Tunnel of Set: 17 (Satariel-Thagirion)
Tarot of Tunnel: the Lovers
Ordeal of Tunnel: Ominous Appearance and Banshees
Siddihi of Tunnel: Bilocation
Atavism of Tunnel: Hyena
Musical Key of Tunnel: D
Hebrew Letter of Tunnel: Zain
Demonic Order of Tunnel: Tzelilimiron
Force of Tunnel: Shugal-Choronzon as a Virulent Magickal Storm
Zodiac of Tunnel: Gemini
Planet of Tunnel: Mercury
Planet of Spirit: Neptune
Gematria: 292; 297; 776; 1554

“The sigil of Zamradiel is composed of a lunar crescent pierced by an arrow shot from a bow, both ends of which terminate in the letter G… the vehicle by which the crossing is achieved… the letter of the High Priestess…” Nightside of Eden by Kenneth Grant

Zamradiel dwells within the 17th Qliphothic pathway, which leads from Satariel (Saturn/Rofocale) to Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphagore) and is attributed to Gemini and therefore to Mercury. The name Zamradiel means “the Great Clanger.” His tunnel is haunted by the Bultungin– which are the votaries of the Spectral Hyena known as Bultu– and hybrid entities. The nature of the tunnel is often described as a juxtaposition and yet a reconciliation of opposites.

Zamradiel is associated with sorcery in general, but he specializes in communion with the Higher Self, shapeshifting the astral double into birds or wolves, vampyrism, bilocation, stilling something to see whats happening in the astral, natural witchcraft, nature spirits, astral sight, and basic psychometry.

Zamradiel specializes in seduction and flirtation, and he can teach the witch to put carnality in perspective and understand lust for what it is. Alternately, white lighters have described him as the triumph of coitus over wisdom.  He can delineate the psychological aspects of fornication and teach the celebrant how to use them in the sack. He can teach the witch about the equivalence of opposites.

Zamradiel rules over the use of sexual energy in witchcraft and the communing together or sorcerers in dreams. He can help the witch decide which direction to take, find the truth of a matter, create and/or use defensive weaponry, control war and its creation, understand and achieve the pursuit of conquest, determine where to strike, exert dominion or control, conquer the old, become victorious in any endeavor, attain mastery over creation, ameliorate or incite tuberculosis, take control via Qliphothic forces, verbally trick/deceive, and dissolve the ego.

Zamradiel appeared to Frater 414 as two young, naked men– one pitch black and one snow white– speaking hypnotically either in unison or alternation. He is also known to appear as a man composed of flaming embers.

292: Precious Ore, Gold, To gather, to fortify, ring-gold, pruning knife, snuffers (temple utensil), mouse, open region, open country, to pile up, to burn, to scorch, resting place, fourth

297: A depository, an armory, a name for the book of Deuteronomy, the name “Elohim Gibor” which is associated with Geburah, citadel, palace, fortress, enclosure, your seed, “Korsia” [throne] (a title for binah), princes, annointed ones, your help, neck, raven, evening

776: and you shall rule, and raiment, and nine, as lead, inn, to look at, perversity, iniquity, smooth, shiny

1554: (NONE FOUND)

Thelemic Qabalah Volume 3
Gematria and the Tanakah
Frater 414’s experiments with Liber 231
Frater 2100!’s experiments with Liber 231
The Shadow Tarot
Liber Azerate
Liber Obsidian Obscura


4 thoughts on “Zamradiel

  1. So, what is your definition of ego dissolution? In my view the ego is the individuality of the magician and is supposed to be strengthened along the path, otherwise what’s the point of amassing any power/abilities? I also hear from others that work the Qliphoth, is that this is one of the main things that separates the LHP from the RHP: The choice to become one’s own isolated consciousness(individual) separate from the source, yet able to tap into it’s power, instead of dissolving the ego.(astral immortality and or possibly physical) Now if you mean dissolving the false ego (the learned self by society, parents, etc.,) which happens a bit naturally along the way anyways, then it makes more sense to me to dissolve it more directly. Especially things from the past that hold me back. Your thoughts?

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    1. The ego is an illusory conception of personal identity which obscures the True Self from the perception of the magickian. Dissolving the ego reveals who you are as a person to yourself.

      The Right Hand Path and Left Hand Path are denominations of Hinduism. The idea that these two denominations of Hinduism represent a great dichotomy of religious worldviews which can be used to separate various Western traditions is entirely false. Furthermore, the idea that so-called “Right Hand Path” traditions of magick have the end goal of becoming one with the source is nothing short of complete and total fiction– ask any member of the Golden Dawn.

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  2. Thanks for your input. I believe Zamradiel has been either calling to me to work on this or perhaps I have been subconsciously drawn to him. I just wanted to get a better understanding of what I’d be getting myself into if I choose to work with him. I know that I have many blocks from my upbringing and this could surely help me disconnect from the false impressions of myself.

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  3. Do you know anything about connections between Naberius and Zamradiel? Because when I invoked Naberius , instead of it , there was a Zamradiel which I felt the same way.


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