Nine is the Number of the Devil

Nine is supposed to be the number of pride, according to Michael Aquino, because it always returns to itself when subjected to simple mathematical equations.
9 x 3 = 27; 2 + 7 = 9
9 x 9 = 81; 8 + 1 = 9
In Gematria, nine is the value of Ge’ah, the Hebrew word for pride. Leviathan is supposed to be the king over the prideful, and Lucifer was purportedly expelled because of pride– it seems to me that the Bible’s allegations of pride are really a misanthropic rendering of the qualities of self-determination and ipseity which Satan purportedly conferred onto humankind in the form of the Black Flame. Ergo, I posit that 9 is the number of the Devil and his Black Flame.
Nine has received various attributions throughout world mythology, and a couple seem to verify my postulation. For instance, there are a total of nine substance combinations in Alchemy (three permutations of each of the alchemical substances, (namely salt, sulfur, and mercury)), which seems comparable to the nine universal elements considered to exist by the Vaisheshika denomination of Hinduism. Anton Long postulated that a “connexion” between the material/causal and spiritual/acausal would be comprised of nine angles.
Oddly enough, OFS Demonolatry venerates nine primary infernal divinites: Satan, Lucifer, Flereous, Leviathan, Belial, Verrine, Amducious, Unsere, and Euronymous. Francis Barrett also delineates nine categories of demons.
Keep in mind that (according to Aquino) of all the magi who have started new Aeons by “uttering words” (which words are essentially taglines for their philosophies), Anton LaVey is recorded as having been the ninth (note: his word was Indulgence). Moreover, the Church of Satan itself, in its early days, was governed by a senior group called the Council of Nine, which was passed on to the Temple of Set.
In the Arabic treatises on cosmology that partially inspired the esotericism of the Order of the Nine Angles, the Cosmos was described as consisting of nine planetary emanations. This is comparable to the Nine Worlds of Norse cosmology.
When you compare the idea that nine is the number of the Black Flame to the belief in nine primary realms or emanations, you wind up with something of an “As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without” type deal.
Update I: I read the explanation behind the Ceremony of the Nine Angles published in the Satanic Rituals (ghostwritten by Michael Aquino) provided in the book Church of Satan. According to Aquino, “The ninth angle identifies the Black Flame spoken of in the Diabolicon.
Of course, nine is significant to a few other groups of deities in world mythology, and while these are beside the point, their existence is a good reminder that the symbolism of most numbers incorporates its own opposite. In Egypt, there was the Ennead, i.e. the 9 neteru who convoked to determine whether Horus or Set should inherit Khem. In Qabala, nine signifies light, truth, and the covenant. Hinduism venerates nine manifestations of Durga, China delineates nine sons of the Chinese dragon, and Greece depicted nine muses. Norse Paganism delineates nine great lindworms, nine daughters of AEgir, and nine mothers of Heimdall. The Chinese consider nine to be the number of heaven. You get the idea.

3 thoughts on “Nine is the Number of the Devil

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  2. 9-tailed yokai – Tamamo-no-Mae appearing in Japanese traditions and other Asian ones.
    A great and powerful demonic spirit, the final manifistation of deity-level kitsune (dark fox spirit, shapeshifter and more) in terms of power.


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