Satanism is not a Reaction to Christianity

There are several major Satanic traditions practiced by the world at large, and certain ill-formed and poorly-researched commentators have alleged that Satanism derives from or is a reaction to Christianity or related religions.

In reality, Satanism is not a progression from Christianity– it’s a progression from Occidental/Occult spirituality. By this I mean Thelema, the Typhonian tradition, Discordianism, etc. In addition to these, the philosophies of Jung, Nietzsche, and Myatt have all made significant contributions to the Satanic weltanschauungen.

While Hebrew lore plays a part in shaping the beliefs of the Satanist, the Biblical canon is inferior in the extent of its influence to Jewish Mysticism, the apocrypha, Gnosticism, etc. That’s easily proveable: ask any Satanist what Leviathan is, and they will tell you that Leviathan is the primeval aspect of Sathanas as the dragon of Tehom. If you were to ask a Christian the same question, she would tell you that the Leviathan is an extinct species of fire-breathing crocodiles, because this is what the Biblical canon describes the Leviathan as being. The same question can be asked about Qayin (Cain) with similar results.

Remember also that many Satanists equate Satan with pre-existent deities: Marduk, Enki, Tiamat, Set, and Ahriman, for example. This adds to Satanism’s list of contributing literature further, and further shrinks the influence of Christianity.


11 thoughts on “Satanism is not a Reaction to Christianity

  1. Perhaps the primary issue lie in that for most Westerners, Christianity is the first mention of “Satan” they are exposed to, which likely taints any further mentions regardless of their differing context and origins. It stamps a sort of cultural, subconscious presupposition, upon them, which many are unable to shake. As you well know, I have no desire to engage such studies as to learn what “Satan” was called in forty seven nations, across seventeen different languages, in what year, on what day of the week, if the wind was blowing a certain direction, if the correct color candle was burning, but I will say that most people lump all those entities together, when closer observation reveals that they are rather different characters, totally different energies. Me, I’m pretty sure the bulk of these entities have their source in that same interference which fused our chromosomes.

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  2. Christians and non-Christians are fine with saying that Satanists are just iconoclastic or heterodoxic Christians because of the premise that you can’t have Satan without God, but they never apply it to Christians, Jews or Muslims considering that their shared God (Allah being the Judeo-Christian God by another name) originated as a couple of pagan deities – mainly Yahweh and El, who were both originally Canaanite deities.

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  3. Excellent blog and a valid point above. There is a vast point of discrimination between those who claim adherence to the LHP, possibly even paying for a membership card, and those who embrace the difficulty that such brings through any of the more selective groups.

    It is however a common occurrence that the ones most likely to be pledging allegiance to ‘Satan’ in the most basic form are those seeking to rebel against their enforced Christian upbringing. Such inevitably manifests in the rebellion of youth through an array of counter-cultural channels; the popularity of ‘Black Metal’ in Scandinavia is a prime example of rebellion against systems where until a few years ago, everyone ‘was’ a Church member and paid taxes to the Church as such. Those who shout loudest, likely are engaged with little more than rebellious release. Those who work unseen and in the shadows, never divulging secrets and memberships are thus those who likely have laboured for their liberation and power.


  4. A very good post. Unfortunately, many who claim to be “Satanists” are in fact atheists. After 30+ years of being a Devil-worshiping Satanist, I am often “schooled” on being a Satanist by a card-carrying CoS Atheist who would not recognize Satan in a line-up of one.

    To me, the future of true Satanism is unsure. You have made good points in your post but do not be surprised if you receive the same reception from “atheistic experts” in the next few years. I can truly say Devil-worshiping Satanists are on the extinction list.

    Satanic Blessings!


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