Names: Malphas, Malpas
Channeled Magickal Numbers: 92, 74, 83, 65
Color: Light Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple
Planet: Mercury; Saturn
Metal: Mercury; Lead
Rank: Grand President
Oleum: air base + saffron, mulberry, holy thistle
Date: Oct 3-7; April 9-20
Path: 15/He/Aries
Plant: Marigold
Element: Air
D/N: Nocturnal
Zodiac: Aries 20-30; Libra 10-14
Tarot: 3 of Swords; 4 of Wands/Rods
Legions: 40
Gematria: 151, 471, 871
Traditional Enn: Lirach Tasa Malphas Ayer
V.K.’s Calling Chant: Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Malphas

Malphas can turn the Satanist into a powerful black magickian. He imparts a “by any means necessary” mentality when it comes to the pursuit of your True Will, Satanic agendas, etc. He can increase the personality traits of motivation and initiative. He gives the sorceress strength in pursuing her initiatives. He can reveal the thoughts, actions, and desires of a specified individual to the witch.

Above: Pathworking Artwork to Malphas by G.A. Rosenberg

Malpas is skillful in architecture and demolition. He overwhelms his targets completely by eradicating their desires, thoughts, and achievements, and he can gather professionals of a specified kind from across long distances. He can protect the witch or a specified location or overwhelm a target by destroying their hopes, thoughts, and/or achievements.

He can give the witch the ability to perform divination with flawless accuracy, and he also bestows the ability to perfectly remember the astral journeys she takes during the hours of sleep. He gives the ability to perfectly remember dreams and attain lucidity within them.

Malphas can alter the astral double by giving it vampyric talons. While Malphas can empower all of the witch’s chakras (as can all demons), his specialty is the heart chakra (called Anahat or Anahata).

The number of his legions is 40, which corresponds in Gematria to the Hebrew words for offspring/child, water, “and in the heart,” border/landmark, tear away/seize/rob, violence, violent perverting, border, set bounds, deal corruptly, bring forth, to loathe/abhor, to hurt/destroy, robbery, thing taken away by violence, pledge, rope, sailor/seaman, “to his heart,” milk, lamb, secrecy/mystery. 40 also corresponds to the numerical value of the 13th Hebrew letter (Mem).

Malphas 2

-V.K. Jehannum

The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology
Gematria and the Tanakh
Goetic Demonolatry
Satrinah Nagash
Daemonolatry Goetia
Luciferian Goetia


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