Latin Hymn to Paimon

The spirit variously known as Paimon, Paymon, and Paimonia is held to be the demonic king of the west. His two attendant spirits are Beball (called also Bebal and Labal) and Abalam (also called Abalim and Abali). I have written a hymn called Salve Trinitatis Infernalis which calls upon their auspices and raises demonic-infernal energy. A specified intent should be determined and articulated before use of the chant, which should be rhythmically whispered while facing the West. The primary purpose of this chant is to call Paymon, Abali, and Beball, and it can serve to ask them to empower the self.

Magickal chants from the Misanthropic Luciferian Order (Source: Liber Azerate), Asha’Shedim (Source: Book of Belial), and OFS Demonolatry (Source: Complete Book of Demonolatry) appear in the text as well and will be defined prior to the explanation of the hymn.

Liftoach Kliffot
Liftoach is a word of power meaning “Open” and Kliffot is a name for Hell. This serves to presence infernal energy and is useful for any rite.
Source: MLO

Et Revertetur ad tenebras
This means “And return everything to Darkness” in Latin. This chant is conducive to any demonic ritual.
Source: A’S

Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas
This is a magickal chant to presence infernal energy and is useful for any demonic ritual.
Source: the origin of this chant is unknown

Melus de Quo Magma
This phrase means “Reality emanates from the Demonic” in an unknown language.
Source: OFS

Porro Triumphator in Inferno Sunt
This phrase means “Hell shall be victorious” (or something to that effect) in Latin
Source: A’S

Ha-ilan Ha-izon (Outer Tree), Pandemonium (Kingdom of All Demons), and Reshut ha-Rabbim (Kingdom of Multiplicity) are all names for the demonic realm. All of those titles except Pandemonium pertain specifically to the Kliffot/Qliphoth, i.e. the (representation of the) demonic realm from Judao-Mysticism (or Kabbalah).

Salve Trinitatis Infernalis

Liftoach Kliffot,
Reshut ha-Rabbim,
Et revertetur ad tenebras.
Ave Abali et ave Beball.
Ave Paymon Rex Pandemonium.

Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas
Salve Trinitatis Infernalis,
Daemonum et ad occidentum.
Porro triumphator in inferno sunt,
Melus de Quo Magma,
Paymon Labal Abalam.

Salve Paymon Rex Occidentalium.
O, agios ischyros Beball,
et agios o Abalim.

Liftoach Kliffot,
Ha-Ilan Ha-Izon,
Et revertetur ad tenebras.


Open up Hell,
That Kingdom of Multiplicity,
And return this world to darkness.
Hail unto Abali and hail to Beball.
Hail unto Paymon, oh King of Pandemonium.

(Words of Power to Open the Pit)
Hail now unto the Infernal Trinity,
The Demons of the West.
Pandemonium shall arise victorious,
For reality emanates from the Demonic.
(Chanted names of the western triumvirate)

Open Up Hell,
that Outer Tree,
And return this plane to the Darkness.


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