the-nineteenth-enchantmentImage: the Nineteenth Enchantment by G. A. Rosenberg (depiction of Baratchial)

The meaning of Baratchial’s name is “Poison of God,” and he is attributed to either the 12th or 19th Kliffotic Path depending upon where you start counting. The tunnel over which he presides is between Chaigidel (ruled by Baelzebuth and associated with Uranus) and Thaumiel (ruled by Molock and Satan and associated with Neptune and Pluto).

Baratchial’s tunnel is associated with Mercury, which makes a large amount of sense considering the didactic nature of that planet in astrology. It is the pathway of sorcerers.

Baratchial can reveal the nature and origin of any spell he is asked about and can reveal the truth about the origin of the Qliphoth. He can give details about many different Qliphothic entities and secret realms within Hell. He has mastery over sexual black magick and he can initiate the witch into the most esoteric magickal mysteries of the Qliphoth. He can manipulate the psyche and consciousness of a human and improve one’s astral sight. This demon appears as a male to some and a female to others, as do so many other entities, and he can teach the witch about cliology/aeonic theory.

Baratchial can help the witch speak in tongues and strengthening the chakras is a specialty of his, especially the sacral. He can bring about the corruption of personal mindsets and mislead liars so that they will believe that their prevarication was successful when (at least) the majority of the audience is not fooled. He can teach the summoner to hunt, both on the astral and physical plains. He is apt for ego dissolution and the use of trance to work with atavism.

Baratchial has knowledge of drugs, oncology, and pharmacology. He can delineate biochemical avenues of consciousness alteration to help the witch appraise hidden aspects of her psychology, and she can invert the cellular reflexes to bring about the end of cancer.

Above: Sigil of Baratchial from Qabalah, Qliphoth, & Goetic Magic

Baratchial can impart a level-headed, dispassionate disposition unto the witch which is apt for reasoning/planning under duress. He can alter the personality so that the witch isn’t afraid of combat, rejection, or vituperation and imbue her with Satanic religious devotion.

He can teach the witch about various sciences and impart the gift of healing to her. He is apt for energy work, working with elementals, gaining various spiritual abilities, and working/teaching magick of many different kinds. Baratchial is associated with Ataphaxia and speech disorders.

Barathcial is a messenger spirit who has been described as playful and sanguine. He is associated with the key of E, the letter Beth, and the tarot card called the Magus or the Magickian. Apollo (Saurtoctonos/Abbaton) was associated with the letter E and the letter Beth often signifies a womb or house.

According to the Order of the Nine Angles, the key of E minor is associated with “Satanic indulgence”, concupiscence, and Mercury. They also associate the color yellow with Mercury, which is the color that Kenneth Grant recommended Baratchial’s sigil be drawn in.

The numerical value of Baratchial’s name is 260, 539, and 794 depending upon the system used.

2 + 6 + 0 = 8, the number of Mercury, the Great Work, and Baphomet of Mendes

5 + 3 + 9 = 17, the number of squares in a swastika, which the ONA considers to be the symbol of the Thorian Aeon (the current one). The number 17 signifies a lightning bolt and a weapon against heaven. 1 + 7 = 8

7 + 9 + 4 = 20 and 2 + 0 = 2. 2 is the number of the Devil and his Tree, and Beth is the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

More numerical correspondences follow.

260: Purple/Red-Purple, Youth, Axe, South, Tiriel (intelligence of Mercury), HaMorah (Jerusalem), Idolatrous Priest, Leraikha (a specific Goetic demon), Vineyard, Hidden Treasure, Daylight, Merchandise, Cinnamon, Slander, Friend, Weakness, I.N.R., Exaltabitur (I will praise/worship), Ineptos et profanos, A Priest, Blackness, Pleasures, Delights, “Thy Thighs,”
539: Period/Cycle, Circumference
794: Separateness/Freedom, Trumpets, “His Handmaid,” “And maidservants,” “His [God’s] Refuge”, Path, Advance


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Nightside of Eden (Note to Reader: bookmark this article)

-V.K. Jehannum


4 thoughts on “Baratchial

  1. Some spell His name ‘Baraquiel’, or ‘Bārkiʼē’, Without knowing its a Different being from ‘Barachiel’, usually out of confusion one mistakes the names of one for the other. (Resulting in These names Becoming almost interchangeable Overtime (Due to the same mistake) Yet it’s Possible (Demon ‘Barachiel’ & Angle ‘Barachiel’) may be the same being like (‘Angel Samuel’ & ‘Samuel Black’)

    Still I think One should Respect the entity/Barachiel As a Separate being until proven other wise.


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