A Sacrament to Attain Luciferian Gnosis

The purpose of this ritual is to enter into a gnostic/trance state, where all material cognizance is left behind, and one may experience the wisdom of Satanas purely. This borrows magickal formulae from original and latter-day Niners, Thelemites, Anti-Cosmic Satanism, Demonolatry, and Theistic Satanism. A proper bibliography appears in the bottom.
I am releasing this ritual to prove to the celebrant that “paradigms” and “traditions” are nothing more than artifices of the human mind and of causal reasoning with no legitimate existence of their own. The power of this sacrament will prove this to you by the power it holds. Phrases in italics are to be chanted, and names in bold are to be vibrated, with each + marking the end of one full vibration/exhalation. Adorn the altar in sigils of the Devil. If you know the ZD sigil, make use of it.

Agios o Sathanus (x9) [Numinous is Sathanus]

Hail unto the Devil,
the Muse of our Civilization,
Deity of Awe and Derision.
The Horned Dragon from the Other Side,
Patron of Alchemy and Self-Hood,
Saturnian, Black-Solar,
Fiend of the Morning Star.
Hail, Artificer of the Black Flame,
Prince or First-Born of Darkness.

By these words and formulae, I enter into the gnostic state:
Chaosatanas + Noxulifer + Skanaght 

Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer.
Bagabi Laca Bachabe,
Lamac Cahi Achababe,
Karrelyos Lamac Lamec Bachalyas,
Cabahagy Sabalyos Baryolos,
Lagoz Atha Cabyolas,
Samahac Et Famyolas,

Oh, Great Fiend. Answer to the names-
Doh-See-Gah + Kan-Ee-Lah + Ah-Doh-Hee + Loo-Key-Fay + Atal Esh-Shachor + Theli Elyon + Sama-El-Acher + Nachash Hakadmoni

Melech ha-Melachim ha-Aur She-Ain Bo Machshavah! Gibor Helel Satan! Liftoach Qliphoth! Baruch ha-Sathanas! Ecce calicem veneno, Samael! Ar-O-Go-Go-Ru-Abrao! Ga-Hey Ee-Al-Puh-Reg-Gie Fah-Boh-Ahn Oh-Dah Von-Fah-Oh Go-Hey-Dah! Mirabilia opera tua, Domine Satanas, et anima mea cogniscit nemis!
[King of the Kings of the Infernal Light! Strong and Brilliant Satan! Open the Qliphoth! Blessed is Sathanas! Lo, Samael, the poisoned chalice! Thou spiritual Sun! Satan; Thou Eye; Thou Lust; Cry Aloud! Whirl the Wheel, O my Father, O Satan, O Sun! Thou art Burning Flames, Poison, and Wrath Eternal! Marvellous are thy works, Lord Satanas, and my soul knows it well!]

Ad Satanas qui laetificat Juventutem meam!
[To Satanas, who brings us youth and ecstasy]

Lucifer illuminateo mea!
[Lucifer, enlighten me]

Sathan venio!
[Come, Sathan]

Athah Gibor Leohlam Satan!
[You are powerful and eternal, Satan]

Veni, omnipotens aetnerae Diabolus!
[Come, omnipotent eternal Diabolus]

Aperiatur terra, et germinet Satanas!
[Open the earth, and bring forth Satanas]

Tasa reme laris Satan (x11)

Enlighten me, Devil.

The Book of Sitra Ahra

The literature of Anton Long (ONA)
Nargargole Shlod / Zeit23Geist
Nytek101 at The Fool Speaks
Grimorium Diabolus (latter-day O9A)
Liber Azerate
The Invocation of the Bornless One
The Book of Belial


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