Can a Niner use Qliphothic Sorcery?

What follows is heresy. All critiques will be addressed, if they are worth addressing, with the amount of respect with which they are made. These views are mine alone. For future reference, observe the notes which follow. I have put one part of the text in blue to signify that it is only really relevant to people with a strong comprehension of O9A esotericism, so if it goes over you head, skip over it.

-Cliology is the science of Aeons and the acausal.
-Aeons, as understood by the Order of the Nine Angles, are very different from what Crowley and Aquino call Aeons. Aquino has defined an Aeon as a world view. The witch enters this or that Aeon via the acceptance of certain recent spiritual revelations. Long’s understanding will be divulged in simplified terms later in the essay.
-Anton Long calls the modern Aeon the Thorian Aeon and calls the (purportedly) coming one the Galactic Aeon.
-Anthropogenic means coming from humanity. For example, if one argues that climate change is anthropogenic, they mean that human society & behavior are the impetuses behind it.
-Gnosis is knowledge received from a numinous source.
-“Acausal” basically means spiritual, except that it conveys more specific descriptions about the spirit plane.
-OG (old guard) is the title for the founding authors of the Order of the Nine Angles.
-A “form” is any religion, philosophy, political tradition, etc.

The Order of the Nine Angles is, in majority, very opposed to the use of Qliphothic sorcery. That is why, for example, O9A offshoots like the 218 Current have been met with such scorn by most authors known to associate with the Order of the Nine Angles. While it is in keeping with the Sinister Tradition to use whatever spiritual practices you have found to be efficacious, it is clear from earlier manuscripts such as The Practical Esoteric Aims of Traditional Satanism and Nexion – a Guide to Sinister Strategy that the old guard were very opposed to the use of Hebrew-derived forms.

The OGs’ distaste for Qliphothic witchcraft derives from their conception of cliology– they suspect that the use of Qliphothic witchcraft will strengthen the Magian Current. They believe that the causation of the next Aeon necessitates the wholesale abandonment of the Abrahamic tradition by humanity, as well as all other “old Aeon” religious forms. Keep in mind that according to the cliological postulations of Long, an Aeon is the entirety of the acausal influence being exerted upon the corporeal segments of the Cosmos. Hence his postulation that Aeons are themselves acausal entities. When the old guard writes about ending the Thorian Aeon, this signifies a discontinuation of all old forms, Kabbalistic ones in particular, and the diversion of all of humanity to new ones.

My continued use of Qliphothic magick derives from cliological disagreements which I have with Anton Long. In my magickal experience, the use of Qliphothic forms does not perpetuate the influence of Yahweh, which should be unsurprising. After all, ONA literature started surfacing long before the weltanschauungen [worldviews] known as Diabolatry, Theistic Satanism, Demonolatry, and Luciferism came into being. It is errant to think that Long’s literature refutes the aeonic efficacy of forms which he cannot chronologically have studied or practiced.

Rumors are circulating that Anton Long was extensively involved in the Ordo Templi Orientalis prior to introducing the Sevenfold Way the public, and fellow Niners have observed the countless parallels between the Sinister Tarot and the Deck of Thoth– a deck which included tetrahedrons in its iconography. In the O9A allegory Temple of Satan, there is a caricature of a modern Occultist by the name of Ezra Pead who beseeches Qliphothic forces for knowledge about the Arts. A few specific demons are named, all but one of which reside within the Tunnels of Set (Zamradiel, Niantiel, etc.). According to the story, all of the information provided to Ezra by these entities was either fallacious or nonsensical.

My coven worked with the spirits of the Tunnels of Set routinely and primarily and we had incredible experiences. The gnosis was on-point and the guidance we received was highly reliable all of the time. The way that we approached these entities was very much influenced by modern innovations such as Demonolatry and Theistic Satanism, religions that had yet to take root when the ONA was in its second phase. The other black magickal lodges that work with the Tunnels of Set (Lilin Society, Temple of the Ascending Flame, Misantropisk Lucifer Orden, etc.) also delineate the depths of knowledge which may be gleaned from these entities.

If you’ve read Codex Saerus III, you should know that Sapphic nexions are usually dedicated to Hecate in part. My coven was brought together by Hecate and found her daimones to be equally useful to the Tunnels of Set– the two groups were clearly allied and fond of one another.

Long’s conception of the Qliphothic entities as unreliable and unstable mirrors the conception of them held by the White Lodge, which would make perfect sense if he really was trained by the OTO. So, when he observed and disliked the Aeonic effects of Qliphothic and Goetic witchcraft, it was the demonic workings of the RHP he was looking at and writing about. Modern LHP apsidomancy (demon magick) is a thing unto itself and its effects must be appraised independent of the White Lodge’s Yahweh-dependent workings with demons, which practices Modern LHP apsidomancy despise.

There are still many Niners who make use of Qliphothic and Goetic sorcery– even ones who are well-received by the modern ONA as a whole. While most O9A apsidomancers (witches who work with demons) do not mention it often, if they are writers at all, the Tempel ov Blood and Misanthropic Nexion mentioned apsidomantic rituals in some of their earlier literature, and the Lilin Society is fond of it as well, to name a few. The writer for acausality.wordpress is one of the only people who has seen my personal notes about apsidomancy. Spurning their use of apsidomancy because of Long’s rejection of RHP iterations of it is comparable to vilipending Hecatean workings because Feminist Wicca exists. If a witch would like to verify for herself whether or not the evocation of the demons of the Goetia perpetuates the influence of Yehowah, she may ask her guiding spirits. I am certain that they will laugh in her face.

As someone who has scoured the internet and various texts for everything I could find about the Tunnels of Set, I believe that the fact that Anton Long knew about them before Nightside of Eden in 1977 proves that he was involved with the OTO, as all of the English LHP literature regarding the Tunnels I have found is very recent.

While (apparently) most Niners will balk at the incorporation of Qliphothic forms into their magick, they will in general overlook your use of it if you have otherwise proven yourself. However, they will occasionally subject you to their whining about the subject– the word “whining” is use because their would-be criticisms are usually made from a place of incognizance. I can gurantee you that debating these otherwise powerful and insightful people and seeing how little thought they have put into the matter will reinforce your confidence in your veneration of Havayoth.

-V.K. Jehannum, 2016 Anno Maleficarum


18 thoughts on “Can a Niner use Qliphothic Sorcery?

  1. You make some good points because what some people who associate themselves with the O9A seem to forget is that Anton Long stressed again and again, the 1980s and 1990s, not only that everything he wrote “can and should be surpassed, refined, changed, when others discover, experience, and attain knowledge and experience for themselves,” but also that “I claim no authority, and my creations, profuse as they are, will in the end be accepted or rejected on the basis of whether they work. Satan forbid they should ever become ‘dogma’ or a matter of ‘faith’. I also expect to see them become transformed, by their own metamorphosis and that due to other individuals: changed, extended and probably ultimately transcended, may be even forgotten. They – like the individual I am at the moment – are only a stage, toward something else.”

    AFAIK what always mattered and matters re the ONA was and is the individual learning from their own practical Occult and exeatic experiences, so that if someone wants to use or experiment with ‘demons’ and entities that are not part of the pantheon of ONA Dark Gods then it’s their choice and might provide them with some useful insights.

    I think the confusion among some is that they may take the fourth of the five core principles of the ONA – The Way of Defiance of and Practical Opposition to Magian Abstractions – as applicable to the practice of and the learning from ceremonial and hermetic sorcery, which Occult practice is just another type of pathei mathos.

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    1. What the argument comes down to is whether or not the use of Qliphothic sorcery is, in truth, Aeonically counterproductive. Moreover, if it IS counterproductive, is it so counterproductive that whatever benefits the witch could attain from it should be forfeit? It all comes down to personal experience and personal gnosis, which is too often tained with subjectivity.
      I saw you defending N913 and Misanthropic Nexion, commendable authors who have become infatuated with the 218 weltanschauung.
      The main problem with Qliphothic magick is the anti-cosmic fallacy. The errant supposition that gods of hell want the Cosmos destroyed stems, in truth, from ancient RHP theologians. After all, if Yahweh allegedly formed the Cosmos, Havayoth must want to destroy them!

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      1. You wrote:
        {quote} I saw you defending N913 and Misanthropic Nexion {/quote}

        While I can’t remember who said it first – maybe it was Chloe, maybe it was one the OG’s – but the ONA is in some ways like a family, for there are often disagreements about stuff as well as different life-styles and sometimes even anger and dislike between siblings. But the bottom line is we’re still family.

        Or, as someone else here so well expressed it “the ONA is now a infinite acausal equivalent of a Mandelbrot set of alchemical gnosis.”

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  2. First VK we commend you for sticking yourself out there on this topic. You know we have very different opinions about this topic. We see that you obviously have had some pretty vicious arguments with others on this topic. We recall commenting on a now deleted DC members blog on this topic that you never responded to. As we said in there our only issue is when a clear distinction of the qliphothic and the sepentary is not made. Because If you recall the focus of that article was the proliferation of what that DC operative considered magian occultism( shoddy books on “traditional and pseudo luciferian witchcraft) . You stated that you felt she was doing a disservice to newcomers to the Sinister Tradition by speaking out about them. As if these texts are part and parcel of the ONA core texts . They are not anymore that the Book Of The Law or the Book Of Coming Forth By Night are . Nor is the Kabbalah/Goetia . And we do count among us those who have dealt with members of the local Caliphate O.T.O as housemates for more than a year. During that time they where daily proselytized and literally subjected to hours long impromptu workshops on Qliphothic minutia ETC when ever they stepped in to shared spaces. So we do speak from a informed position . As we stated then if it works for you and your pals continue. But know that there are others who make a very clear distinction between the Kabbala and the Sepentary


    1. Oh yes, I remember the argument with Myrwydd. I saw her off-handedly insulting the Qliphothic system, which she later confessed was based on armchair theory. Bit of a personal pet peeve.
      Apologies for missing your comment on that thread.

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  3. Glad to hear back from you on this issue. Had speculated what would have come from that thread had it continued had that blog not been deleted. On to the issue you pretty much outlined our arguments already in this thread and we will agree on the issue of subjectivity..You have probably seen this recent post by another ONA blog that speculated about certain individuals being involved in the OTO before their involvement in the ONA . So you can speculate on that issue as well and that really is all you can do. Simply because you where not there. But you could infer that their later statements where very anathema to the entire a whole. You know a lot of insight can be a recent thread in your blog that gathered over 45 comments. The comment thread was quite heated but one stands out “Meanwhile, the 7FW remains as a valid system, above and beyond the interplay of human emotion and passion. See you all on the path, when you decide to come back to it.” This is the opinion of this entire tribe when we see these emotive displays on wordpress or the ones we do not see that occur in other venues we are simply not interested in seeing that end up leading to post here anyway. While we see and understand the indeed necessity of them occurring. It is at times disappointing to see the emotional attachments that obscure the insights like the one above and this one below
    What seems to be overlooked as a result is regardless .is the following. The ONA is now a infinite acausal equivalent of a Mandelbrot set of alchemical gnosis.

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    1. If you’re referring to the ABG Blog with the screenshots, I was indeed sent a link to it. It was hilarious, actually. I was not aware that that incredibly long thread was worth reading, as I stopped checking it a while ago. Did you participate?


  4. You wrote:
    {quote} The ONA is now a infinite acausal equivalent of a Mandelbrot set of alchemical gnosis. {/quote}

    Love it! Shall we adopt this as the new ONA by-line?!


  5. Yes indeed use it as long as we agree this is included as well “Meanwhile, the 7FW remains as a valid system, above and beyond the interplay of human emotion and passion. See you all on the path, when you decide to come back to it.” . It should indeed come in handy in all future online interactions and expected by the Code of Kindred Honour .

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  6. “If you’re referring to the ABG Blog with the screenshots, I was indeed sent a link to it. It was hilarious, actually. I was not aware that that incredibly long thread was worth reading, as I stopped checking it a while ago. Did you participate” No we did not


  7. @ 39yvr2pmq Considering our statement of the ONA as a the acausal equivalent of a Mandelbrot set here is some things to contemplate . First consider these parameters Now what then are the quadratic polynomials of the ONA ? So right from the article we find that “The Mandelbrot set is generated by what is called iteration, which means to repeat a process over and over again. In mathematics this process is most often the application of a mathematical function. For the Mandelbrot set, the functions involved are some of the simplest imaginable: they all are what is called quadratic polynomials and have the form f(x) = x2 + c, where c is a constant number. As we go along, we will specify exactly what value c takes.

    To iterate x2 + c, we begin with a seed for the iteration. This is a number which we write as x0. Applying the function x2 + c to x0 yields the new number” We will leave it to those interested to read further on their own and consider their findings in light of recent discussions.

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  8. Glad to see we are revisiting this topic. I wanted to point you and others to a article that appeared in the late 90’s in Fenrir volume 5 #2 Crowley ,Satan and the Sinister Way

    This is not the first time this topic has been discussed as you can see. Would also point out in that same issue The Path of the Sinister- A Initiates Perspective or Why I am a Sinister Satanist “Hence the Sinister Arthurian Tradition,
    hence the continuation of
    the head-cult and the ‘worship’ of
    the War Goddess Baphomet, hence
    the continued use of certain locations
    by Sinister Initiates and Adepts
    alike. Sinister Satanism is an
    advancement of Paganism itself, it
    is Paganism renewed, reborn in a
    new form. Furthermore it has not
    solely evolved as a response to the
    Nazarene influence, but rather as
    an aspect of the natural evolution
    of the energies (from one perspective
    symbolised by the sacred words
    ‘Ga Wath Am’) as they are in essence.

    The Sinister Tradition is built
    upon what has existed before and
    continues to add to this whilst simultaneously
    areas outside of itself , be these
    Sociological, Political, Religious or
    ‘Occult’. Sinister Satanism has
    brought freshness to the Occult
    scene, such is its influence and few
    other Traditions can make such a
    claim. ”

    So we can see very distinctly “pagan” roots in the Septenary system and some insight in to opinions of the use of Kabbalistic esoterica . Honestly we think this whole topic should be a entirely separate new post on here .

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  9. I think the understanding of this should be basic. The problem is not “Yahweh”, but the bloated, dualistic and confused (not confusing, but confused) nature of al Qabalah-derived systems. The issue, then, goes beyond the enforcing of the Magian (which it still does, because of said confused system).

    In my understanding, the base issue is this: There is no good/evil, light/dark. But the whole Sephiroth versus Qliphoth system is based on this dualistic illusion. That is only at the very base, not to mention the wealth of “knowledge” that purports to say that humans can in any way control those forces that are actually outside the human mind (the ones that are).

    I do not think in the least that appropriating the Qliphoth system in any way “improves” the understanding of the O9A. The rejection of it came from understanding it previously, as a Judeo-Christian distortion of the Septenary sphere system (see the collection of MSS related to Alchemy and the O9A, and such things).


    1. This is a very old article that I have no interest in defending. The only thing worth saying here is this:

      The Qliphothic Self-Initiation category of my website contains a sphereworking praxis which will yield vastly superior results to the Tree of Wyrd. It contains 10 Qliphothic Sphereworkings, 4 Non-Qliphothic Sphereworkings, and 26 Pathworkings. My work transcends the dualism of traditional Qabblah. Anyone who chooses a 7 Sphere system over a 14 Sphere system has made an incredible mistake.


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