Azal and the Nine Angles

“How do the Nine Angles relate to Azal, Dhar and Zamal, and what Earth-bound (causal) form (structure/construct) is used to symbolize this?”

Anton Long once provided a hint to this question which read as follows:

One Possible Answer: Daar ul-Islam is one possible form (literally: the realms of Islam). A causal construct used to manifest some-thing beyond the causal (i.e. a-causal). A Khilafah – led by a Khalifah (a leader, or chief) – is one type of such a causal construct; an Earth-based Imperium, which correctly led and correctly developed, can be the basis for a Galactic khilafah/imperium.

Thus, such a construct symbolizes the animation of the nine angles by acausal energy – a means whereby acausal energies (that which animates and makes alive) become presenced among humans. Such a Khilafah animates human beings (especially mundanes) to make them a means to what is beyond them […]

A Khilafah is just one such form, one such causal construct which has the potential to at some future time bring-into-being The Galactic Imperium; one particular form whose exoteric mythos already exists, and which form is already being fought for and supported, on the practical level, by many of those “not of us” and by “a few who are of us”. Another such form is the emergence of a new supra-tribal form, deriving from the mythos of Vindex, and in which the ‘sinister tribes’ of the ONA form the initial basis, the origin […]

There are some other forms. But what all the esoteric-supported forms have in common is that they all presence, can presence, or will presence, an important aspect of the numinous – to wit, the practical way of the warrior, as manifest, for example by the Japanese Samurai, the Waffen-SS […]”

To this, I would add the following:

Azal is a concept in Arabic theology, and is an adjective, which can be compared to the Greek conception of anarchon. It’s the concept of an absolute past, an eternity with no beginning. Ergo, Azal would be a suitable descriptor for the realm of Ogdoadic physis which lies beyond the planetary spheres. The realm of Ogdoadic physis is called “Da’ath” in Qabalah.

I haven’t ascertained the signification of “Zamal”, but I’m working on a lead (joke)
Sources: Encyclopedia Iranica; the Politics of Writing Islam: Voicing Difference

On an unrelated note, Nexion 913 recently posted a pair of physis manuals (physis being the martial art) that I had never seen before, so here they are: physis-manual2    physis-manual

For a final unrelated note: I am no longer affiliated with Drakon Covenant.

Update: Unrelated note: the phrase “Come as a Reaper for thus you will sow” refers to the tradition of Vindex (Gog/Kalki)– an individual imbued with acausal energy whose actions will bring about the end of the Thorian aeon (the current one). Falcifer is a Latin word meaning “Sickle-Bearer” or “Reaper,” and Falcifer is the O9A’s title for the Star Gate which exists near the planet Saturn (note: Saturn was called “Deus Falcifer” in Roman Paganism). The name Saturn comes from the root word “Satu,” meaning “to sow.” This axiom is the reason that Gnostic/Anti-Cosmic Satanism and Hebdomadry are incompatible in their ultimate goals: the Gnostic Satanist seeks to end this aeon and the Cosmos with it, whereas the Order of the Nine Angles has the goal of starting a new aeon within the universe. To destroy the Cosmos would make this impossible. In short, the Niner seeks to evolve through the exploration of the Cosmos, whereas the Diabolic Gnostic or Anti-Cosmic Satanist seeks evolution in the realm of Azal.

-V.K. Jehannum


7 thoughts on “Azal and the Nine Angles

  1. Most interesting. I am currently preparing an article on the gnostic/demonic history of the Akephalos. Interestingly one of the things I found was that ‘akephalos’ can also mean ‘without beginning’. Just like your reference to A-sar. Azal, a-sar referrring to the ‘most absolute’ beginning; a beginning that escapes our causal way of reasoning, our science. The headless One being therefore beyond our everyday means of understanding. Bataille also mentions the headless archontes in his text on gnosticism. I will continue my digging as I see links with the Prima Materia as well.

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  2. Thanks for sharing the Physis 2 manual never seen this version before, surprised as Myatt changed the concept around the time of Reichsfolk. All the magical aspects were dropped, though I developed my own ideas based on the nine moves I was taught at that time.

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      1. I like the document though looks to me like someone has added material to it at a later date, I still have my written correspondence with him concerning Physis and where he got the idea for it from. I had a meeting with him relating to physis. The one and only time I met him, so my take on the document is based on that. However, it is most interesting material I have seen in a long time and its origin does not matter.

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