Vampyrism in Astral Combat

(The following is from an anonymous ONA member, reproduced with permission)

Before going to sleep as per [an ONA member’s] instruction i wrapped myself in my tendril to protect during sleep to prevent entities feeding on me in my sleep.

This… this gets interesting what comes next. I slept in a female’s bed tonight. I had dreams about ona, the future, all sorts of things. I woke up startled just now to the sensation of touch on my hand to see the girl’s hand “creepy crawling” like a spider – backwards, behind her head, on my hand. I grab her hand reflexively with my other hand. She opens her eyes with my other hand grabbing hers tightly. “Did you do that to me?” I ask. She looked at me like i was an insane person. “Did you touch me in my sleep” i say to her. “This” i say, and take her hand still clutched in my hand and put it back in the position it was in, backwards behind her head, touching my hand creepy crawly style. “Ow!” She winces and pulls it from my grasp.

“i didn’t touch you” she says angrily. Looking very annoyed. I feel a wave of terror cut through me.

I go into the bathroom and see my face is deathly white in the mirror.

I will not pretend being tough.

This unnerved me. I am a longtime occult practitioner but this is not something I have seen very often. Entities using bodies near me as avatars. And not like this.

There is no way the girl did this on purpose. I also did not dream it. I am 100% sober as well.

To matters worse the entity knows a phobia of mine and used it against me.

Which i have told no one.

{Excerpt 2}

I contact Morain about the experiences in my last post. He suggests pursuing and destroying the entity with OBE. He recomends feeding on the girl used as a proxy and working to gradually confront the being and destroy it.

After i step back in the room with the girl from my chat with morain, i see an entity crawl out of her sleeping area and form into a 4 metre high and massively wide being in the astral plane. It caught me by surprise. I say fuck it and blast the being with all tendrils at once wrapping the being in tendrils and feeding on it. I scream in my head at the being and a demon voice says to it “this is our house” to the being. He turns to try to escape and my tendrils no less than 20 are attached to him feeding on him and outside i continue to feed on him. He slumps into the ground as i feed on him and my body gets hot as i do so. Eventually he falls apart into pieces and sinks into the ground. Dead.

I contact morain. He is surprised i confront it so quickly. We discuss it and he says it is a draugr.

After a pause i notice another entity play hide and go seek from me. Enraged i send my tendrils to it emboldened by my first victory. Iset my phone down while doing so.

This being is a giant spider-bug demon 3 metres tall hissing and trying to get me, trying to get me with big claws like a praying mantis. I wrap it in as many tendrils as i can, feeding on it and it backs away shrinking and splintering off into a few smaller spider shape shifting bug monsters who scuttle and skitter into the bathroom to hide in the shadows. The process is taking a while and i focus hard.

I walk forward and keep my tendrils on the smaller splinter bugs as they splinter continually into smaller spiders – my long time phobia ireferenced in my last post. A great fear since childhood. Since i know this is the being’s way of trying to scare me Icontinue to feed on the spiders, and growling i grab them one by one and throw them into my mouth, chewing on the spiders as the demon roars “this is our house”. This iswhile feeding on them via my third eye and tracking them simultaneously in the astral plane. Pieces of smaller spiders fall out of my mouth into the astral plane. They scream and writhe and cry. My mouth opened i send my tongue out to snatch more spiders and feed on them. Eventually this feeding and consuming of spiders is exhausting. I do not stop until all are dead, smashed, eaten or fed until death. But i am tired and exhausted.

One spider runs away, the being reduced to a whimpering little bug cry. I pursue it and feed on it until it falls to the ground writhing and crying and wimpering. It is truly afraid of me.

As i hear a demon laugh in my head saying “good, good, gooooood” i realize i am dripping sweat from my arm pits.

The girl wakes up.

“What are you doing?” She asks.

Total time of these events takes two hours.


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