A’ano’nin resides within the twenty-sixth Qliphothic pathway (which corresponds to the letter Ayin), namely the one between Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphegor) and Samael (Mercury/Adrammelech), and he’s called the lord of the gates of matter. The atavisms which he correlates to are the goat and the ass. He correpsonds to the 15th tarot card (the Devil) and the key of A. Meanwhile, his tunnel corresponds to the planet Saturn.

A’ano’nin, whose name means “the Great Fishy One,” holds dominion over satyrs—a race of satyrs markedly more demonic than those led by Pan, and Pan’s satyrs are rather demonic themselves.

A’ano’nin presides over the Witch’s Sabbat—probably a different Sabbat than the one you’ve been attending. A’ano’nin’s Sabbat, which occurs within Nahemoth, is more of a private affair. Guests get to Vampyrically feed upon restrained victims—spirits they’ve caught. While sex certainly does occur, it is not orgiastic.

A’ano’nin is a patron of dark magick and a master of the evil eye. His maledictions can bring about the bondage of the target—either by restricting the actions of a mortal or binding a spirit.


A’ano’nin assists in scrying and sex magick. He can be called upon for protection as well as banishing. He can also modify energies such that they can be digested by the witch, which has intriguing implications for mimetics.

A’ano’nin strengthens the psychic senses of the witch and helps attune her to her instints. While He can bring about glamour spells, He is very much a Spirit of revelation– in Frater 414’s account of the entity, A’ano’nin gave him important advice completely unprompted and out of context with the pre-existent conversation. A’ano’nin helps the witch see through facades and causal illusions.

This fiend manifested as male upon my evocation of him and he manifested as male to Frater 414 as well. Nonetheless, this same fiend manifested as female to Linda Falorio, who related A’ano’nin to Saturnalia and the Scarlet Woman. His female aspect can liberate one of entrapment, including entrapment by the personality traits of complaisance and submissiveness. I have sensed this female aspect throughout my (re)construction of this article, crying out for acknowledgement. I would describe this entity as eager to assist the witch.

I found a musical track made for workings with this tunnel: https://library.hrmtc.com/2013/10/17/aanonin/

I’ve been unable to find a singular picture of hir sigil, so follow this link. A’ano’nin’s sigil is in the table on the right, sixth from the top in the left collumn– the sigil with the letters B, K, R, and N around it. http://www.oto-hu.org/documents/publication/images/lib231-fig1.gif

-V.K. Jehannum



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