I am Leaving the Order of the Nine Angles

I would challenge a person who keeps tabs on the Satanic community to name a black magickal order besides the ONA which regularly expresses scorn for its own adherents. I unable to, and I’m told I know my shit.

The most prominent example of the way that the ONA eats itself is the hoax created by Kerry Smith, an “OG” Niner (i.e. founding member) who falsely claimed that the ONA’s founder was dead. A few ONA writers, myself included, disputed the claim, but the majority of the ONA accepted the report as accurate. After David Myatt himself resurfaced to refute the claim, Kerry Smith conceded her position. She then explained that hoax was conducted with the intent to publicly prove that the majority of the Order of the Nine Angles would believe anything they were told by an established ONA writer.

But Smith is not the only one member of the ONA who holds contempt for the ONA as a near whole. Chloe has largely become known for going on similar tirades, variously portraying their Order as stupid, juvenile, pretentious, and pusillanimous with only a few exceptions. Niners such as Kris McDermott (aka Ryan Anschauung) and D.M. Hutchins (aka the Interrogist) have been publicly shamed by more respected ONA members as well.

But the ONA’s mistreatment of its own adherents extends beyond the verbal. E.A. Koetting joined the Order of the Nine Angles at one point prior to his public career. The nexion he joined plotted and attempted his assassination, as is recommended in some rarely perused ONA manuscripts about running a coven or temple.

Update: The overwhelming majority of my critics within the ONA honestly believe that my quarrel with the Order is how “evil” it is, or that I am lamenting its “extremism.” In truth, my objection to their “Sinister Dialectic” is that the majority of its partisans are unfit for the pursuit of an Aeonic agenda. My concern was and always has been that a group which exhibits this level of internal instability is not fit to herald a cultural and political overhaul. Moreover, a group whose majority is apparently unacquainted with the ideology they purport to represent simply has no business conducting nationwide ecumenical efforts. I am earnestly demoralized by the apparent reality that the majority of the ONA is too stupid to read the back of a cereal box.

The Order of the Nine Angles bragged about the assassination or “culling” of many of its own members in its Fenrir magazine (edition #1 of 2013/124), referring to the act(s) as their very own “night of the long knives,” their very own “Great Terror.” While I am only citing publicly recorded instantiations of the ONA’s internecine misbehavior, I can assure you that more examples have been brought to my attention, and I’m not going to tell you a damn thing about them.

Regardless of the ONA’s bitter contempt for the ONA, the ONA also considers the ONA to be the optimal mechanism for the advancement of humankind, and to be so glorious in its power that the ONA should assume domination of the entire West.

Recent reimaginations of the ONA’s fascistic agenda have tended more and more strongly towards overtly distopian fantasy, even forgoing prior honor-based prohibitions against the harm of children in their vision. These modern ONA affiliates have publicly endorsed the systematic butchery and molestation of children, and the mainstream ONA has not disavowed them for doing so.

The orthodox ONA’s reactions to these proposed atrocities range from gleeful agreement to either nervous acceptance or silent and apathetic dissent. These reactions stand in stark contrast to the public crucifixions of McDermott, Hutchins, and Anti-Cosmic Niners. In these reactions, the orthodox ONA has demonstrated a willingness to readily abandon their formerly held values, thereby proving that their governing principles are, in truth, an incoherent system of misanthropic norms, rather than the coherent philosophy which these aforementioned values are presented as being.

The Order of the Nine Angles has a breed of keyboard warriors comparable in bitterness to the Men’s Rights Movement: coming out of the wood work to relentlessly antagonize, lambaste, and harass dissenters completely unprompted, which behavior has cost me valued friends as well as perceived credibility. I have taken to ostracizing former allies within the ONA after they have refused to stop cyberbullying my friends and associates for not conforming to ONA doctrine.

Michael W. Ford, E.A. Koetting, Hagur, Richard Moult, D.M. Hutchins, Ryan Anschauung, and David Myatt have all renounced their prior involution in the Order of the Nine Angles.

Despite only having been involved in the ONA for 18 months, I was one of the only Niners to publicly answer a “shit test” question based on independent research, and I am fairly sure that I was the first Niner to publicly dispute the falsification of David Myatt’s death, thereby becoming one of the few members to pass Kerry Smith’s asinine little “test.” I am on my way out as well.

V.K. “Felicia” Jehannum, 127 Year of the Fuck It

Addendum Addressing DL9

This article has been publicly responded to by Darklogos in two essays. The first was written and published on Christmas Eve and appeared on the Regarding David Myatt wordpress, whereupon it was promptly reposted by the individual(s) operating the Yorkshire Rounwytha wordpress. The second article was written and posted on Christmas day both on the Regarding David Myatt wordpress and o9a.org itself, and thereafter personally sent to me by some insolent nether ape a Niner who has had a grudge against me for some time now.

In the first article, DL9 posits the following irrelevant drivel: “[V.K. has] failed to understand just what the ONA is, and thus why there is, esoterically, no “joining” and no “leaving” some “entity” designated by the term “Order of Nine Angles”.”

Since I was obviously speaking about the ONA in the exoteric sense of it being a loosely affiliated group of individuals with some vaguely common goals, this point is nothing but a pretentious red herring which serves to create the illusion that DL9 has managed to correct me about something when he has clearly not.

The article concludes as follows: “[V.K.’s disavowal] has made no difference, and it cannot make any difference, to the esoteric philosophy and the praxises that presence (which are) the Order of Nine Angles. That they – and others – do not seem to understand this is most amusing, and of course indicative.”

The esoteric methodologies of the ONA were not at all the subject of my article, so this is yet another pointless smokescreen. It is a refutation of a claim I never made or hinted at and only serves to “trick” the reader into thinking that the author has refuted my criticisms.

The second article devotes the majority of its word count to insipid posturing, declaring that the ONA’s tendency to devour itself via in-fighting is laudable because it is “evil.” As I have written before, good and evil are value judgements with no objective veracity, and so anyone who defines their philosophies by them is a twat.

Moreover, I was not objecting to the ONA’s in-fighting on the basis that it’s “naughty.” I adduced it to instantiate the self-destructive nature of the ONA and the personal toxicity which characterizes its majority of members.

The saddest part of the second article is that it regurgitates the ancient fib that the ONA is dedicated to Satanism, claiming “the ONA has for decades described itself as a Satanist organization” as well as “The ONA is and was simply being Satanic in a practical way.”

The ONA has already publicly revealed on multiple occasions that Satanism was nothing more than a causal form which the ONA manipulated in order to further its own aims, namely “the Sinister Dialectic of History.” Neither modern Theistic Satanists nor latter-day Niners are going to fall for DL9’s little fib, and DL9 has only discredited himself by attempting said fib. I will conclude this rebuttal with a couple excerpts from an article I published while still involved with the ONA (exoterically, douchebag!).

ONA literature describes Exeatic Satanism as being a “necessary and noviciate pathei mathos”, where pathei-mathos means “process of self-development through conflict,” and also goes as far as to say that Exeatic Satanism as a “rite of passage” and “a presencing of dark forces/acausal energies – a form/mythos – only relevant to the current Aeon.” So, Exeatic Satanism is basically intended to be a phase for the witch to go through and then leave. Since Exeatic Satanism was designed specifically to be a phase, it cannot be regarded as a legitimate or coherent religion in and of itself by a serious thinker […]

[…] When Myatt/Long writes about Satanism, he claims that true Satanism revolves around baleful action and “Sinister Honor”, that all other religions are Magian/mundane, and that Satanists should be willing to lose their lives in the advancement of Myatt’s political goals. When Myatt writes essays under Arabic pseudonyms to encourage Jihad, he claims that Islam revolves around killing kufar [infidels], that all other philosophies are Tawaghit [idols], and that this life is merely a test, so the Muslim should be happy to die. Back when Myatt wrote neo-nazi literature, he wrote about the importance of “fag-bashing,” wrote that Hitler’s teachings made all religions irrelevant, and that the nazi should consider his or her “Aryan honor” more important than life. What I’m saying is, take Myatt’s teachings with a grain of salt.


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  1. Once a philosophy loses its focus of its core values, it is doomed. I am an outsider looking in, I have always had the opinion that the ONA was built on shifting sands, that some of its associates including Chloe made it look foolish to outsiders.

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      1. I will hold David Myatt to his honor code:

        Make it his first action of 2017 to make sure nothing gets published by ONA that advocates harm to children. In addition, make sure the prohibitions on harming children is actively and widely published so that all who come to the table of the ONA are clear children are off limits … it would be in his personal interests to make this so.

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        1. Whilst not grapsing what exactly you’re trying to say here, let us prevent being sucked into an online comment drawl and say- the ONA is not for everyone. Whilst you may have grown bitter with the actions of the few ONA adherents you met online, there was perhaps a reason (as stated earlier) for those actions, as reflected by DarkLogos in his/her comments over this issue on his/her blog recently.

          That you took from the ONA ideas and teachings that benefit your own workings is laudable; that you failed to grasp the essential physis within the Septenary system is lamentable.

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    1. In what regards? One of the ONA’s earliest publications involved a short story entitled ‘The Girl Goddess’.

      And how is that code of honour any different today? Which ONA adherents are physically harming children at present?

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      1. When the ONA publishes content to mundanes or outsiders there comes an inherent risk that some people might act upon them. It is incredibly stupid to put the safety of children at risk with ONA narratives and mindgames. The situation is that if something the ONA publishes results in the rape or murder of a child, David Myatt will answer for it.

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          1. It is taken that if ONA had deemed their publications as not for outsiders they would have kept it inside their sites rather than made it available to the outside world. Please stop being so naive, the ONA know that what they publish will influence mundanes and outsiders. Be responsible. If it is ONA intention to indulge in twisted narratives of harming children at least keep it out of reach of less inhibited and mentally ill mundanes who might act upon it.

            Anyway, there is an honor code the ONA published, this matter of talking about harming children should not even have had to happen.


        1. What are you on about? The ONA has always said that paedophilia is dishonorable, against their code of kindred honor. It has even suggested that paedophiles (along with rapists) can and should be culled. Also why are you bringing Myatt into this, especially as their is no actual evidence to link Myatt with the ONA. All there is are allegations, propaganda, assumptions. So, are you trying to besmirch Myatt’s reputation? If so, why? Or do you have actual evidence – admissable in a court of law – linking Myatt with the ONA? If so, do please publish it.


          1. Re: paedophilia, there are two modern ONA groups who openly espouse systematic child rape. Zero latter-day Niners have openly called them out or criticized them for it– zero latter-day Niners have even attempted to publicly crucify them the way that Hutchins, McDermott, and even Fleming once were. There are now even two public essays lambasting me by DL9 which you can find, but nothing to this effect has happened to the pedophilic groups. I do not know any Niners who hold these groups in contempt for their endorsement of child rape. So, like I said, the worst reaction the pedos get is silent dissent.


            1. If that is so, then name them and shame them here. Provide details so O9A folk can deal with them, and while you’re at it give the details to law enforcement officials.

              If you can’t or won’t provide any details why should we believe you?


            2. “Shame them [yourself] here.” It really should not be my responsibility to shame them myself, even though I have done so in the past in various forums. After all, if tried-and-true Niners have the time to publicly crucify myself, Fleming once (re: Jall), McDermott/Anschauung, and Hutchins, it really is surprising that no one has ever called out Misanthropic Nexion or the Tempel ov Blood for openly endorsing child abuse, especially since I am so irrelevant in mainstream ONA discourse. MN’s evidence is on their WordPress, whereas one example of ToB’s similar endorsement is False Prophet Volume 1, Edition 5, in the series of short stories entitled Porcelain Face Programming, which is an allegorical set of instructions of how to force a child to orgasm and thereby bring about an unspecified magickal effect, apparently using said (female) child’s Kundalini. Furthermore, Yorkshire Rounwytha is apparently hinting that another such endorsement is to be found in this short story called “the Girl Goddess.” Even if this story does not do what YR claims it does, YR is still hinting that (s)he endorses it.


            3. Do you think children are innocent?

              I’ve seen nothing outrageous in Misanthropic Nexion’s rants, to be honest. As for the ToB, their fiction is kinda lame but it’s still only fiction. The point is not to encourage someone to rape a kid but show that children are sexual beings, contrary to popular belief.


          2. The ONA knows what they have to do to uphold its honor, because those at the heart of the collective have grown weak, stupid and complacent. Make sure the ONA remembers and promotes its honor code on children, removing anything that suggests that ONA harms or promotes harm to children.

            David Myatt will be the one who answers for any harm done to a child by anyone associated with the ONA in any way.


            1. And why should the writer be responsible for what’s going on in the reader’s mind? “The death of the author” has been announced a long time ago. Myatt is just a writer. The same goes for other ONA writers. The reader will make of them what he wants.

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  2. I think you are making the right choice. From what I have come to know about the Order of Nine Angles, it operates with a certain motif. I cannot tell you how many times, I have watched the same ostracization occur. It is almost like it takes a person of a specific character, to really recognize what ONA’s Honour is. 🙂 If it bothers you, that is; if kiddie porn, mutilation, japes, assassination, culling, mindfucking, public crucifictions, and sometimes just plain childishness offers any semblance of uneasiness; it isn’t for you.

    You can count on that kind of stuff always being present. National Socialism, Islam, Satanism, and the list above, are just a thin shell surface to a myriad of devices that the o9a will put to use. I have been acquainted with a few of the folks you’ve listed above. It is interesting that despite each of them having been ostracized at one point or another, they are still affiliated. As I have seen these ‘tests’ play out, I find myself reminded of how different animals in nature compete for dominance. A moment later, I think about the Sevenfold Way. I wonder, why am I always intrigued by the latest device. I think about how all of the above can be related and then I see it. There is a resonance with my own character. I push myself, I push others. I strive for dominance. I thrive in conflict. I have my own path, my own honour.

    I’m not sure I’m making a lot of sense here, but that is what I see as a chief trait of the Order of Nine Angles. Of course that is from my perspective as an outsider. I’m fairly certain that is the only perspective you can have. As an outsider. Which is another interesting aspect of the ONA. Who’s Long? Who are the OG? Who’s Chloe? How about Kris? Who are you for that matter? Does it even matter who anyone is? Personally I have an affection for Chloe and Kris, I’ve had a lot of conversations with both. We are total strangers in a way, despite that. I imagine it is like that for everyone interested. So I have to conclude, we are all outsiders looking in.

    I am somewhat convinced that in itself holds an esoteric significance in itself. I imagine a dark filthy alley just outside of a biker bar in Nevada. The muffled sound of grunts and moans mix with drunken cursing and shouting. Set to the tempo of rhythmic flurries of thuds and cracks. Under the flickering dim yellowed street light, a group of hooded figures surrounding and one on the ground between them. With every wave of brutality being followed by the continued attempt to regain grounding. Survive that’s the only rule. No matter how many times having been beaten, spit upon, pissed on, or fucked; endure and thrive. When it passes, and it will pass; embrace it, because one of them is next.

    Anyway, I don’t think you get to leave o9a. Everyone I know who has “left” never seems to go far from it. Of course, there are those that were never really “in it” to begin with. They seem to be handled in an entirely different fashion. It’s still cruel and brutal, it’s just often more sinister in its form. These are also what I see as chief traits of the Order of Nine Angles.

    I have kinda wandered from what I meant to say. The short version of it is this, you clearly know your own character. You know the character of the ONA. If you cannot rectify the two, then this is a good choice. Understand that there has been no watering down or abandoning of a code of honour. Not in the last decade that I have seen. This character is distinctly o9a.

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    1. “I imagine a dark filthy alley just outside of a biker bar in Nevada. The muffled sound of grunts and moans mix with drunken cursing and shouting. Set to the tempo of rhythmic flurries of thuds and cracks. Under the flickering dim yellowed street light, a group of hooded figures surrounding and one on the ground between them. With every wave of brutality being followed by the continued attempt to regain grounding. Survive that’s the only rule. No matter how many times having been beaten, spit upon, pissed on, or fucked; endure and thrive. When it passes, and it will pass; embrace it…”

      I think Jackie Chan would handle it much better.

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        1. I don’t think you understood me so I will try to make myself more clear. Since when has endurance become a Satanic trait?

          You guys talk about public crucifixions, Biker club initiations and what not. I will use bed bugs analogy. Once they appear in your home, you have three options. You can try to endure it as suggested above because we all know that life is brutal. You can say fuck it and move out leaving your apartment to bed bugs. Or you can get down to work and drive them away from your home.

          So coming back to creepy ONA tests… if you spot a bed bug, a roach or other vermin in your home, your proving time has come. It’s Nature’s culling device. Who will remain? Either you or them.

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          1. Endurance and personal strength are important in Occidental esotericism, and thus are integral to the philosophy of the Satanist, as black magickal alchemy is far more dangerous and powerful than its dextral counterparts. Nonetheless, Satanists do not claim to “own” the trait at all.
            As for your apparent proposition that I should take it upon myself to purge the ONA of the Niners which I hold in contempt, this is not a house, it’s a hotel, and I am not its owner. I’ll be voting with my feet. I do not need the ONA and neither does the West.

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    2. But your observations are largely quite insightful. My magickal systesm incorporates countless traditions as it always has, and will continue its usage of O9A techniques, which the more drama-centric Niners will doubtlessly brag about in perpetuity. I’ll probably even write about it every once in a while.
      In regards to Kris, I messaged him yesterday to ask whether or not he was still involved with the O9A, and he told me he was not.

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      1. My point wasn’t that Kris was still involved, but rather still associated with it. Whether by his own design, or merely as a consquence of his previous involvement. Perhaps I should be more careful in my wording.

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      2. Speaking personally and not as an expert on matters ONA and esoteric, I kind of like your synthesis of ONA stuff and “mainstream” – kabbala, Golden Dawn – type stuff. It points to just how influential ONA stuff has now become despite attempts by modern satanists to discredit and scorn it. How new esoteric approaches – paths – seem to be evolving. Which new paths – such evolving – were mentioned by “Anton Long” decades ago.

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          1. “Are you talking to me?” If so you’re making assumptions about intent, motives, which reactive assumptions about a person – together with the inevitable argumentum ad hominem – seems typical of so many modern satanists. Obviously, you can’t take a compliment.

            As for your comment that “predicting that readers will eventually mix his teachings with other teachings is the least impressive prediction any Occultist has ever made”, you have so very obviously missed the point of what Anton Long wrote decades ago. Which was that one fundamental aim of ONA praxis was to provide the inspiration, the experience, the learning, to enable individuals to develop their own weltanschauung, their own esoteric path.


        1. More over, predicting that readers will eventually mix his teachings with other teachings is the least impressive prediction any Occultist has ever made. The inevitability of such an occurrence is so obvious that there is no reason to even make such a prediction.


  3. Correct. I am not. Though – such definitives are a particular and clumsy use of English, a language all their own mired in the yes/no of monotheism. A foot-note on forms is the concept of ‘fences/boundaries’. For some, forms cannot live in cohabitation with other forms – in this regard the form(s) have more power of control than the Sorcerer: they dominate what is real and sustained and call the shots, pushing the Sorcerer to and fro trying to protect the fences. For some, Forms are seen (or rather, not seen) as or come to act as, discrete components, ‘unique’ cogs of a spiritual machine one is building as a manifestation of life’s work/journey/unfolding Wyrd. Then maybe a stage is reached where the difference between forms dissolve, the dynamism that powers them loses its interest, its numen undergoes a disintegration and the absurdity of them all arises: resulting in a relaxation of the soul/the core/the beknighting of the ego and simply falling backwards, trusting in the flow of the waters of Force.

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  4. The essential basis behind the ‘cyber-bullying’ and ‘scorn’ mentioned boils down to a simple fact: too many are claiming they are following this dynamic and fruitful path, and demanding respect from peers, when they are in reality not following it at all.

    With all due repect, you say you are still utilising the 7FW, yet you have never utilised it once. All you’ve done is study the names of Dark Gods from a cerebral perspective, and made infrences based on that perspective. You were well aware (as were the others you cite as supposed victims- DM, RA, EAK et al) that the 7FW should be followed as traditions states- you initiate and then begin the arduous journey through the 21 Dark Pathways (with this taking some considerable time and effort on the part of the initiate- yet clearly it works, as those who have undertook it, such as your previous associates speak highly and even fanatically of the Way).

    Every criticism, every person derided and singled out; they all have in common the simple fact that they are saying they are followiong the 7fw and are not (or they are attempting to mutate and rehsape the ONA in their own image before even mastering it to some degree. That is the uniting principle here and that is why you, your online associates, and the online bloggers aforementioned were ridiculed by the ONA.

    This is the same case with others who begrudginly whine about the ONA- they are presumbaly pissed it represents real evil and real power which they are unable or unwilling to undergo because it essentially involves hard work and results in a dissolving of the ego- something disastrous and unwelcome to the urban latter-day satanist (cue pseudo-intellectual refutations, using a slew of self-engineered terminology!)

    It really is that simple.

    However, the bitterness which seeps into your writings here is confusing to an outsider- from what we understood, your leaving of a particular ONA nexion was an amicable one and done so only to avoid an unwanted eclecticism within that nexion.

    If you want a genuine understanding of what the ONA is (though it’s a little late for that, and this goes for all the other critics), remove yourself from the internet, stop posting online, and do what is written in Naos, Hostia and the BBOS. And one day, you will perhaps acheive genuine Wisdom, free from all causal abstractive systems.

    That is the simplicity of the system.

    That is all one has to do. No amount of essays or clever words can hide the fact that you either follow the Way or you do not, and if you do not, what business have you in saying how it should be followed by those so following it?

    “Forge not works of art, but swords of steel.”

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    1. “With all due repect, you say you are still utilising the 7FW, yet you have never utilised it once. All you’ve done is study the names of Dark Gods from a cerebral perspective, and made infrences based on that perspective.”
      This flatly inaccurate. And even when I do conduct a “cerebral” study into one of the Dark Gods, my analysis goes very far beyond the name and integrates or at least discusses personal experience with the divinity.

      “However, the bitterness which seeps into your writings here is confusing to an outsider- from what we understood, your leaving of a particular ONA nexion was an amicable one and done so only to avoid an unwanted eclecticism within that nexion.”
      Correct. Why did you take this so personally?
      Also, stop saying “we” as if there were twelve people helping you choose what to type. There’s just no reason to do that.


      1. “This flatly inaccurate.”

        It is not because you have never demonstrated the utilisation of the ritual methods as per Naos when invoking the Dark Gods. If you had, you would not write such asinine things as Azanigin possessing a ‘calming atmosphere’ or words along those lines. You would also know “invocations” are utterly redundant when dealing with these unique entities- yet you have written many.

        And there is nothing wrong with a study of the Dark Gods of course, but such study should not take the place of direct apprehension.

        “Why did you take this so personally?”
        Perhaps you are confused- Yorkshire Rounwytha is and has been moderated and administrated by at least 3 people for some time now, the circle of people having been involved with it since circa 2013. It is not a mouthpiece for DC despite it occasionally sharing some of it’s work due to proximity of it’s writers to A. Morain and Morain being a contributor to it.

        Beyond this lazy Ad Hominem, our first point stands and hope this outlines why some may have exhibited ‘cyber bullying’ to your associates, among other reasons.

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  5. I will place on record that an article is on standby for publication on my own blog on this matter, and that because of my involvement in the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse campaign the UK police are monitoring my blog for legal reasons. In the matter of children this is not a game, nor should there be any encouragement of mentally ill people to act against children. I am all too aware how a fiction can cause an individual to act upon it, which is why I have fought so hard against Satan Hunters, of which in recent months have seen several arrested and others sectioned. I do not want to see any child harmed, be responsible. I am very alarmed that ONA have been putting children at risk with their narratives.

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  6. May I also put on record that the key instigator of the Hampstead Satanic Ritual abuse hoax known as Abraham Christie had mentioned Order of Nine Angles but fortunately did not include your name in the unnamed satanic cult in Hampstead. Had that man done so the media and the Satan Hunters would have been all over you. David Myatt is rather lucky that events missed him, he would have come in for a lot of shit.


            1. Not really, I have been aware of ONA writings for some years, I have read and seen narratives and images with my own eyes that suggests there are individuals in the ONA who have an unhealthy sexual disposition towards or harming children. I am also aware that in the past people in the ONA have complained about some others in ONA ranks encouraging or trading in child porn or other activities harming children. Take this as an opportunity for the ONA to clean house as 2017 dawns.


            2. The idea of the ONA ‘cleaning house’ suggests once again you have that aforementioned outsider perspective on matters.

              The ONA is a Satanic organisation and system. It espouses Satanism as an amoral- ‘evil’- philosophy.

              The dictionary definition of evil is to be ‘profoundly immoral and wicked.’

              That self styled satanists and mundanes alike are shocked at this profoundly immoral and wicked organisation is to be expected.

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            3. I draw attention back to the ONA honor code on children:

              ONA is not a Satanic organisation, Satanism is a mere form of the ONA, and it is a collective rather than a group or organisation. However, there are authorities at the heart of the ONA of which David Myatt is one, who have the influence and responsibility to make sure all who come to the table of the ONA are aware and follow the code on ONA and children.

              The wellbeing of children is not a matter of debate or intellectual masturbation.

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            4. Perhaps you can take this matter up with Myatt himselg in that case- along with the other plethora of moral crusaders blogging endlessly about him and his kind.

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            5. I am confident what I have written here and what I have ready for publication in my own blog will reach the ears and eyes of those that matter. As to if those such as David Myatt will act upon these things, that is their choice. A red line has been drawn in the sand, if a child is harmed because of what has been published by the ONA, then there will be consequencies for Mr Myatt.


            6. “I am confident what I have written here and what I have ready for publication in my own blog will reach the ears and eyes of those that matter. ”

              You have been saying this for several years now. There will be no consequences- it is telling how the same individuals who spent so long claiming the ONA ‘doesn’t exist’ now tout the line you espouse here- that the ONA has to be responsible-

              and you yourself were blogging endlessly about the ONA ‘disbanding’. Thus acording to your authority, there is no ONA and therefore nobody to be held accountable!

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            7. In the matter of children, David Myatt is held accountable, and he will find there will be consequencies should be fail in his responsibility to uphold the honor code on children he assisted in creating.


            8. Just as an aside note, Hiraeth – The Poetry of Ryan Fleming. Quite interesting when I am aware of someone that shares the same name who sexually assaulted a vulnerable teenager and has a criminal record as a sex offender. In addition the same individual seems to be a fan of child murderers. It may be a mere coincidence, but wow.



            9. Fleming’s assault of the minor who was harassing, stalking, or assaulting his girlfriend (according to various sources) is very much a non-event, believe me. The “sexual” aspect of it was just Fleming pretending that he was going to castrate the victim. Fleming’s one-time quotation of Ian Brady is inconsequential as well, and later became something of a running joke amongst his associates. This article by hopenothate is nothing but manipulative sensationalism.
              But yes, the individual you have been conversing with is Fleming/Morain, as I have been hinting at throughout my argument with him. Good work.

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            10. Curious how people see Fleming everywhere, and if you were aware of YR’s history, you’d have known who the actual author was. However, we have not spoken beyond this wordpress before, that can be said with certainty.

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            11. You told me that I had never practiced the Sevenfold Way, so if you and I have really never spoken before, then I must say, you jump to extreme conclusions with preposterous alacrity.

              Well, since you now claim to have never spoken to me, anyone reading your critiques of me will feel comfortable dismissing them out of hand.


            12. As earlier stated, we have seen your wordpress site and your posts on social media.

              I’d stop dwelling on this for personal health sake, it’s unhealthy to be this opposed to any form of criticism.

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            13. There you go again with that “we”, writing like you’re Venom.

              And what percentage of the rituals I perform do you think are posted about on social media? What percentage of the entities I have communed with do you think appear on this blog? What percentage of my interactions with the entities that I have written about are recorded on WordPress or social media? You’re taking quite a leap when you make the assumptions you’ve made: for one easy example, I have never invoked Azanigin.

              And when you see a negative reaction to your series of insulting assumptions, all posted as if they were facts, you assume that this must mean that I’m “opposed to any form of criticism.” That’s simply not an effective method of reasoning.


            14. It is abundantly clear from the lack of internal pathei mathos on your part that you have never been touched by the Dark Gods.

              Why does it matter so much to you to prove to us otherwise?

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            15. No, they clearly do not. All that this exercise in futility has exemplified in this consistent inaccuracy of your baseless assumptions, and yet you use every refutation of one of your assumptions as a basis for further assumptions.


      1. Congrats,You are better off on you own, EA and Michael ford have little respect outside of maybe a few left hand path circles BUT at least they were smart enough to leave, it sounds like Satanic Scientoligy to treat its own Members like that, I was a Satanist for several Years when i first stumbled on Occultism and I found it best to go about things soloh, I went back to My Roman Catholic roots, now

        Gnostic, still go at it alone…Humans in General are not pack Animals anymore we do much better on our own..I am happy I found your blog, I plan to read it often…
        Anthony Arcanum
        btw I am a Mod over at
        feel free to pop on, lots of really cool Satanists over there.

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    1. Given that “satanicviews” wrote that “David Myatt is held accountable…there will be consequencies for Mr Myatt” we are surrely entitled to ask three pertinent questions: (i) is that a veiled threat you are making about, and against, Myatt?; (ii) what exactly are you holding Myatt accountable for?; (iii) what is your actual evidence that Myatt is in any way connected to what going on about?

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      1. Not sure what satanicviews is alluding to, they seem confused. No attempt has ever been made to hide the connection between the blogs so mentioned. I’d be interested in seeing what exactly he means by deleting a title pseudonym.

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  7. Just where is your evidence that Myatt ever supported “fag-bashing”? If you read Myatt’s autobiography Myngath and his post-2010 writings (such as http://www.davidmyatt.info/dwm-questions-may2014.html) you will see how Myatt always – since 1967 – had gay friends both male and female. May I suggest also that you read his novel Breaking The Silence Down which is about a gay relationship.

    Are you therefore just spreading malicious rumors about Myatt? If so, why?

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    1. Also: I am aware that Myatt is not legitimately homophobic. Ergo his reference to “queers” as “decadent creatures” in his Aryan literature is further substantiation for a pattern of espousing deliberate falsehoods in an attempt to radicalize fringe movements.


      1. First off, there is no actual evidence that Myatt wrote that “Guide” – the combined resources of Special Branch, MI5, the FBI, and the RCMP couldn’t find such evidence even after a three year investigation codenamed Operation Periphery following Myatt’s arrest in 1998 by officers from SO12. If they had found evidence Myatt would have been tried in a court of law, found guilty, and given a long prison sentence for “incitement to murder”.

        Secondly, you’re right that Myatt produced propaganda to incite and motivate others. Myatt himself admits in his “Ethos of Extremism” essay he produced impersonal, calculated, hateful propaganda “in order to achieve certain political goals.” Little wonder then that Myatt has been described by an academic as “an extremely violent, intelligent, dark, and complex individual.”

        Thirdly, and I’m making an assumption here, you in common with so many others seem to use the names David Myatt and Anton Long interchangeably even though there’s no evidence that Myatt is Long and some suggestions that he may not be Long from academics like George Sieg, Jeffrey Kaplan, and Connell Monette.

        Fourthly, nobody involved with satanism or the occult apparently has anything rational to say about how Myatt’s “philosophy of pathei mathos” is so anti-satanic that Myatt can’t now be a satanist, if he ever was. His only admission is that in the 1970s he used the occult to recruit people to aid his neo-nazi aims, and I remember reading a post this year by Michael Aquino in which he quoted a letter Myatt wrote to him the 1990s to that effect. It’s quoted in full here – https://regardingdavidmyatt.wordpress.com/2016/10/11/michael-aquino-and-david-myatt/

        Lastly, in another comment you said people should take “Myatt’s teachings with a pinch of salt.” I assume you were referring to Anton Long’s writings since Myatt’s writings on his “philosophy of pathei mathos” are stuffed full of statements about his fallibility and that he’s not teaching anything to anybody only documenting his personal opinions and his conclusions from his strange, extreme, life.

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  8. You wrote, in a comment I currently don’t seem to be able directly to reply to: “It really should not be my responsibility to shame them myself…”

    You here claimed some ONA nexions condone pedophilia. I asked for proof of your claim, like as in naming them here. You named one which as Anna C rightly said in her reply is not saying anything outrageous like as in condoning or promoting pedophilia.

    I haven’t found one ONA nexion that does condone and promote such things but if you do know some who do then you should name them. Otherwise you really should withdraw your claim that the ONA itself or some ONA groups do condone and promote such things. That’s only fair isn’t it?

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    1. WordPress only allows for so many subtabs.

      Ugh. Google Misnathropic Nexion’s post entitled “Kiddie Torture” judge for yourself. MN has always championed child abuse on the premise that it represents a “truly heretical stance,” has championed forced marriage of females before puberty in accordance with orthodox Hindu scripture, and once called Niners out (and me specifically) for being anti-child rape despite the ONA’s support for Islam.

      After reading that, purchase or otherwise come by the edition of False Prophet that I mentioned.

      With all due respect, Anna Czereda is talking out of her ass.

      And of course, even if YOU personally call them out after becoming cognizant of what they actually teach and espouse, my point is no less valid, because no significant figures in the ONA have called them out, in contrast to public disparagements of myself, Fleming, Hutchins, and McDermott.


      1. I’m not and I don’t claim to be an expert on the ONA but it’s my opinion that documents such as “Children and The Order of Nine Angles” detail the ONA view on children. Which document states that “we (the ONA) accord children – until they reach the age of choice, of maturity – a certain respect, which in practical terms means they are exempt from being considered fair game, a resource. This naturally excludes us from involvement with certain activities involving children and also means that individuals of certain proclivities, involving children, are regarded by us as dishonourable individuals who most certainly are not of our kind.”

        It therefore seems to me that if an avowed ONA nexion is advocating and condoning pedophilia then they’re going against ONA policy. Are they then not ONA? Or are they simply a group inspired by the ONA but not claiming to be ONA? I don’t know.

        But from what I’ve read of the T.ov.B they’re making the point that the line our Western societies make about children being deemed to “innocent” and “unsexual” until they reach some pre-determined age should be open to rational discussion. For other cultures – and historically even our western one – take or took a different view, with marriages to “children” under a certain age being common. So are the T.ov.B simply questioning a western taboo? Or are they advocating and condoning pedophilia? I don’t know.

        I remember reading somewhere – possibly something written by Myatt – that the ancient Greeks had no word for either “incest” or for what we now term pedophilia. After all, older men sleeping with young boys was apparently common in ancient Rome; think Hadrian and Antonious. Do we therefore by coining some term and declaring such a thing “bad” make arbitrary moral rules? Is that what the T.ov.B is trying to point out? If so – and I don’t say they are – then is that being exeatic according to ONA tradition? Which may be why no “significant ONA person” whoever they are – has “called the T.ov.B out” on this issue. Again, I don’t know.

        But one question I have is whether we can even have a rational debate about such “immoral”, cultural, things in the west?

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        1. …Yes, I’ve read the ONA’s stance on children. I know that the values they promulgate contraindicate child rape. That’s why it is significant for them to be such a welcome home for those who endorse child rape: it shows that their values are pretense.
          You now have the names of two specific nexions and the names of specific entries wherein they promulgate what I have said that they promulgate. This tedious ramble of yours made to muddy the waters proves to me that you, while admitting your incognizance, have no intent to actually learn the truth, so farewell.


          1. Yes, you named some nexions but I can’t personally find any evidence in their published writings that they’re promoting and condoning pedophilia. Perhaps I missed it. All I’m saying is that if you have such evidence you should publish it and pass it on to law enforcement. If there’s no such evidence then aren’t you just making an assumption that they are so promoting and condoning such a thing?

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            1. I’d just like to add that if a writer writes a work of fiction in which scenes of torture or abuse occur it doesn’t necessarily mean the author – and publisher – are condoning or encouraging torture and abuse. Context and wording are important. From what I’ve read of the works you mentioned they don’t seem to me to condone or encourage torture and abuse.

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        2. It is the result of close contacts of the Greeks with the Semitic and Non-“Indo-European” tribes (Etruscans, Pelasgians etc.). This is due to the earlier puberty of the Semitic peoples and the Gypsy “Indo-Aryans” – is just biology, and not any “moral prohibitions”.


  9. I should excuse myself and let this be – but, I was wrong to accuse Myatt of condoning paedophilia. Chloe’s response at the time to my fiery, over-emotional crusade was apt, so apt – it in fact, cut through my blind egoism and cut the throat of my moral high-horse – in that, if I was so concerned, perhaps I should get off the internet and go do something about it, not throw stones in a pond. I think this applies here. This pointless back and forth over a moral and cultural taboo could become constructive if the reactive emotion were removed from it, (I have in fact had some very enlightening discussions with the Sorceress relating to these issues – only because we were able to rationally dissect the topic as just that, a topic. The fact it is extremely difficult for many to do so, opens up legitimate questions regarding the occult, esoteric evolvement, understanding, evil, and rightly so, the ONA is a beast that opens the abyss insofar as these, and one’s personal (and where pertinent – amoral journey – takes them). We are not all the same, and to know Chaos, to know Evil, to know the Devil – in fact, to know Anything – requires different degrees of restraint to be satisfied. In any regard – evolving into these dark corners leaves a tattered shockyard of detritus in its wake – I do not condone/need it, but I cannot and never will speak for others. Some are willing to break taboos, some are not – everyone I have met, has shown states of limit (emphasis on ‘everyone I have met’) – but who knows what lies in their shadows behind the moral face. The worst/ most convenient example of this two-facery being the Catholic Church. It’s not for everyone – and to take a stance for yourself is very different to taking a stance for others. If it’s not for you – it’s not for you. Rallying against a few individuals online whom employ those forms for unknown gains does Nothing to stem a tide so deep, so wide, it turns the notion of a respectable society on its head. You are not Jesus – you do not need to save. You CANNOT save others and it is hypocritical to try. Save yourself – make your choices – if something really offends you, act, in the real – not here, where it does nothing, says nothing, achieves nothing. Every day children are abused by loved ones in their own homes on a staggering scale – what can you do about that? Save one child by convincing someone not to hurt them? For every person you convince, there are thousands stepping up to take their place.
    Some years back, I was informed out that an individual named ‘Rex’ (Not our Rex) in Brazil was working with a group of THEM and was actively trying to promote what he called ‘the sexual slavery of mundane children’ to help grow a ‘nexion’ under the banner of the Temple of THEM. A member asked me ‘was that acceptable?’. I said absolutely not. I did what was within my control – in my organization – thousands of miles away – to declare that attitude and action absolutely out of the question and for members of THEM to immediately excommunicate that individual from the ranks, and if possible, to ‘take care of them’. My moral stance, hopefully prevented ‘my current / Mvimaedivm’ from seeing such acts as acceptable, practicable, possible – under the banner of THEM. I played God and it felt good. I would repeat that action if it arose again as I absolutely, flatly, think such practices are not necessary or desirable for me to grow and evolve as a Sorcerer: and to some extent, perhaps, at least I like to think, that my decision prevented some harm from coming to some unknown children by a zealous individual believing s/he had my blessing. I understand what you are doing, that you want to perform a similar act of control – as you know, perhaps too late, understand and appreciate the POWER of forms and what they can do, especially when loosed from the creator and lef to wander the wild, ridden by anyone who chances upon them, during, or maybe even well after your death – and that your moral code bids you to stand up against this unsavoury form in the belief that you are making some difference by doing so. But you are not innocent either – you have and continue to, put out forms that influence others – certainly with some expectation of control in how it will be received – and a very definite idea about how your information should be used – but you, chose to engage in evil, with Satanists – and you are now learning two things. (1) Forms are both harmful and healing, regardless of their form: I have no doubt that you, and your writing, has inspired both H’s, directly/indirectly and probably unbeknownst to you. (2) You are as much a part responsible for any harm that comes to children due to being involved with/building the mythos of/engaging in the sinister – to the degree you have – of any you accuse. You may not have specifically encouraged child abuse – but you have, and continue to, through your work, build the ONA, aid its longevity, spread its words, its messages, it ideas and keep it breathing. That someone comes to such a mountain of work as the 9A and does not choose to operate on the same angles as you, picking different things to emphasize, obey, discard – is a risk you should bear in mind as a writer and an individual sharing a planet for 9 billion other human beings – and any time YOU put pen to paper. You cannot put the brakes on what you have already done, which is aid the O9A to grow, expand, evolve, elongate with your drops of blood upon its pyramid. You can only struggle to understand the blame you try to shift – lies only with you. Such a realization only comes with a shattering array of other realizations, and it may take time. And stages. ISS

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    1. Well said re the apology regarding Myatt and about removing the reactive emotion associated with the issue of children so that it can be discussed rationally and in a historical and cultural context. Personally though I don’t see that happening.

      The Chloe response you mentioned sounds interesting – can you post a link if it’s still available.


    2. You certainly have a way with words. I went through a time of great grief where I dwelt upon such things as advocacy of deeds which I later became very ashamed of, not those you have mentioned, but in general. I fought rather hard for some time attempting to correct my “image” such that my name would become associated with something more aligned with my actual ideas and motivations, and then one day whether out of mockery or seriousness, someone referred to me as “Darryl The White”, and I realize that to the trained eye, I had actually represented myself quite well, and much of what I had initially battled was the fact that people see what they want to see, regardless of what you are showing them. I’d like to think that which I have branded upon the ONA is that ONA is but a gate to pass through, and not a room in which to become trapped. I’m certainly among the few to praise such sentiment, but I see a trend growing here that will eventually make many of us old’folk as the pioneers. Myatt himself stated that Traditional Satanism eventually would give way to the Sinister Numen…



  10. VK,

    First, let me state that I read both this post and the one on youtube.

    With all due respect to you, an obviously intelligent and independent-minded individual, it would appear to my admittedly limited understanding and scant experience that you may not really know what the ONA/O9A is and what it isn’t.

    Allow me to explain what I mean. I would put it this way: this Tradition is more of a guiding memeplex, and not a ‘group’. There is no such thing as ‘being a member of the ONA/O9A’. You may be part of a certain Temple/Group Nexion, which is almost always originally the independent brainchild of an Initiate parting from his or her own understanding of the discovery of Wyrd through the open methodology of the Tradition.

    My guess is that what you have met with are certain groups (nexions, as you know), that parted from their own application of what this Tradition allowed them to express about their own Wyrd, which in most cases is a spiral into self-destruction, or as instruments of disruption that, if unworthy, will simply die out.

    Think about this: by the simple fact that most humans are stupid, incompetent, delusional, etc, and that ideologies with a reputation for being hard/tough/elitist will attract a great many of those idiots who are simply bullies or sick people, you will unavoidably find a great many of what you describe as ‘assholes’.

    Also, since ONA/O9A is about individuals initiating a journey that is made for a very few, it is designed for the majority to go off road, to get distracted, to misunderstand, to self-destruct, to get trapped, to go crazy, etc. Thus, you can expect many, in fact most, openly claiming that tag to be worthless.

    I also understand or interpret The ONA/O9A to be a memeplex/program with an embedded self-culling design. It is not that the Tradition itself is self-destructive. It is dangerous, yes, and highly elitist. This elitism is not to be sought in the presumption or vain arrogance of this or that member, but in that the triple requirement it imposes on the ‘member’, consisting of intellectual, spiritual and physical potential and development, is very demanding.

    What you have met with may just be so-called ‘members’ that may be stuck, destined to fail, or simply on their own rough way to understanding.

    I believe that so long as there is one worthy ONA/O9A nexion that has success in continuing a growing branch that effectively aids evolution of those very few individuals with the needed characteristics or potential, the radical philosophy of Anton Long will have triumphed.

    You may be leaving behind your association with certain self-described ONA/O9A adherents running nexions, each according to their own interpretation and discovery of Wyrd, but there is no overall ‘ONA/O9A membership’ to renounce or to leave. There is only you, and your own understanding and choices.

    Cheers, and I hope that this writing is useful to either of us (by a later discovery of my own misunderstanding or by having given you a different point of view).




  11. There is an international Occult and political movement comprised of innumerable subgroups and individual persons who adhere (with varying levels of stringency) to the goals and methods which have been titled “the ONA.” The Satanic community (and most other observers in the Occult and the media) has taken to referring to this movement as “the ONA” and that is simply not going to change. You can claim that the ONA is not a movement, but it has always been seen as such, and it has always functioned as such (albeit perhaps without you), and now, a few Niners have even publicly admitted it.

    Many of these people (who are, for lack of a better phrase, “in the ONA”) do know each other personally (by real name or otherwise), and willingly travel from state to state to meet one another. They physically mail each other shit from continent to continent. They keep in touch– they know who’s done what (if you’re wondering, most of them never even plan to cull). They photograph evidence of their insight roles and send it to you personally. They hold sunedrions by invitation only, and people journey to foreign continents to be there (I declined, as I doubted whether or not my “invitation” would “hold up” with strangers in person. I don’t remember which country it was in, but it was far as fuckkk and my ignorant American ass never got around to Googling whether or not they speak English there).

    The movement entitled “the ONA” and the praxis entitled “the ONA” are forever joined at the hip, and the ONA is an embarrassment to the ONA. You say that people are retarded in general, but the reality is that the ONA’s tendency to be a shitshow and clusterfuck is far, far beyond standard deviation. In terms of behavioral repugnance, the movement entitled “the ONA” has no parallel in the Occult or Satanic communities. The way these subgroups and people betray, use, dox, patronize, extort, and publicly crucify one another is a unique phenomenon.

    The ONA is like the New York Otherkin community with a sense of purpose. And you can quote me on that.

    I am blessed to know as much as I do about this movement. I know which writers are really the same person, what these writers secretly think of each other, which subgroups do or don’t (really) exist (anymore), whether or not Ford = Thornian {nope}, whether or not there’s a Nexion Zero {yep}, and whether or not Myatt’s really practicing Islam {of fucking course not}. These things are not matters of speculation for me. Take all of that information (in my borderline-photographic memory) and factor in the subgroups and Niners you’ve never seen written about in the public eye, and THAT is what my opinion of the ONA, as a movement, is based upon.

    Honestly, it gets difficult to remember which of ______’s names is the fake one, which ones I can publicly (and privately) say are one and the same {few}, and whether they are considered to have “left the ONA”, “come back into it”, or to have merely been an affiliate group to begin with.


    1. Thank you for your polite and informative response.

      What I am getting at is that, according to my understanding, perhaps I am wrong, you can walk the road or stop walking it. You can even retake your progress along the system, but that is as far as ‘membership’ gets. Socializing and contacting other individuals is something entirely different.This road and proposed central set of techniques for development is solely the individual’s. That individual may or may not look for guidance, which is optional. Do you still remember The Satanic Letters of Anton Long?

      Nexions also display different methodologies around the ONA central theme, with wide variations in emphasis, approach and even general attitude towards members and human beings in general. I am sure you have noticed these differences.

      In the spirit of understanding this situation a little more, not of attacking you, I would like to ask: Does your knowledge of and thus judgement extend to all existing nexions (as groups) on the planet? Do you place the ToB, THEM, YorkRounw., Secuntra, WSA352, etc. in the same bag? Or is there a good reason to suspect that they all represent the ‘clusterfuck’ to which you refer?


      1. I believe they’re called the Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown, but yes, I reread some of them recently. Whoever this Stephen Brown fellow was, his writings have become completely out of touch with that the ONA is now. They were honestly good, and I’m unsure as to who really wrote them, and they are so fuckin old that I basically discount them entirely in shaping my view of the ONA.

        This Stephen Brown fellow is pretty much just presented as if he were one in the same with AL/DM, but I’ve never seen anyone “in the know” weigh in on the matter. From what I can tell, for all practical purposes, the Satanic Letters are irrelevant.

        I have a partially-read Secuntra PDF in my library but I don’t really know anything about them.

        The Tempel ov Blood is technically a separate organization from the ONA. Hinduism comes first with them.

        I’ve spoken to Ryan Anshauung recently enough (via Facebook messenger) on the matter to know that his +o+ has finally decided that it IS separate from the ONA.

        YR recently said that the YR account is used by three different writers. I know two of their identities for sure, and I’m about 75% sure on the third.

        I wrote an article about WSA352 back in the day (still available). They plagiarized one of Michael Aquino’s rituals. I’ve communicated briefly with one or two of them, and one or some of them followed my blog.

        You should look up ABG Lodge. They’re great, but I would dispute their identification of Abatu with Abaddon.

        You should look up L316. I’ve only come across one bundle of their MSS and I’ve never actually finished reading it. They’re clearly deeply involved with some real criminal shit. I honestly believe that some of them do extort corporations. But I don’t know anyone who knows anything about them (like at all).

        According to the Anti-Defamation League, the Temple 88 nexion has a biker gang. Yikes.

        You also haven’t mentioned Drakon Covenant, Hell on Earth, Ordo Sinistra Viviendi (Order of the Left Hand Path), the Black Order, Nexion 913 {lol}, Bolverker Nexion {dont even bother googling them at this point}, Misanthropic Nexion, the Lilin Society, Deathwave Nexion, and more. I don’t know whether or not you’ve heard of these groups or whether you simply weren’t interested in them. You listed some technically non-ONA groups, so I did too, and there’s a handful I decided to omit.

        And keep in mind that there really are groups that don’t have public profiles.

        Also, why’d you leave out Hagur? That man’s wonderful nipples are the only spot of light in the entire ONA corpus.

        But then he left. Just like Ford (not Thornian, remember that), Koetting, Hutchins (Interrogist/N913), Anschauung (+o+), and just about everyone who’s made something of themselves.

        Tbh my wordpress is probably the last https://widgets.wp.com/notificationsbeta/2810032850#fuckin‘ place you’ll find some of that literature (cache section). I have my mind set on leaving them up too.

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        1. Thank you for the details. I will take a look at what you mentioned. My interest as an outsider is mostly on understanding, not judging; though I may always look for a thread of consistency and logic.


        2. I found this comment interesting and thought Id comment on it as well, because

          (1) Stephen Brown, so I have always believed, was indeed David Myatt, which lead to the initial beef between the American CoS and the English ONA, because old Anton and Michael thought it was rude and cowardly of Myatt to use a false name in their opening conversations pertaining to possible collaboration (Please note the hypocrist of Anton LaVey who also used a false name at the time, as his birth name was Howard Levey…).

          (2) The Secuntra PDF that has made its rounds about the internet have inspired scorn and praise, and yet hardly anyone mentions that I was selected to share their works with the American ONA audience. I’m not bragging necessarily, I was simply honored to be their nexion to this corner of the world, and look how far it has spread.

          (3) I have always separated Tempel ov Blood from the ONA due to its Hinduism, and I will note that all genuine ONA “Nexion” have utilized some secondary spiritual element to express a certain independence from the commoners ONA herd. ToB had Hinduism, WSA had Buddhism, N913 had Transhumanism/National Socialism, (well, we all had a NS spell at one point or another), L316 had their political activism, and THEM had THEM. In my book, these are the ONLY true ONA to have spawned from Myatts influence, because all genuine ONA has included ONA as an element of their practice, and only the posers have ever advocated ONA for ONA’s sake alone… for those actually paying attention. That said, I’ve been at this for seven years before moving on, and in that time you catch on to a thing or two.

          (4) WSA352 left the over-net, and ran off to the under-net, directly after I personally called Chloe out for directly worshiping and praising everything that ONA supposedly stands against (the monetary system, political campaigns, educational institutions, and all things MAGIAN in nature). They pretended to run away but before I left all social media other than wordpress, several sock-accounts popped up on any site where I had a profile, and on any site where I created a new profile, in order to slander my character and accuse me of such horrible and vulgar lies that even satanic forums were deleting her comments and banning her fake accounts to prevent defamation of character and liable suits.

          (5) You do know someone who knows L316 personally. Its me. Its been several years ago, but I am honored to have had the pleasure of working with them on some “issues”, including but not limited to, at one point having a (now outdated) complete dox of the WHOLE ONA, lol… and I can tell you factually that a one point in and around the 2010s, yes, all those thousands of pages of ONA on the net, all the websites, and all of those forums and those emails, were ran by no more than 20 to 30 people, and of the bulk of them, perhaps 5 – 10 were actual tough guys. You do not want to fuck with L316, as they are the real deal, even if that one smug bastard has a really funny accent (; Much love and respect to you, Sir.

          (6) And what the fuck is this shit? “Nexion 913 {lol}”… lol? Don’t laugh at me asshole, lol.

          (7) I am honored by your second to last paragraph.


          1. Regarding (1): I think the CoS was complaining about Myatt’s pretending to be several characters, not his use of a pseudonym (this is based on the first letter by Aquino in the first collection of the Satanic Letters). Of course, Aquino admits that this complaint too is hypocritical, because LaVey did so himself.

            Regarding (2): I did not know this. You have every right to brag.

            Regarding (3): Liber 333 itself claims that the ToB is a separate group from the movement known as the ONA. WSA puts the Sinister Dialectic before Buddhist goals, whereas the ToB definitely has an agenda divorced from the Sinister Dialectic (i.e. the sociopolitical & religious goals promulgated by the ONA).

            The Tempel ov Blood’s interpersonal conduct far exceeds the example set by the majority of the movement known as the ONA. Their maturity and character is commendable. That’s another thing that separates them from the rest of the movement known as the ONA.

            Regarding (4): I have received, through personal investigation or in confessions made to me personally, evidence of the existence of so-called nexions which only consist of one person as well as persons masquerading as multiple unrelated Niners. The reason that one Niner may masquerade as several is either to (A) keep different literary creations from being directly associated with one another when they are best viewed independent of one another or to (B) avoid being held accountable for what they say and do. I want to stress that such occurrences are very few and far between and that most Niners do not conduct themselves this way. Instances of (A) are usually acceptable while instances of (B) are always cowardly and dishonorable (as honor is defined in modern parlance rather than ONA doctrine).

            Regarding (5): Outstanding, and congratulations again.

            Regarding (6): The lol was based on the use of the title “nexion” by one person. As far as exeatic endeavor goes, I have it on good authority that your personal efforts well exceed those exhibited by the majority of the members of the movement known as the ONA, despite the shitty reputation which I have been told you have among their number. This misjudgment of you is another instance of the members of the movement known as the ONA being incapable of dark empathy as well as accurate personal judgement.

            On an unrelated note, do us (the Satanic community) the favor of not removing your literature from the public sphere again. Two of the most influential writers in my development as a Satanist have publicly disavowed the entire corpuses that guided me. I have shared some of your literature in the Satanic Facebook groups and amongst persons who directly contacted me in search of literature either for beginners or the advanced ( VKJehannum@protonmail.com and V.K. Jehannum on Facebook for anyone in need), even for those who have no interest whatsoever in the ONA.


            1. (1) Indeed? I had no idea that Michael actually admitted that, which really, I don’t see that he had a way out of it either.

              (2) Indeed, they contacted me through email, and I broadcast their work on my WordPress shortly before my own personal setting off on my own to partake in the Alchemical and Hermetic Great Work.

              (3) Its is important to note also that the ONA didn’t just spring up out of the ground one day. It is an aggregate of Hermetic influences merged with several other ancient Western occult systems. ONA makes far too many demands pertaining to adherence to their tradition, for a system that is itself based upon the dissection and breaking of so many other traditions… It’s almost funny that the founders of ONA just picked and choose what they wanted to keep or throw out from more than ten different systems, however if any of us do that same thing with ONA to create our own systems, well, we are mundanes and we “just don’t get it”… Fuck ONA… I’m an Alchemist and own no one shit… Period. ONA is just hypocritical as all fuck.

              (4) This reminds me of how in the beginning of 3.0 a bunch of us teamed up with a few of the L316 guys and we all infiltrated a Luciferian web forum for several weeks just as they were writing a certain book to express their Luciferian views, which book I will not name. They took us right in, had no idea who we were, made us contributors, and a couple of us even became admin on their site lol… We wrote volumes of ONAish tomes, I wrote the forward, calling it Luciferianism, and sticking their logo on the cover… Talk about a decade of lulz. Ever notice how Luciferians became super friendly with ONA back around 2010 or so? It wasn’t an accident, lol.

              (6) Indeed, ONA talks a big game pertaining to crime and culling, but when a guy like me comes around with a past in Crip, jail-time, and real life covens and cults, they want nothing to do with you. Over the years they have all threatened me from the safety of the internet, and every time I have given them my real name and address and invited them to come show me how big and bad they are…. Guess what? In ten years not one of them have ever worked up the nerve to knock at my door.

              Also, as I said before, I have reissued the print version of my Corpus Nine Thirteen so that you can grab it and share it. Also, I am not a wealthy man, so it helps me out a great deal when I make a few sales. As for the work itself, do as you please with it, just give me credit where credit is due.

              I’m also looking for anyone who might want to make some audio versions (of my older stuff and newer stuff) by reading it aloud for either audio or video download. It would be awesome to see someone do a live reading video on Youtube or something. Let me know if you know anyone who may be interested in that.


        3. As far as I can remember (long ago it was), the founder of the Temple 88 a long time, “came down from the path”, so to speak, ceased to associate themselves with the ONA. Or we are talking about some new people?


      2. Another wordpress-niners with “sinister” photos with masks, blood & “blewck metal”-like photoshop pictures etc. Most of them have lived and live in “greenhouse conditions” since birth. Country house and pictures in the forest (or park) – is not a “sinister” conditions and “Life on the Edge”. In which local military conflicts anyone of them really involved, even as a mercenary or a volunteer?


      1. What many fail to recognize is that the alchemical transmutation and spiritual ascensions themselves, are solitary. I gained much insight from Myatt and ONA, and much more from The Numinous Way philosophy, though neither inspiration could maturate properly under the influence of ONA’s constant drama, demands to conformity, and childish bickering. My own “A Numinous Way” is independent of any ONA control, and as such they hate and mock it. They will hate and mock you as well. I am eager to see what form and expression you will take when freed from said ONA propaganda. Your success, as was my own, will be measured according to the volume of nay-sayers producing articles with such titles as “On Leaving The ONA” which attempt to slander me, and yet only prove that point I made some years ago.

        In completing Corpus Nine Thirteen (https://hutchinsdm.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/corpus-nine-thirteen.pdf) I have opened a door in ONA, leading away from ONA confines. I honor your courage and independence, Sir. and I do hope that you will produce a finial written statement of your views, insights, and corrections of ONA, and your reasons for moving on, as have I. I’d be honored to read it.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. The system appears to do what it is supposed to do. In that sense it is good, and self-culling. I see a lot explained simply with that. Then again, I don’t know David Myatt and all the gossip first hand as you two seem to, so I cannot judge in the same way.

          Obviously VK’s insider knowledge after his Niner involvement for 18 months has made him privy to many secrets which I cannot ask to share here publicly. I noticed VK’s strength in correlating ONA concepts with his more extended general Satanist affiliation sources, and all the time he puts into such a serious study. This blog is actually a good mine of ritual form and theoretical analysis; I realize there is so much more I do not know.

          Not to mention Hutchins’ even more extended experience (7 years? Wow…) and all the knowledge you’ve accumulated which has led you in a few years to propose a corrected ONA interpretation and thence a personal extension. Just this work must have taken several years to do properly. Your experience doxing websites run by 20 or 30 individuals is quite revealing of the priorities of people who publicly claim to be ONA material (as there is no such thing as membership). I have yet to finish reading N913 Corpus btw.

          It does take courage and bravery to admit when you do not really understand, tht you’ve chosen the wrong way (for you), and to walk an independent path. Others would’ve just claimed involvement with the ONA, bickered around for a while and then left with no accomplishments claiming to be superior. But the respectful demeanor, knowledgeable basis and extended experience that you both claim to says a lot when most others would just act childishly.


          1. I must clarify that I said that “I worked with individuals who may have doxed websites more than severn years ago…”. Also, I am not one to worship and obey, and so despite my seven years in ONA, and my insights therefore, there are many who know ONA “tradition” far better than I. I spent the bulk of that seven years reforming and reformatting ONA to my personal workings, and my personal agenda. It is for that reason that several find me to be distasteful, because I reject strict adherence to their tradition, and instead I have initiated my own Interrogist Distro Tradition.

            I would also clarify that I did not leave ONA because I felt it was “wrong for me”. I left ONA because I was finished correcting it. It was only ever my goal to carve out my own path, and Myatt’s teachings assisted me in that realm of self discovery and exploration. I do seek to avoid the childishness, and engage with others who possess their own minds and goals.

            Finally I would like to announce that while I took the print version of Corpus Nine Thirteen out of circulation some time ago, this conversation has driven me to make it available once again. I thank all of you who would purchase a copy. Of course, as with all of my material, free digital versions can be downloaded on my WordPress. Honor to you and yours.


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        2. “What many fail to recognize is that the alchemical transmutation and spiritual ascensions themselves, are solitary.” Indeed even when working with a group of real world persons known to you for several years prior to their stepping on the path this will be the case ALWAYS .
          “I gained much insight from Myatt and ONA, and much more from The Numinous Way philosophy, though neither inspiration could maturate properly under the influence of ONA’s constant drama, demands to conformity, and childish bickering” One should walk the path with out reliance on invitations to private facebook groups and constant engagement in tilting windmills online. Any person who has engaged online in any ONA online venue right around the time of Chloe/WSA’s entrance. And latter taking the mantle of “outer rep” and then renouncing it(and the ensuing drama) should understanded that. Hell they should have known it in the first place 🙂 . In fact we can tell you that within our cabal that is the rule of thumb.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Its funny how many thumbs there are, and yet the claim to a solid and unchanging tradition… I always got a laugh out of that.


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