Simple Rite to Become a Satanist

Perform this ritual naked to symbolize honesty and new beginnings. If possible, have a cup of water near the altar and light one or more candles of any color. If a compass or compass iphone app is available to you, face the North, the direction of the demonic. Say the following. You must perform this ritual three times three nights in a row at the same time each night. If you are afraid to be discovered, you may whisper all of these words. You can even simply say them in your mind (some witches consider that more powerful). Some of these works are hard to pronounce, so just do your best. This ritual calls upon Belial, Baal (pronounced like “bail of hay” and also called Bael, pronounced like the word BYE followed by the letter L), Asmodeus/Asmoday, and Satan. Read about these entities before you practice the rite. This ritual also calls upon Lepaca, a demon whom no one understands. Remember that eleven is the number of Hell and what is demonic. Nine is the number of Satan and the demonic part of the human soul which is called the Black Flame.

Start by saying “I call upon the forces of Hell to fill this room with infernal energy. I allow it to fill my body and mind so that I may achieve my destiny as a witch.”

Chant the magick words which follow to open the gates to Hell and brings its forces to you. Know that this energy is like a home for your soul and know that your magick powers are strongest when you are within it: “Zazas Zazas Nastanada Zazas.”

Say “I know now that Jesus Christ and Mohammed are worthless, lying shitstains who seek to repress the power and wisdom of humanity. Yahweh is a scourge upon this species and I will not follow his teachings. Fuck Jehovah the Worm!”

Say “Azothoz”, which increases your power. Three times chant “Melus de Quo Magma,” which means ‘Reality Comes from the Demonic.’ Say “Et Revertetur ad Tenebras” which means ‘Everything returns to darkness,’ and say “Agios o Satanas,” which means ‘Satan is Divine.’

Say “I call upon the Satanas the Devil, the God of Witchcraft and Individuality, the God who challenges us to think instead of believe, the god who bestows power upon the witch. I have chosen to follow your path and I seek your guidance in magick.”

Say “Veni, omnipotens aeternae Diabolus,” which means “Come, omnipotent eternal Devil.”

Say “Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Satanas,” which means ‘Open Acharayim/Hell, and bring forth the Devil.’

Say “Tasa reme laris Satan” three times. These are words of power which call the Devil. Know that you are safest in his presence. Chants like these are called ‘enns’ and most demons have an enn which can be used to call them up.

Imagine a shadowy being who you cannot quite see and know that it is Lepaca. Say “I call upon the Lepaca, the Black Lord of Portals and Birth to bring forth darksome entities to witness and empower my rebirth. Lepaca Kohot ha-Reshut ha-Rabbim!” Know that demons are entities who wish to teach you and help you become immortal.

Imagine a spirit who resembles a wingless black dragon which stands on two legs. Know that this is Belial. Say “I call upon Belial, the Dragon who Guards the Gate before the Devil’s Kingdom. Belial, Lord of Fire and Earth, bestow your blessing unto me and my ritual. I seek your blessing, Great Teacher of Humanity and Guardian of Sorcerers!”

Say “Iaus Belial,” pronounced EE-OSS Belial, which praises Belial. Say “Agios o Belial,” which means ‘Belial is Divine.’ Say “Lirach tasa Vefa Wehlic Belial” three times– it is Belial’s enn.

Imagine a great warrior demon and know that his name is Baal. Say “I call upon Baal, the Sulphurous God of Storms and Warfare to grant me his blessing and strengthen my flesh and character alike. The words of power which follow will strengthen my body and soul through Baal’s incredible power.”

Say “Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Baal-Tzelmoth” six times. It means ‘Open Acharayim (Hell), and bring forth Ba’al, the God of Shadows and Death. Say “Jezebel,” a word which praises Ba’al. Say “Agios o Bael,” which means ‘Bael is Divine.’

Imagine a beautiful male demon who carries a spear and know that he is Asmodeus. Say “I call upon Asmodeus to complete my ritual of initiation and grant me magickal power.” Chant these magickal words to call upon Asmodeus: “Eko Eko Asmodee! Aperiatur Acharayim, et germinet Asmodeus! Eko Eko Asmodee, Ayer avage Aloren Asmoday aken!”

If you brought a drink of water or other beverage, drink it now. Feel it change you.

Spend a moment thinking about what Satanism means to you and why you have chosen it as your path. When you are done, imagine darkness flowing from every corner to strengthen your soul as you chant “Infusco Ignis Satanas” thrice. The phrase means ‘Black Flame of Satan’. Then, say “Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer” thrice, which means essentially the same thing.  Say “So let it be done” and stand still for a moment, feeling the power around you. When you are done, you may do whatever you wish.


17 thoughts on “Simple Rite to Become a Satanist

  1. Please let me know why you use those languages instead yours and which languages are exactly they came from? Some of them are Latin, some Hebrew and I can’t figure out about others. I couldn’t know the languages in some other phrases too like the term nestera fuaro menut! Can you help me about it? And can I use the same phrases in other languages? And yet how can I make through sacred ancient languages about these phrases?


    1. The magickal chants which appear on my website are either consecrated by myself or someone else. They have particular power. Similar phrases in the same or other languages are not innately powerful.


  2. I am happy to have found your site by completing the question from one of the fraters above, can I do this initiation ritual and perform the Goetia Solomonic?
    I ask because I prepared for this ritual three months ago and where I live it is already difficult to find material, let alone the Goetia Luciferian I would like to accomplish but at this moment I will not be able to.
    Thanks for your library and I have a lot of content to read and learn from you.


    1. You can’t use Jehovah to bind demons if you’re gonna be a Satanist. I’ve covered most of the Goetic demons if that helps– and I’m told I cover them better than most authors. Just Google “V.K. Jehannum [name of demon]” and you’ll probably find an article.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for the answer, I will perform the ritual that I have already prepared myself and then I will initiate Satanism, thank you very much for the attention and answers because your website and the knowledge you have is fabulous, English is not my first language either, sorry for some errors.


  3. I’ve a problem.
    As english isn’t my first language also.
    i want to know what “alter” is ?
    as i tried to google but a little nervous as i ended up doing as wrong thing.

    You man got some Great content.
    I’m a regular guy who want to be a Satanist as i have give up on my life. And i’m a complete new guy here.
    means i’ve not done any initiation or rituals before.
    i was just googling about Satanism and i ended up here.


  4. Hey, your blog is pretty awesome. Thinking about doing this ritual; do you recommend memorizing the phrases and chants or is it sufficient to read them from a piece of paper?


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