice is attributed to.

Dabih is an eclipsing binary and is listed as the second star in Capricorn. Another star which is relevant to the ONA is Beta Perseus– Algol, another eclipsing binary. Both of these stars have an astrological influence which is related to Saturn. The mode of chant which the ONA attributes to Saturn is the Second Mode. The ONA claims that there are star gates  specifically near both Dabih and Algol as well as Saturn.

The ONA describes a connexion between the causal and the acausal, such as a star gate, as a construct of Nine Angles. There are nine squares in the magickal square of Saturn. Saturn is often connected to Satan in modern Occult literature.

Undermining Aleister Crowley

In addition to refusing to acknowledge the influence of Crowley (and his pupil, Grant), ONA literature seeks to deliberately undermine Crowley’s status as a Magus and the Harbinger of a New (at the time) Aeon by stating that Crowley’s “so-called” aeonic influence did not influence the West at large. Anyone who has studied Crowley’s achievements and influence even in cursory review knows that this is a lie.

Among the ONA’s end goals are the obliteration of mainstream Western Occultism. The ONA’s castigation of Thelema and other such systems serves to prevent Myatt’s disciples from benefiting from the very spiritual teachings which were instrumental in Myatt’s development. Furthermore, the ONA struggles against the existence of the religions whose groundbreaking magickal discoveries gave birth to the ONA itself, as we will prove in an upcoming segment. If the ONA is determined both to oppose the status quo and foster the magickal development of humankind, it should be struggling against anti-magickal religions and the institutionalization and medication of spiritually gifted persons.

By encouraging Niners to disrespect other black magickians, they prevent the Niners from working magickally alongside practitioners of rival traditions, thus strengthening the rituals performed by Niners and propagating Hebdomadry. Those Niners who do work with other black magickians often manipulate and detriment them.

-V.K. Jehannum




115 thoughts on “The Failings of the ONA

  1. The ONA Way, its kulture, (i.e.: opfers, culling, evil acts, criminality, terrorism, etc), and Thelema don’t mix well. In Duty, written by Crowley, which outlines the duties (rules) a Thelemite lives by, AC & the OTO states:

    “The Word of Sin is Restriction.”

    The essence of crime is that it restricts the freedom
    of the individual outraged. (Thus, murder restricts
    his right to live; robbery, his right to enjoy the
    fruits of his labour; coining, his right to the
    guarantee of the State that he shall barter in
    security; etc.) It is then the common duty to prevent
    crime by segregating the criminal, and by the threat
    of reprisals; also, to teach the criminal that his
    acts, being analyzed, are contrary to his own True
    Will. (This may often be accomplished by taking from
    him the right which he has denied to others; as by
    outlawing the thief, so that he feels constant anxiety
    for the safety of his own possessions, removed from
    the ward of the State.) The rule is quite simple. He
    who violated any right declares magically that it does
    not exist; therefore it no longer does so, for him.

    Crime being a direct spiritual violation of the Law of
    Thelema, it should not be tolerated in the community.
    Those who possess the instinct should be segregated in
    a settlement to build up a state of their own, so to
    learn the necessity of themselves imposing and
    maintaining rules of justice.

    So, it’s very hard to be both a Niner and a Thelemite at the same time. One makes criminality, murder, robbery, etc, an aspect of its kulture, and the other outlaws such action and behaviour.

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    1. I JUST read Duty for the first time the other day so I know what you’re talking about. It is true that Thelema, as a white magickal religion, cannot be entirely reconciled with either Satanism or the ONA. Thelema is both an aeonic and ideological precursor to Satanism (not that that’s all it is), so Satanism is obligated to transcend it in various ways.


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    V.K. Jehannum posted: “Hebdomdary is Inaccessible Note: Hebdomadry is what the ONA calls its system of esotericism. Synonyms for Hebdomdary include the Dark Tradition, the Sevenfold Way, and the Septenary Way. The ONA’s pantheon (group of deities) is called the Nekalah, or the “


  3. A serious study of the ONA’s pantheon academically and in practice soon reveals it is cobbled together and has no traceable history, though will of course work in the imagination of those who use it. It is not taken seriously by those with proven credentials in the field of necromancy and grimoire tradition for that reason alone. One must be quite naive to believe that it is a histotically authentic pantheon that is so dark and secret nobody has heard of it before the writings on Anton Long surfaced. However, if one holds with the idea that all dieties are the construct of the human mind it does not really matter. It is the aesthetics and ethos that attracts individuals to any given tradition and adherants will minic that which the tradition promotes and is a pointless task trying to change their mind. Work with and use a tradition until it loses it value or purpose to oneself, then move on.

    There is no doubt Crowley has had a massive influence on magical culture and tradition, though his work was ground breaking in its time it is now antiquated. The OTO is flogging a dead horse and whilst Grants work has been ground breaking in some respects, it is again flawed in the light of current knowedge. As an example, both their works show a missunderstanding of what could be termed Tantra with its various practices. As Thelema goes Liber Oz is the limit IMO, though I think their work should be recognised for its value and influence.

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    1. The ONA’s pantheon is assimilated form various cultural paradigms. Google the name “Sauroktonos” and you’ll wind up on Apollo’s Wikipedia page. Dav-kina is a recorded, albeit obscure, permutation of Damkina’s name. Atazoth and Azanigin appear in Grant’s literature. Shaitan and Satanas need no explanation. The rest are just too obscure for us to identify as of yet.


      1. Its obvious some of the dieties are preexisting that is not in dispute, collecting together as many dark sounding dieties from different sources and including some so obsucue nobody has heard of and implying that they existed as a preexisting pantheon is.

        I would love to see credible proof that the pantheon existed prior to them being assimilated together though there is non as yet.

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            1. A fair point, I think it is implied though I expect many approach it with the assumption that it is and run with it and come to all sorts of conclusions. The latter is the problem, imo. Though of course that is only my take on the purpose of a tradition and my view on what the ONA tradition is about.

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      1. I don’t know about there being a 20 sided field of necromancy option as the ‘credible’ field is not that large, though it certainly has more credability than the dungeon and dragons fantasy option.


  4. I have not yet read this entire article, rather I followed the link here from your other post about myself. It may take some time (days to a week), though I will reply at length pertaining to both articles, and I will again thank you for the opportunity to do so. You and I may not agree on every topic, and in fact we may vehemently disagree on some topics, however, I do believe that you and I share a certain resonance which will strengthen our individual paths, as they currently cross and interlace. Honor to you, Sir.

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      1. I thank you for your attention, and remind you that feedback is always welcome, both positive and negative. I love to debate, as we will learn much about one another, and one anothers studies and agendas.

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        1. The feedback you need appears to be of an infernal origin. You should pursue channeling– direct guidance from the demonic. Divination, possession, invocation, seance, any of the above. Try performing evocation in conjunction with entheogens– it will change your life. Your erudition is incredible, but as far as I can tell, it’s the gnosis that you are lacking. These magickal chants will help you in the pursuit of it.

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          1. I assure you that I am no stranger to channeling whatsoever, however, channeling is neither evil nor righteous in nature, but that the intention of the individual conducting the work. This is the difference between the Magician and the Sorcerer. For more than two decades I’d have labeled myself a sorcerer, though at this point in my life I identify as the Magician. I’m curious what gnosis you believe that I am lacking in?


            1. I’m not sure which form of gnosis you lack or have because you seem to integrate it sparingly if at all into your corpus. Am I perceiving that right or do I just have more reading to do?


  5. I have “achieved” a Higher Self, and continue striving to ascend higher still.

    [Note] I am creating a new section on my WordPress for Commentaries and Reviews, and my commentary of your “The Failings of the ONA” will be the first entry.

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      1. I know what you were getting at, but you and I have drastically different systems, and so I am going to detain our differences and similarities in my commentary (which is why its taking forever). I am literally pouring my heart out in this thing…. its pages long already, and Im on like your third statement, lol. I’ll be covering al of theses topic in my own nomenclature and in comparison to yours and building bridges where possible and addressing where our systems collide. I just hope that we can continue to challenge and address one another in a productive way without getting too caught up in whose right or wrong, as my goal is not to express rightness or wrongness, but the possibility of evolution and expression and development once one abandons entrapping traditions like ONA. Again, I am honored for the opportunity. It may be a few day yet. I am long winded, and write slowly. Its a bad combination, but I’m stuck with it.

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  6. “I JUST read Duty for the first time the other day so I know what you’re talking about. It is true that Thelema, as a white magickal religion, cannot be entirely reconciled with either Satanism or the ONA.”
    HMM first this is why the ever litigious Caliphate O.T.O made sure that his works particularly Hecates Fountain and Nightside of Eden where shrinkwrapped in plastic and bore a big sticker on the front . It stated that Grants views where not shared by them. No doubt his postulations concerning authenticity of the “Simon” Necronomicon brought both laughs and gasps of horror from them. As well as that whole aquarium toy section of Hecates Fountain 🙂 For those unfamiliar with Grants works in general and some of the unintentionaly humourous aspects have a look at this

    ” Grant dips into Lovecraft, Frater Achad, Michael Bertiaux, Arthur Machen, Sax Rohmer, Jack Parsons, and occasionally even Crowley with abandon. . . and without bothering to notice that much of what he is citing is fiction!” That quote pretty much sums up what unfamiliar readers ran into when they took off that shrinkwrap. Many readers had they had a chance to page thru his works would likely not have purchased them. The review of Outer Gateways in the webpage above is also quite telling “Austin Spare’s system of Magick as presented in The Book of Pleasure is very stripped-down and straightforward. Hardly anyone I know of, however, has noticed the footnote to the Introduction listing dozens of illustrations and chapters that were left out of the book. I have always wondered why these things were missing and in this book Kenneth Grant finally explains:

    “Spare had intended using the illustrations but he never wrote the chapters suggested by them. Their substance [ . . . ] was destroyed during World War II. When I [Grant] got to know him, I persuaded him to reformulate the lost material. He did so, and it survives in the form of the Grimoire of Zos, parts of which I included nearly thirty years later in Images & Oracles of Austin Osman Spare.”

    I have taken such pains to present this information because it constitutes almost the only useful portion of this entire 264 page book!” 🙂 Considering that this is the book that contains the “channeled” book he received from the insectoid aliens he calls the Children of Isis this says volumes :). Now there has been some talk of Myatts involvement with certain occult lodges prior to the ONA this has not been disputed and he stated he was disappointed in what he found. We recall discussing this previously here and as we brought up there after his involvement he was anathema to the system.

    “Most of the ONA’s magickal operations have very specific environmental and material requisites. This results in both members of the movement known as the ONA and those inspired by it to default to take up completely unrelated magickal disciplines and to neglect the Nekalah. When aspects of the ONA’s tradition are incorporated into unrelated Occult movements, the Dark Gods are usually left behind.”
    One thing he did agree with Grant on
    that Indian spiritual traditions like Tantra and Yoga correlate to Western esoteric traditions, and that both stem from a core, ancient source, has parallels in the perennial philosophy promoted by the Traditionalist School of esotericists. Thats where it ends where Grant praises all things kabbalistic Myatt in contrast much like Rene Guenon disdains all things that currently pass for the western mystery tradition.
    Lets be honest the reason alot of the folks who seek out the ONA do so strictly because they are repulsed by hebrew influence in western european esoteric traditions plain and simple. Thus the inclusion of norse gods and runes and greco roman pagan esoteric influences early on.


    1. “Lets be honest the reason alot of the folks who seek out the ONA do so strictly because they are repulsed by hebrew influence in western european esoteric traditions plain and simple. Thus the inclusion of norse gods and runes and greco roman pagan esoteric influences early on.”

      I would say that many are attracted to the occult in general (not ONA alone, its not that special), but not ‘strictly’ because they are repulsed by Hebrew influences in western European Esoteric traditions”, but due to Hebrew influences in nearly ALL European traditions, both orthodox and heterodox. Your point, while lacking specification, is not without merit however. What is even more curious though, is that many who pursue occult traditions in spite of initial distaste for for the spiritual stagnation offered by Abrahamic and astrotheological nonsense, rarely ever graduate from the stagnation offered by the myriad of occult systems which are equally as demanding of adherence, and who propagate as much, if not more, mind-numbing propaganda.

      I would directly challenge that ONA ever “included” Greek or Norse influences, as such a statement would indicate that ONA had some “original system” at some point, that no other system had ever imagined before. Other than changing the names of terms, spheres, gods, and rearranging things a bit, what element of the ONA system is completely unique and pioneering? What has ONA done that no other Hermetic or Occult system has not?

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  7. All these years I have spent collecting and studying and applying various materials, in such a manner that I would and have developed myself. Strangely, others seem to be collecting and studying and applying various materials, in such a manner that they would compare themselves to others… Its a rather striking difference between us.


    1. LOL. The “inner circle” will return with another sock. Let’s make it fun and make a list of them. So far we have “Wyrdsister,” and “Liana.” Maybe KS will be next. The inner sock circle all are obsessed with Anna C. Which I find to be odd. It’s like the inner sock circle is The Borg, many socks but sharing a collective single mind. The “inner circle” also can’t take criticism. They/he/it also have a compulsion to cry about criticism and being banned over at their/his/its blog.

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        1. She does this over at the 600 Club too. Many of the users there are just her socks. Somebody needs to start an Anti-Chloe Nexion, like how in the Simpsons they started an Anti-Homer secret society.

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        1. I’ve reached that point in my life where those debates get zero percent of my time, and social networking like Facebook gets 0.00001 percent of my time, and even then only for specific people who I can only find there. At some point you just have to grow up and move on, or at least move on to genuine occult studies and Hermetic histories, astrotheology, and psychological studies. ONA offers nothing but to spread the ONA meme, and has no actual desire to produce adepts of any quality of insight or conscious evolution. I’m explaining all of this in a commentary to VKs post .

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  8. If the ONA failed, it’s because its creator David Myatt is a failure. The other things he put together failed as well. Reichsfolk, Numinous Way, his Islamic shit.

    ONA is a big joke. Nobody respectable in the Satanic community takes it seriously. When did Don Webb or Peter Gilmore ever even mention ONA? Everybody knows that the Satanic Temple is the next best thing in Satanism. It overshadows even the Church of Satan. When did the media ever do a story on the ONA? Never.

    The ONA is just a bunch of PDFs on the internet. It never existed. Myatt and Moult in the 90s tried to make the ONA into an OTO-like and Gardnerian Wicca-like initiatic organization with a hierarchical structure (the 7FW), a grand master (anton long). Myatt and Moult failed at making the ONA into an actual organization. ONA failed from the beginning. It never existed beyond the mythos.

    Now, ONA is just an internet phenomenon which exists mostly on facebook and wordpresses. ONA is a fucking joke.


      1. Darryl said, “I have taken “A Numinous Way” upon myself. It will never die.”

        Sure. That is until you find yourself a shiny new identity tag a couple years from now.

        You have to stay around ONA, continue to talk about it, comment on it, dislike it (feed it your emotions) like VK does, because people like you have no other audience to read your shit.

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        1. >VK has no other audience

          Dude, the second I announced my departure from the ONA, I got hit up by a luminary from the GCOL asking me to join up (I declined). And THEN, another prominent person who I won’t name hit me up asking me to help him start a Qliphothic lodge. I got invited into one of their Facebook groups the next morning.

          Most of my readers are not interested in or involved with the ONA. Many of my readers come to me looking for information about the Goetia, the Tunnels of Set, Vampyrism, or chakra meditation and then stick around because they like my ass. Niners are the smallest part of my audience– there are SOME people who discovered me while researching the Nekalah or Drakon Covenant specifically, but WordPress statistics have made it clear that these are a minority.

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          1. VK Said “Dude, the second I announced my departure from the ONA, I got hit up by a luminary from the GCOL asking me to join up (I declined). And THEN, another prominent person who I won’t name hit me up asking me to help him start a Qliphothic lodge. I got invited into one of their Facebook groups the next morning.”

            Same here, The day I announce that I was done with ONA I was overwhelmed with invitations to several Occult and National Socialist organizations, and I turned them all down, because I am dedicated to continuing Myatts, and my own, Numinous Way.

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        2. (1) Actually as the evidence stands, I have left the ONA, its persons, and the internet, for extended periods of time, countless times “Going Dark” and feeding ONA no attention whatsoever.

          (2) Any attention I have in fact given the ONA is that of correction, so altering it to my own agenda, which is why it is in fact the ONA who are emotional. I am an agent of Natural Law, and I do not fear you, now consider your opinions, other than to awaken those you have mislead. ONA establishs doctrine, and I have broken it, and I will continue to break it. I have awakened others also, and now they seek on their own accord that light which shines through the door which Corpus Nine Thirteen has opened…

          (3) J.K. has already exceeded the ONA, and I am hopeful to see what he will produce on his own, independent of ONAs stagnation of tradition. As have I, he will take what he finds useful of ONA, and upon that foundation build his own system, because like myself, he is a true occultist, and not an ONA PDF memorizer…

          (4) I am a man, and my real name is Darryl Hutchins, and my real location is in the Northern Carolinas of the Eastern United States. You, however, are a fearful coward hiding behind a false name, slandering others from the safety of a computer, too much a spineless homohubris to speak such in person. You speak as would a man, and yet you hide in a position whereas I cannot lay hands upon you. You are personally without honor, and you dishonor all that is Drecc and ONA philosophy and praxis. You claim Drecc, I claim Crip… which of us has more evidence of our gang? What is your set called? Mine is 8Tre-107. People leave your set by “logging out”, my set is small because they all died, or went to prison. You and I live in different dimensions, and only in your own are any fucks given as to the ideals of ONA. In my dimension this is how I grew up, lived, and live. You have books and PDFs, where I have 30 rednecks with automatic Saiga 12 gauge shotguns (its a second amendment and 3%er thing, look it up).

          I accept your challenge to my honor, and I’ll be standing prepared to defend it in armed combat, as is the Dreccian standard, and my own personal standard. Until you manifest your claim in reality, both you, and the ONA, are hollow talk, forum filler. I’ll just be me, and you “Mr. 1984” can continue to hide like a punk bitch. I would note also, that I am not special. I challenge you to come to any part of North Carolina or South Carolina, running off at the mouth TO ANYONE about how big and bad you are, how smart you are, and how we are just rednecks… You’ll find yourself with country-boy spanking, because we here are gentlemen, and we don’t take kindly

          Good day to you…

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            1. There was a time when ONA and ToTBL were nearly sworn enemies… Then I wrote a few articles where I said it was ok to mix them despite their incompatible elements, and the shit blew up on the net over night. I still see some of my old artwork (The Septarate or the Azergram, as I called it lol) around the net here and there. I have forgotten and rediscovered whole movements and zines I started and then had “OH YEAH!!!” moments when I found them again in archives five or ten years later, lol… “Queastellyeah”, “Void Brim”, “I.M.”. “Concomitant Dissidence”, “N913” and on, and on… ONA hates us because we set trends whose mems they cannot control. I am most pleased to be that alchemical toxin to orders and traditions.

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          1. It’s so typical of you internet kids and wannabe gang members to act all bad ass on the internet. Does typing tough make you feel like a man Darryl?

            We all know that you and VK are closet homosexuals. Real men are actually too busy with their girlfriends to be writing retarded blogs about invoking imaginary demons, and spending their time online talking about how they have emancipated themselves from the ONA. You two guys probably have sexual fantasies about men whilst you masturbate.

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            1. I am 36 years of age, Sir. A child I am not. And as for talk, I’m nearly finished with you. When your balls drop, come on down to North Carolina and we will settle this the Dreccian Way. If you are man enough to show up. You keep spouting ONA… well, show me. I’m waiting…

              You slander VK and I because you fear us. We are not only a threat to your “Order”, but the deathblow.

              My invitation to you to show up prepared for a full Dreccian combat governed by our peers remains open. I have offered this to several over the years, and not one person has ever shown up. Prove me wrong. I’m not hard to find.


            2. Said Darryl – “I am 36 years of age…”

              Yeah, a 36 year old homosexual man. You spend way too much time online, with internet cults, on facebook, in forms, writing silly PDFs to have a girlfriend or a life beyond the internet.

              All that tough internet talk; which you are clearly used to; won’t hide the fact that you are a faggot, who fantasizes about sucking dick.

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            3. Look fags (VK & Darryl), take my advice – use your magic and social skills to find yourselves a girlfriend or boyfriend, turn off the computer, and try to have some sort of life outside the internet.

              Because right now, the both of yous look like faggots on the internet.


            4. I rest my case. I have accepted your challenge to my honor. I am able and willing to defend my honor in armed combat, which invitation is open to anyone willing to track me down and thus engage. Until then, continue demonstrating your immaturity and high-school mentality with ad hom attacks from the safety of your computer.


            5. You have the whole ONA talking about Dreccian Honor and armed combat this, I’d die for that; but one man on Earth, myself, tells them, fine, come show me, and suddenly I’m the asshole?

              Also, If I did insult a woman (which it is not in my nature to do), it is only because ONA is composed primarily of pussies hiding their actual identities behind sock accounts, rather than having the courage to expose their actual identity as have I. Thats their problem, not my own.


            6. You’ve caught me white-handed, Mister 1985. I fantasize about you and Mister Hutchins on the daily. I fantasize about a young Ryan Fleming twirling his mustache while I touch myself at night and I AM ASHAMED. I sob into my tetrahedron at night when I cum.

              I’m gay: I’ll admit it. I sincerely hope that the ONA, whom I secretly admire, will accept me regardless of these revelations. Your words have cut me deeply, 1985. I’m just going to sit in the corner and lament my sexuality.

              Mockery aside, I’m openly bisexual and I can’t imagine why you give two shits.

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            7. 1985??

              MORE LIKE 1889

              You are a tru Niner I can tell. Only fake ass jew faggoths spend time questioning the writings of the most exalted Anon Long. He has done more than any jew faggoth ever will. I heard he challenges people to duels but they are to afraid to respond. His is Hardcore.

              Death to the non believers
              NINER FOR LIFE
              I kill anyone who disagrees with Anton Long


  9. The literature of Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley, Michael Aquino, and Kenneth Grant all exhibit myriad failings, but their brilliance is in the bigger picture they represent. When it comes to the canonical ONA corpus, the opposite is true. Hebdomadry, while brilliant at times, is a failed cliological & sociopolitcal uprising which has done nothing more (in its attempting usurpation) than contribute useful spiritual teachings to the very forces it attempted to overthrow. Its founders have renounced their entire life’s work, and rightfully so. The ONA will never die because religions rarely do, but it will never win.

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  10. Why are all you o9a guys fucking gay. How many dick suckers are into the o9a anyways? So you guys have a satanic religion for fags?

    At least V.K. admits he’s a dick sucking fag. Interrogist 1 can’t get himself to admit that he sucks dick. Fags like you make Satanism look bad.


    1. If you’re gonna have a superiority complex, you should have one based on merit, not a lack of buttsecks.

      If you would like to fashion yourself as my superior, go right ahead. But do it on the basis of your psychic powers. Your muscle mass. Your cardio. How well you astrally project. Your kickboxing skills. Your ground game. Your erudition. Basically anything other than sexuality, bro.


      1. Faggotry is a mental sickness dude. Do some 1950s research. You fags are sissies. What are a bunch of sissy o9a boys going to do besides suck each other off LMAO? You fags certainly aren’t going to sacrifice humans. How many of you fags in o9a has actually opfered or culled someone? The o9a is nothing but a group of socks, fags, and pseudo-intellectuals. Fucking pathetic.


        1. Prester John is right. No need for gay jew faggoths in o9a. Insights roles are all that matter. I even pretended to be a fully gay rabbi for 15 months. I experienced true Gnosis. Then I ran away and lived in the woods. Heil Hitler


    2. Posts like these are why I consider National Socialism so cancerous. So many Alt-Right and NS (I know, they’re separate, but they’re similar enough from outside) have these preposterous, pompous-ass superiority complexes based on nothing substantial. It’s pathetic.


      1. This is a common ONA tactic. Any time they see something that threatens their ideology, they create 5 to 20 sock accounts and spam the forum with low-brow high-school talk, and that way when anyone reads this page all they will see is mostly name-calling and childish behavior. Its all they can really do, and it fools many people into thinking that you and I are childish, however, to the trained eye, its plain exposure that they are at an absolute loss pertaining to answering nay questions pertaining to our genuine criticism of their so-called “Tradition”… Its shameful that this is the best ONA has to offer. You question their system, and the respond with creating fake-accounts to call you gay. I’m sure David Myatt must be proud of them. I’m certain this is what he had in mind when he spoke of aeonic insight and defeating the Magian Dialect.

        These personal attacks and childish outburst prove that we are already beyond their reach, and we alone have made use whatsoever of Myatts work.

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        1. “This is a common ONA tactic. Any time they see something that threatens their ideology, they create 5 to 20 sock accounts”

          Who is ‘they’?
          Who is the ‘ONA’ in your estimation?

          How can an ideology be threatened? It’s a system one chooses to follow, and which system hopefully brings results. If it does not, then it is discarded. The only thing at it’s core is pathei-mathos and personal judgement arising from such.

          Are you saying an online blog can single handedly destroy the concept of personal judgement?

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            1. These failed ONA individuals (because that is bluntly what they are) talk about the ONA in the same way an abused woman might talk of her ex partner. It’s a grotesque mixture of hatred and love. Very unhealthy indeed.

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            2. Since we’re spinning asinine psychoanalyses, your and Lianna’s assiduous study of my literature and consistent attempts to correct or belittle me derives from a Freudian desire to dominate me.

              This hypothesis is precisely as (in)valid as just about every attempt you’ve made at reading my character or intentions.


          1. (1) Who is “they”and who is the ONA in my estimation… Simple. ALl of you pussies hiding behind false names and talking shit from the safety of a computer. All of you who need ONA identity tags because you have no original character of your own. All of you who talk about Pathei Mathos on the internet ignoring that some of use actually grew up in it and have lived it all of our lives. All of you who have stagnated in ONAism and never moved on to genuine occult insight (memorizing ONA PDFs does not make one an occultist)… You, you who hide, rather than proclaim who actually are. You, you who adhere to prefabricated systems rather than develop your own… You are ONA, you are “they”, and my estimation is not mere opinion, its based upon seven years experience.

            (2) if an ideology cannot be threatened, why then all the attacks? why the fake accounts, why the slander and childishness… V.K. and I absolutely threaten you, or you simply wouldn’t care, and its painfully obvious that many of you care a great deal…

            (3) I am saying that I made a declaration several years ago that ONA would undergo a certain change over causal time, and that the internet PDF worship and “this nexion that nexion” politics would fade away as people began to rebuke and abandon ONA dogma, and all theses years later it looks like just exactly that is happening. Later still in the early 2020s a genuine tribe will unite and actually go to war with Magian occultist and their corporations… Corpus Nine Thirteen is available to the public for a reason. You might have a look at it.

            You are mocking grains of sand, and ignoring that beach around you, oblivious to the tidal wave on the horizon, thus thus your judgment is notwithstanding.


            1. “. All of you who talk about Pathei Mathos on the internet ignoring that some of use actually grew up in it and have lived it all of our lives.”

              I sincerely hope you see the irony in this.


        2. Darryl said, “defeating the Magian Dialect.”

          Magian Dialect?? And what dialect would that be? Yiddish, Ashkenazi, Sephardi? LMAO.

          Dude, before you can claim to be the “deathblow” of ONA, at least pretend to have genuinely studied and applied ONA. Having a bunch of wordpress blogs, writing pseudo-intellectual shit year after year doesn’t count as being o9a.

          And do you notice Darryl that you often use words like “whereas” and “whatsoever” incorrectly? Dude, go back to school.

          You’ve failed o9a. Have you ever initiated yourself through the Seven Fold Way? Have you ever practiced the esoteric chants? Have you ever culled someone? You’re a faggot. It’s expected of fags like you to fail something like o9a, and embrace something easy like the Numinous Way. Because you don’t have to do anything. You simply type pseudo-intellectual drivel that makes no philosophical sense.

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          1. I will once again address that your questions are issued from a position of fear of providing your actual name, hiding safely while attempting to slander my honor.

            What is the Magian Dialectic you ask? Simple, I have provided you all with an elaborate explanation of that exact answer. While you hide and create sock-accounts I have educated the public as to the nature of the issue – A Numinous Way – Vol. 1 by D. M. Hutchins (my real name unlike you pussies) “Addressing Order Followers, Corporate Sorcery, and Moral Virtue” –

            The Contents Include specifics pertaining to the topics of

            The Magian Dialectic and Moral Inversion
            Recognizing Modern Sorcery: The Corporation
            What is Numinous Virtue?
            Pseudomoral Magian Conventions
            A Change In Perspective
            Order Followers
            Why do we fight the Corporations?
            The Solution

            So you can stop embarrassing yourself by pretending that I cannot give an account of my views and my agenda. It is clearly documented

            Free Version:

            Print Version:

            How about you show the world how big and bad ONA is, use your real name and real location, refute my ideals. All you have is to call people “faggots” on the internet as though you were 12 years old? Can you refute my views? Do you even fully understand my views? Or are you a brainwashed puppet like so many broken records skipping on the phrase “seven fold way”, “seven fold way”, “seven fold way”… over and over…?

            Having spent time in real satanic groups “in person” I can tell you that such an attitude as yours would get your teeth kicked in, land you in the ICU, and you’d not be welcomed back to another gathering, much less granted status of at level… 99.99% of ONA and satanism on the internet is nonsense that would get you killed in the real world, acting, behaving, talking, and insulting others, as you do, always talking about the seven fold way which you know NOTHING about…

            The following is a public announcement by D.M. Hutchins!

            Why do I say FUCK ONA? Here’s Why!

            On the one hand they claim the ONA system promotes evolution and development, and on the other hand they attack and bastardize any and all change an individual undergoes. ONA promotes the breaking of taboos, and then call you a liar when you expose your criminal past and gang affiliations. ONA advocates the use of enthogens, and then refers to you as a junky for admitting that you overcame drug-use in your teens and twenties. No matter what ONA claims, and no matter your accomplishments within those fields, at the end of the day ALL ONA cares about is making demands that everyone conform to their “Tradition”. After seven years of experience and growth, everyone I know in ONA has ignored my experience, my position, my development, my persistence, ignored everything I have had to say, and continued to demanded that I worship some stupid “Seven Fold Way” nonsense, despite the fact that:

            (1) I survived growing up in a very abusive home,
            (2) joined a gang when I was hardly 14 years old representing 8Tre-107 (thats a Crip Set),
            (3) held rank in covens and cults before the age of twenty,
            (4) juvenile-reform-school,
            (5) jail countless times,
            (6) over-dosed and nearly died,
            (7) spent time in a mental hospital,
            (8) lived on the run from cops and mafia,
            (9) had to leave states for years on end before going home, and learning all about the “The Statute of Limitations Pertaining to Reckless Endangerment” at the ripe old age of nineteen.

            I’m literally standing here looking back at a life absolutely drowning in Pathei Mathos, and theses ONA internet hipsters just keep making these utterly fucking stupid demands that I memorize some PDF …!!!… in order to pass a quiz about some made up dark god, as though I have no ONA-cred if I don’t memorize your silly comic books. Its really no surprise that ONA has nothing to say when I ignore their stupid questions, and in turn ask them something like; “How do you make and use a bump-key?” or “How do you get out of handcuffs with a soda can?” or “Show me how your gang stacks-sets?” or “Which organs need punctured to prevent bodies from floating back up?”. I have honestly lost all count of how many times this conversation has occurred. I’m a down to Earth kind of guy, and I can tell you this; I’ve looked down the barrel of a gun from both the front end, and the back end, and after careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like the back end just a bit more. If any of you are interested in which end is the best when it comes to reading PDFs while lighting pretty candles, well, you’ll have to ask the ONA. Also, did I mention, fuck the ONA?


      2. Only truu Niners understand the power of National Socialism. It was born in my home country and it is most Satanic. If you aren’t a Nazi you are not a Satanist and therefore cannot pretend to be a Muslim in an insight role while duelling your enemies.. That’s just scientific fact.

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  11. This thread has officially devolved to the maximum conceivable extent. For fucks sake, if ANYONE else has ANYTHING to say, please do it. Let’s just make this the worst conversation in Satanic history. Shoot for the fucking stars.


    1. I hate to break bad news to you man, but there is a network called The 600 Club where this exact conversation has been going on for 12 years, across many thousands of pages, so long in fact that some have died and others replaced them, during the years I cared to watch. Its a remarkable feat of mundanity.

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  12. So this is what the ONA became? A bunch of kids fighting eachother’s on comments sections instead of practicing the 7FW…

    Sad to say the least…


    1. “So this is what the ONA became? A bunch of kids fighting eachother’s on comments sections instead of practicing the 7FW…” – stnpulse

      This is a fallacious statement.

      It’s called the fallacy of false dilemma:

      i.e.: Just because a “bunch” of kids are fighting and arguing online doesn’t mean that are incapacitated from engaging in activities offline, such as the 7FW.

      Also, the statement or thought that because a bunch of o9a kids are online that therefore they are not practicing the 7FW in the real world is a false dilemma mentality.

      The ONA is not a penicillin for universal brotherhood. Human nature came before religion, philosophy, ideology. It is human nature to argue, disagree, fight. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, have not caused adherents to turn the other cheek and love each other.

      Just because people fight online, doesn’t mean that they are incapacitated from practicing their religion, studying, or applying their philosophical or spiritual beliefs.

      This thread in fact shows that everything in o9a is as it should be. Niners are keeping it real in da hood, like it post to be:

      Keep yo bitches away from me, cuz if dey come close to me, dey coming home with me. gettin money like im post to be. all you niggas where you post to be. you aint never been with a guy like dis.

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    1. Nahh would say the general consensus is nobody wants to participate in the magian cuckold of ONA/OTO you promote. And you yourself give the supporting arguments as to why Niners would want nothing to do with this (Thelemic types even less)

      “According to Myattian Cliology, we live in the Thorian aeon, and this aeon’s acausal influence has been drastically corrupted by the influence of Abrahamic religious forms. The extremism which underlies the Septenary Way is a means of counteracting the aeonic infection of Magian esotericism. One could presume that the Thorian aeon was originally supposed to focus on Norse Paganism prior to distortion.

      The witch should remember that the Aeonic distortion of the Semite is the raison d’etre for the ONA’s extremism and the reason that their esotericism emphasizes the Darker Half of Mother Earth.”

      “While the Order of the Nine Angles wants all current religions and spiritual forms to be completely abandoned by humanity as a whole, but it expresses singular contempt for any spiritual form which is Jewish in origin. This is the reason for the contempt they express for the Goetia and Kabbalah. To them, any use of such methodologies, even when inverted as in Qliphothic Kabbalah, perpetuates the Aeonic distortion.”
      Yet knowing this and the well documented history of what could be termed Identitarian/Volkish nature of the current you act shocked at the reaction you receive


      1. You misunderstood the article you quoted– it DESCRIBED the ONA’s weltanschauung, it didn’t endorse it. I am, however, glad that one as insightful and experienced as yourself mistook that essay as a description of MY weltanschauung– it tells me that I did successfully suspend my emotions well enough to accurately represent the ONA’s overall tradition, whether I’m recounting or speculating.

        What I’m suggesting isn’t a hybrid of the ONA and OTO (after all, if my observations are accurate, that would be redundant). I’m not actually all that attached to Crowley, Grant, LaVey, Aquino, et al.– I dislike one of them, distrust another, and have a neutral-ish view of the others. I’ve learned a lot of them, but I do not hold them in special regard.

        What I am suggesting is an Eclectic Satanism which integrates aspects of Hebdomadry, Demonolatry, the Draconian Tradition, Chaos-Gnosticism, Theistic Satanism, and Dark Paganism into a versatile paradigm of apsidomancy (demon magick). I have no doubt that this is not for everyone and that others are better off, in terms of microscopic anodos, pursuing only one system.

        I do not expect everyone to accept the deities, rituals, practices, or weltanschauungen I espouse and endorse as their own. The reason I am criticizing the ONA the way I do is that I think they think too highly of their system. I think they misrepresent the origin of their system. I think they instinctively undervalue other magickal systems, and wrongfully so.

        I do not believe in an Abrahamic aeonic distortion because I do not see deities as parts of the brain, archetypes, symbols, egregores, or mere emanations of the Numinous. I see them as independent organisms. Ergo, to me, their is no Magian aeonic distortion– rather, there is one deity, who is neither cosmic, creator, nor omnipotent, who pursues the impediment of Satanism.

        I do not have a particularly strong understanding of Identitarian/Volkish belief– I am ambivalent to Nazism as I am ambivalent to Republicanism and Democratism.

        I do believe that I’ve had nightmares about democracy– being eaten by a horde of rats or a nest of insects– a representation of my voice being lost in all the noise raised by the masses of my inferiors. But that doesn’t mean I have the solution– I have yet to study politics, philosophy, and history in depth. This is the greatest failing of my teachings.

        I’m really only shocked at the amount of perceived effort that has gone into discrediting me. 70 comments and maybe six or seven articles written about me by ONE individual? She wrote her second essay about me before I had even found out about the first one. Worse, she uploaded it on CHRISTMAS DAY with NO TYPOS. Tell me that isn’t shocking! How much Adderrall does this individual need to accomplish that kind of shit?

        As a final note, I do hold you and your writings in high regards, however little I know about your person.

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  13. No misunderstanding on our part we are already aware of your inclinations from previous interactions. We are only saying that ironically you did elaborate the ONA’s weltanschauung in your argument against them .

    “The reason I am criticizing the ONA the way I do is that I think they think too highly of their system.”

    The Caliphate OTO considers Crowley a PROPHET(not just a man with insightful ideas and a unique life. that is the ONA) In fact just like the mormon church they concerned about the whole “our prophet is dead who is our living prophet now ” idealogy . In fact this is displayed in the legal battles between them and the Typhonian OTO( who after Grants passing gave up the fight ) and well every other OTO. You know Aquino remarked that they basically went to court for the copyright for sodomy. 🙂
    Darryl Hutchins was nice enough a few months ago to put up a webpage with pretty much all of the ONA’s esoterica was he sued ?? How pissed off are the folks at Ixaxaar when any of their stuff comes up as pdfs??Or say Cultus Sabbati ??
    ” I think they misrepresent the origin of their system” HMM listen to where this guy says the OTO got everything and why they hated Grant
    The alchemical texts and the classic greco roman septenary pagan hermeticism you overlook existed centuries before Crowley and Grant. And Wyrdsister even pointed out particular alchemical texts to look for readers. Further since 1982 this has been available now this shows the clear differences and distinctions between Demonolatry, the Draconian Tradition,Apsidomancy(Elemental) and the esoterica of the ONA(Physis) Pretty cut and dry.
    ” I have yet to study politics, philosophy, and history in depth. This is the greatest failing of my teachings.” Indeed you could not even do a cursory study of the historical alchemical texts you where pointed to. Instead you rely on a occultist who can not tell the difference between a fiction writer and a occult text, And a encyclopedia made by a fan of a fiction writer


    1. Regarding Whether or Not I Elaborated on the ONA:

      Either I discerned some things which modern adherents to the ONA had either yet to discern or yet to publicly relate, or I just read too far into shit. Whatever. Many factors of the ONA’s worldview have been withheld from the public. We’re all just trying to piece shit together.

      Regarding the OTO’s Ego Problem:

      I aware that the OTO are pompous twats. I don’t even like the Typhonian Trilogies. They, however, do not think so highly of their political affiliations that they want to start a revolution no one wants. While they think oddly big of themselves, they’re not saying you deserve to die. They don’t work to see your religion relegated to the history books. Catch my drift? They’re conceited and all, but ONA-level conceit is a rare thing in Western Occultism. The ONA espouses arrogance and disrespect for most of humanity in their literature. Does the OTO do the same?
      What are the prerequisites for being a prophet? Cuz I always considered Crowley one and I don’t even agree with half of what he wrote. Do you have to do more than channel shit and spread the word? Is being a prophet actually a big deal in the Occult? It shouldn’t be. I mean I get that it’s a big deal in Abrahamic religion, but that’s just because they don’t meditate.

      Regarding Complaints About Copyright Law:

      You’re referring to social affairs that haven’t been brought to my attention. So, the jist is, some Occult publishers sued for copyright violation, and you’re salty about it. Yeah?
      I’ve read Against Intellectual Property and it made some DAMN good arguments. But the thing is, the rest of the society still believes in intellectual property and I don’t really see the need to put them on blast for it.
      I’m kinda lost on why you’re upset about this. You’re into culling and shit but anyone who supports intellectual property is a dick?

      On Borrowing Spiritual Concepts:

      There’s really nothing wrong with being unoriginal when it comes to religion. My problem is that the ONA is trying to falsify their roots and, worse, slandering the traditions that taught them so much of their shit and other-izing the adherents to the traditions they borrowed from, which traditions have several similar goals.

      Regarding WS’s Citations:

      She provides screenshots of those texts and discusses their contents in some of her essays about me. The books which she keeps referring to do not mention Atazoth– they just define azoth. Ergo, in terms of the origin of the cosmic abyssal entity known as Atazoth, they aren’t actually relevant. They’re kind of just a paper tiger. A bluff, for any readers who don’t know what that is.
      I read about the ToB’s posited identification of Atazoth with At-Taghut, but even that source (while possibly on to something) doesn’t attribute At-Taghut to azoth, nor does it impute him to such things as the sphere of the Sun, aeonic renewal, the presencing of “alien energies,” and so on.
      By the wayyyy, I’m getting a LOT of complaints about my identification of Atazoth with Azathoth but no one really questions my identification of Aza with Azanigin (as Aza is described in KG’s trilogies). The trilogies just about always mention Aza and Azathoth in the same paragraph (as do I), but no one has dug up some obscure-ass text to (try and appear to) prove me wrong about that one. Perhaps that sort of bluff is harder to make?

      Regarding the Trustworthiness of Grant:

      You wrote “you rely on a occultist who can not tell the difference between a fiction writer and a occult text.” Welp, apparently so does Myatt.

      Regarding Your Criticism of My Referral to an Encyclopedia:

      I cited Lovecraft’s original literature too. You’re just nitpicking at this point. The reason I used an encyclopedia at one point is that fiction is often less straightforward in its descriptions of characters than encyclopedias. Cosmic horror has to be all mysterious and what not.

      Weird question: Have you ever considered that maybe Lovecraft was experiencing something real?Volubilis Ex Chaosium by S. ben Qayin makes a pretty good case for this. Have you ever worked magick with or performed divination for a steadfast Atheist? You’ll give them a real-as-fuck experience or a dead-accurate reading and then they’ll pull mental gymnastics like a week later to dismiss what they experienced. Just read the letter where Lovecraft describes how he got the idea for Nyarlathotep and compare it to how the Secret Chiefs introduced themselves to Samuel MacGregor Mathers. Read about Lovecraft’s life and look at his symptoms (for example, the consistent vivid nightmares, or the irrational anxiety and insecurity). I knew a dude who was experiencing that same shit. I performed an exorcism on him. He’s doin fine now.

      I’ll watch the video and read the article and get back to you thereafter. Adios.


  14. Hey will answer alot of this in your new post. But there is some stuff for some interesting chats here so I will come back to some of this here later. Briefly though on the copyright issue it does not piss us off was just saying on contrast that ONA is more accessible than throwing down say 7 grand for alot of books from 3 hands press or Ixaxaar


    1. Oh shit, my bad. I had no idea what you were talking about. But the issue of having to pay for books is definitely tangential.

      So I was reading Glimpses of the Left Hand Path just out of personal interest and there was a chapter on the Typhonian Tradition. Since O9A critics aren’t really interested in the minutiae, try this.

      The Typhonian Tradition claims roots in the ancient nature cults dedicated to Goddess veneration, which Goddess was a symbol of the Earth’s fertility and Nature itself. This cult venerated the spiritual aptitude of women and has its roots in the worship of the Mother of Sata… Er… Set, who was named Ta-Urt. The tradition’s namesake, Typhon, was the son of Mother Earth, which the Typhonian Tradition refers to by the name Gaia, and was closely related to the baleful aspects of nature.

      It was Gerald Massey who selected the name ‘Typhonian Tradition.’ Massey claims that the Typhonian Tradition is derived from the cult of Sevekh. “According to him, Sevekh’s name signified the sevenfold.” Typhon/Set is viewed (in the TT) as a progression from Tiamat, who “personifies the dark, primal aspects of Nature.”

      The Typhonian Tradition complains that the deities of their veneration were demonized in accordance with the “patriarchal structures imposed by the solar current.”

      “One of the most important goals on the Draconian Path is to awaken the hidden lunar energy and bring it to balance with the solar element. The Draconian current is therefore the path of harmonious relationship– between the matter and the spirit, the inner and the outer dragon, the darkness and the light, the power of creation and the force of destruction, the masculine and the feminine.”

      All quoted excerpts are from the aforementioned book Glimpses of the Left Hand Path.


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