Rite to Mesphito

(This ritual serves to presence Qliphothic energy around oneself, build a rapport with Mesphito, and increase one’s psychic, sorcerous, and divinatory powers. Face the North. Names in bold are to be vibrated and chants in italics are to be chanted. English translations of these chants and words of power appear within brackets)

Io Mephisto, Zodamran, Zodamran!
[Hail Mephisto (Word of Power to Open Hell)]

Liftoach Qliphoth B’Shem ha-Mephistophilus (x11)
[Open the Qliphoth in the name of Mephistophilus]

I call upon the Bearer of a Venomous Intoxication,
The Darksome God-King of Esotericism
And Recrudescence!

Baruch ha-Mephist Mephir ha-Gadhol! [Blessed is Mephist the Great Destroyer]
Veni, veni Mephistophile! [Come, come Mephistophile]

Answer, Great Mesphito,
Unto Prohibited Names!
Mephistophiel + Mephistophilus + Mesphito + Mephistopholes + Mephist

Great and Mighty Arch-Fiend, saturate my being with your nigrescent power so that I might become evolved. Focus my subtle senses so that I might perceive esoteric realities and commune with the innermost aspect of myself. Magnify my powers so that I might accomplish the Work I have set before me. Empower me for the artifice of divination and sorcery.

Io Mephisto, Zodamran, Zodamran,
Veni, veni Mephistophile,
Ramec viasa on ca Mesphito!

As I have spoken, so let it be done.
Salve Mephistophiles, Salve Mephistophiles, Salve Mephistophiles.
[Hail Mephistophiles, Hail Mephistophiles, Hail Mephistophiles]


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