Azanigin, Az-Jehu, Aza, Semyaza, Al-Uzza

Azanigin is “the Lady of the Terror of Chaos & Hidden Knowledge of the Unknown,” according to the manuscripts of the Temple of THEM. She is called the “mother of all demons who lie waiting in the earth” in Naos and her magickal specialty is rites of personal destruction. She corresponds to the tarot card known as Wyrd (Atu X) which signifies the causation of long-term change in a given civilization or species.

Azanigin relates to the sphere of Saturn called Zuhal in Arabic. Her name, which is best chanted in the key of B minor, has been used to signify the beneficent aspect of Mother Earth, which seems fitting, considering how “approachable” and bliss-inducing she was in my interactions with her. As a dark earth goddess, she relates to the hallucinogen called Ayahuasca, which is often used at Kundalini meditation retreats. The incenses appropriate to workings with her are petrichor and ash. She has also been attributed to a highly pernicious substance called polonium, and the Temple of Them attributes her strongly to the Kundalini serpent.

According to Hagur, Azanigin, whom he describes as “both destructive and restoring,” “may appear as a handsome youth, a beautiful girl, or even an angel of dark light.” Azanigin is not the only one of the Nekalah [Dark Gods] who is described as feminine but manifests in the opposite gender as well: E.A. Koetting has described Aosoth as doing so. Hagur gives Azanigin a table of correspondences which appears as follows:

Archetype: Mother of Dark Mind
Motivation: Harlotry
Dark Light: Self-Asserted
Dark Action: Assimilation

Zuhal corresponds to the colors indigo and purple in Hebdomadry, and Azanigin manifested to me with purple skin. On the Tree of Wyrd, she is found on the sixth pathway, which lies between Qamar (the sphere of the Moon) and Zuhal.

I believe that I have traced Azanigin back to an angel known as Aza, one of the Watchers/Grigori [Grey Ones] who fell from Heaven and bred with mankind to give birth to the Nephilim. These Watchers, called also the Sleepless Ones, are credited with teaching many forbidden arts to our species, and to contributing greatly to our corruption into greater sinfulness. Aza was a lunar force who opposed the creation of humanity prior to his fall. Once a fallen angel, the causation of lust and fornication was imputed to him, and he taught humankind the art of sorcery. This angel is known also as Shemyaza, which moniker literally means “the name Aza.”

Aza was the leader of the Grigori, and their giant half-angel half-human offspring dominated humanity and devoured them whole. Jehovah’s wrath was kindled, and he bound the Nephilim “to the valleys of the Earth.”

This fallen one, Aza, was integrated into Gnosticism as the “Mother of Demons” and the “Gnostic concept of the source of evil”, which quotes appeared in the glossary of one of Kenneth Grant’s books. Grant drew a connection between Aza and Azathoth, who appears in Hebdomadry as Atazoth and was venerated in pre-Islamic Arabian Paganism as At-Taghut.

The angel Aza originated in pre-Islamic Arabian Paganism as the primary of the three major goddesses venerated at Mecca. Called Al-Uzza or Lady ‘Uzzayan, her primary shrine was in a place called Nakhlah near her three sacred trees. Supplicated by sacrifice and called upon for protection in battle and healing from sickness, she appeared as an emblem of beauty in Arabic poetry.

Aza or Al-Uzza is thus the Father of Nephilim and Mother of Demons, and she may have originated in Zoroastrian demonology as the mad.ce.dewan, a phrase which Encyclopedia Iranica translates as “mother of the demons.” The mad.ce.dewan was named Az/Azi. She is the spirit of death as well as the personification of the desire for continued existence. To quote Encyclopedia Iranica, Az is “Greed, Lust, Avarice, Avidity, Concupiscence… Az represents gluttony as opposed to contentment.”

Azi was the one who, in her avatar as Jeh [meaning Harlot], convinced Ahriman to pursue the corruption of humanity when he lied dormant within the bowels of the earth. Considered the leader of the dreguuant [essentially “demonic”] hostfrom whom every sin has come,” Az taught the daevas to fornicate and thereby reproduce. Despite being generally considered a female force, Azi alternated between male and female manifestations to procreate with the spirits of darkness.

-V.K. Jehannum


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