Themonomicon PDF + Blog Update

The Themonomicon

At the dawn of 2017, the Temple of Them (abbreviated as +o+) released the first half of a book entitled the Themonomicon, promising to release the second half later in 2017. It introduces the theology (pantheism), praxis, and goals of the Temple of Them in a way that is accessible to persons who lack preliminary understanding of the +o+’s weltanschauung [worldview]. Judging by the portions of the text I’ve read, it appears that only a passing knowledge of the ONA’s weltanschauung is required to understand the text. It presents an iconoclastic vision of the Great Work with commendable erudition which is worthy of consideration not just for those affiliated with or influenced by the ONA, but for adherents to the Luciferian, Thelemic, Discordian, Typhonian, and Draconian traditions as well (probably not Demonolaters, but certainly some Satanists).

The greatest problem with the text is the format that it is in, which sometimes makes the text challenging to read. Left-clicking on the page you’re reading will allow you to rotate the page clockwise. This combined with the zoom function will remedy any problems of illegibility.

The Temple of THEM, founded in Australia by Ryan Anschauung, originated as a subgroup of the Order of the Nine Angles, but after variously exiting and re-entering the ONA, the +o+ has become an independent group. Anschauung’s literature exhibits a level of erudition which persuaded me to take the ONA and Hebdomadry seriously back in the day.

The +o+ permits the free distribution of this PDF file.


Blog Update

My readers have likely noticed a steady increase in the quality of my articles about demonology over time, prompted by my gradual accumulation of more experience and research materials. I have recently been revisiting old articles about demons and refurbishing them with the information now available to me, including source citations and pathworking artwork created by G.A. Rosenberg.

I have added two pages to my blog which are only accessible via the menu button. One links the reader to a directory of websites which are of use to the learning Satanist and black magickian (including various bloggers, Tumblr accounts, and youtube channels). The second is an about me page.

The last and most important update is that I had a long, recorded discussion on all things Satanic (including LaVey, the ONA, the MLO, Anti-Cosmic Satanism, Blood Offerings, etc) with a black magickian and Norse Pagan by the username of Wrath of Þorr (read: Thor). The sound quality is rather bad, but for those of you who’ve been wanting a podcast, here you go. We’ll be doing more chats like this and calling the series Wrath & VK.

-V.K. Jehannum


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