Obscure ONA Literature Pt II


This series of manuscripts includes insights into the use of the star game and the quartz tetrahedron, crystal magick, cultural criticisms, political insights, and so much more. You’ll be surprised at exactly how talented these guys are when it comes to writing fiction too. I was chatting with Anschauung (the leader of +o+) about where to find more of their literature, and he told me that much of it could be found on fallofman.eu and that roughly 50% of their literature is publicly available.


Some basic information about the Black Order, which wrote the renowned Book of Wyrd. The end of the book has a small catalogue of texts which one can buy from the Black Order, and a lot of it looks well worth the cost.


This is a written interview of yours truly regarding the O9A, with the querents being five mainstream Occultists. I went deep into the esotericism in particular.


This is a series of manuscripts from an Aryan nexion called Temple 88. They believe that the Aryan race is supremely gifted by the gods (which I disagree with). Most of this literature is pretty unremarkable, excluding the treatises on honour, physis, and martial arts which appear shortly after the long epic poem that I didn’t read.

physis-manual         physis-manual2

These manuals delineate the ONA’s practice of physis.

a-conversation-with-void-antithesis         a-question-of-sinister-morality-absolute-power-and-satanic-metrics        concomitant-dissidence-the-necessity-of-conformity-comments          declarations-and-obligations       disruption-subversion-and-evolution       ego-interrogist-velticese-forest             formative-observations       galacticus-913     nexion-913-wsa352-debate       the_mythos_commentaries      vindex-913

Above is Nexion 913’s Literature.

further-notes-on-the-star-game     liber-13-13    star-game-archive-part-1    star-game-archive-part-2    star-game-archive-part-3

There are some texts regarding the star game.



By the way, someone ONA told me that this symbol signifies two tesselations of pentagram geometry. It’s the Satanic blessing of “Agios ischyros Baphomet,” which creates a septenary vertex.




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