D.M. Hutchins: the Interrogist Has Resurfaced

The individual known both as Nexion 913 and the Interrogist has recently informed me that I have personally inspired him to resurface, although it appears to me that the increasing momentum of Satanists and others renouncing the Order of the Nine Angles has influenced his regained sense of motivation. A fellow apostate from the Order of the Nine Angles, he espouses an infamously mercurial and eclectic weltanschauung [worldview] drawing strongly from the Order of the Nine Angles and Anti-Cosmic Satanism which is beneficial both to Niners and non-ONA Satanists alike. Determined to be held accountable for his ideological contributions and personal conduct, he has taken to going by his legal name, D.M. Hutchins, in the public dialectic.

D.M. Hutchins’s literature is the diametric opposite of my own. My writings benefit from a comprehensive approach to the study of black magick and the Western Left Hand Path, extensive magickal work alongside multiple different religious paths, and they are strongly influenced by recurring periods by direct guidance from demons and daimones via personal and coven gnosis alike. Where my writings fail is the lack of a coherent underlying philosophy, ethos, and agenda– my failure to study philosophy and examine my principles has made ethical and meritocratic relativism a staple of my weltanschauung. Hutchins shines elaborately where I fail while often neglecting to provide approachable Occult practices and studies into demonology.

His seven-year involvement in the Order of the Nine Angles has seen Hutchins accrue a poor reputation amongst certain nexions [subgroups] as a result his iconoclasm, bluntness, and ever-shifting weltanschauung. While some Niners have gone so far as to attempt to ostracize him and dubbed him a pretender, his scholarly and criminal pedigrees are publicly lauded. He left the ONA formally in late 2016 about a month before I did, after spending years attempting to correct the movement with a resilience that even Kerri Scott of Sinister Polemics has publicly commended.

D.M. Hutchins has made his way around the Niner community like nobody else, being personally acquainted with L316 and having worked with them over an extended period of time. His essays appeared in the Cult of Cthulhu’s online magazine and he’s been interviewed by Poison Apple Radio. He also enlisted the help of Ryan Anschauung of the Temple of THEM in publishing one of his books. Hutchins has been publicly debating Niners such as WSA352, Lianna, myself, and members of Drakon Covenant at length for years, and his growing influence has previously led members of the ONA to crusade against it through multifarious sock accounts and the promulgation of flagrant lies throughout various online venues. At one point, he found himself declared a public enemy of the Lilin Society after humiliating a member of its inner circle. At the time, I was the youngest member of the Lilin Society’s leading council at the time and the only member equal in rank to its leader, I was able to amend the situation promptly (but failed to get the offended person booted from LS– I had jumped the gun in doing so anyway).

Hutchins champions the abolition of intellectual property and provides his own literature both free of charge digitally and famously cheaply in print. His websites, which have emerged and disappeared over time, have previously hosted incredibly well-furnished libraries of ONA and Anti-Cosmic Literature, including various crucial texts which I had previously been unable to find. Working with L316, Hutchins accomplished a complete (at the time) public provision of the entire ONA corpus. I remember being stoked to see my invocation of Qayin/SLM and my notes on Liber Azerate appear on his digital shelves. After being personally contacted by the infamous Secuntra Nexion, he made their literature publicly available for American audiences. Apart from torrenting Occult grimoires, he has faced legal trouble for publishing (selling it only at cost value) a book which allegedly plagiarized symbols from the Temple of the Black Light despite openly citing their origin.

His newest literary work, Corpus 913, will be provided here in PDF form. Links to the publicly available online text of his work, Numinous Way – Volume One, as well as to where one can order a copy in print appear as well. D.M. Hutchins has requested that I publicly outline my disagreements with the ONA as a whole, and I have just finished doing so at his request. A link to that article will be provided as well. Various previous PDF installments of his literature can be found in older posts in my blog’s Cache section.






3 thoughts on “D.M. Hutchins: the Interrogist Has Resurfaced

  1. You honor me my friend. I will offer you (and our public audience) a proper reply in a day or so. There are a few points here that I would like to specify and elaborate upon, and I thank you very much for the opportunity to do so.

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