Draconian Rite of the Tower of Ur-Chaos

(This ritual calls to the Draconic Aspects of Satan and Lilith, both known as Chaosifer, to augment one’s spiritual power and awaken the dormant Tanin’iver, the Blind Serpent who resides within the Infernal Sphere of Gamaliel [the Obscene Ones] whose office is to unite the Leviathans and catalyze the witch’s internal spark of intercausality [connection from the physical plane to the spirit world]. Names in bold are to be vibrated and phrases in italics are to be chanted. Translations appear in the brackets and explanations occur in parentheses)

Salve Pater Tanin’iver! [Hail Father Tanin’iver]
Ave Lilith, Chaosifer et Venemus Draconem! 
[Hail Lilith, Chaosifer and Poisonous Dragon]
Io Leviathan-Sathan! 
[Hail Leviathan]

I call unto the Wyvern Devil and his Viperous Bride so that I might stir the Quiescent God of Dragons who resides blind within the Moonlight-Blackened Qlipha of Gamaliel! Sathanus! Ama Lilith! Tanin’iver! Answer to the names!

Leviathan + Theli + Tanin
(Names of Satanas-Chaosifer)

Taninsam + Leviathan + Regina Chaosifer
(Names of Lilith-Chaosier)

Tanin’iver + Niakhesh + Lunakhemophis
(Names of Tanin’iver)

Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam
(Above: Formula of the Dragon(s) of the Qliphoth)

I call unto the Blinded Python of Obscenity who rules over the nascent mechanism of intercausality in humankind! Ascend from your dormancy and see me transformed into your pre-eminent likeness! Awaken the festering Ur-Chaos inside of me! Hail, hail, Tanin’iver!

Salve Pater Tanin’iver, [Hail Father Tanin’iver]
Io Drakon Anabaino Gamaliel! [Hail the Drakon from Gamaliel]
Tanin’iver Liftoach Nia! [Tanin’iver, open my eye]
Venire Tanin’iver et germinet anados!
[Above: Come, Tanin’iver, and bring forth evolution!]
Veni, veni, Tanin’iver, Princeps Gamalielim!
[Above: Come, come, Tanin’iver, Prince of the Obscene Ones]

I raise my voice to reverberation throughout the pandimensional maelstrom within the primordial realm as I call unto Lilith’s Aspect as the Ancestress of Great Serpents, she whose venom deracinates the restrictions of causality! Hail unto the Great and Wrathful Dragoness! Hail unto the Chaos-Bearer! Descend unto me!

 Veniat ad me, Regina Chaosifer (x13) [Come to me, Chaos-Bearing Queen]
Taninsama Thelilith Nachasheloah, Liftoach Shaari ha-Sitra Ahra (x13)
(Above: Formula of Taninsam)
Ama Leviathan, Tzefa ha-Gadhol,  Taninsam, Lilith-Nachash (x13)
(Above: Other Formula of Taninsam)

Hail unto the Chaos-Bearing Dragoness! Hail unto Mother Lilith!

Tanin’iver Liftoach Nia! Veni, veni, Tanin’iver, Princeps Gamalielim!
[Tanin’iver, Open My Eye! Come, come, Tanin’iver, Prince of the Obscene Ones]

I call forth the Primeval and Viperous Lord over Pride and Avarice! I call forth Father Leviathan-Diabolus-Chaosifer-Satan, the Wrathful Overlord of Ur-Chaos and Hell!

Rex Chaosifer, veniat ad me (x7) [Chaos-Bearing King, come to me]
Dessurpur Kajp Giddup Leviathan (x7) (Formula of the Western Tower)
Jaden Tasa Hoet Naca Leviathan
(Above: Leviathan’s “Enn” or Summoning Phrase)

Hail unto the Viperous Triumvirate of the Acausal Plane and the Western Tower! Hail unto the Threefold Government of the Black Palace of Chaos!

Venire Tanin’iver et germinet anados! [Come Tanin’iver and bring forth evolution]
Ama Leviathan, Tzefa ha-Gadhol, Taninsam, Lilith-Nachash (Taninsam Chant)
Rex Chaosifer, veniat ad me! [Chaos-Bearing King, come to me]
Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam!
(Above: Formula of Qliphothic Dragon(s))

[I conjure three from the Highest Vessels in the West, Leviathan and Taninsam]
[I move Thee to descend and appear with Tanin’iver]
[The Unspeakable Dragon, with a roar, with poison, with darkness, with understanding]
[I stand among You in the Waters with the Poison of the Tower of the West]
[With the Poison of Tanin’iver in the depths of my jaws]
[I shall rise up in the likeness of a dragon]

Venire Tanin’iver et germinet anados (x7)
Veni, veni, Tanin’iver, Princeps Gamalielim (x7)
Tanin’iver Liftoach Nia!

Agios ischyros Taninsam! [Numinous and Mighty is Taninsam]
Agios ischyros Leviathan! [Numinous and Mighty is Leviathan]
Ave Pater Tanin’iver! [Hail Father Tanin’iver]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!



7 thoughts on “Draconian Rite of the Tower of Ur-Chaos

  1. Am I too naive?

    My goal, my intent, is essential for an invocation to bring me gnosis. So in order for me to mean the words recite, I need to understand the words. The Draconian Rite of the Tower of Ur-Chaos as presented is phonetically beautiful, even poetic.

    What do I lose by practicing with and meditating on the translation only?


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