Flight of the Monarch Analysis (False Prophet 1-V)

The first two articles in the fifth edition of False Prophet, the official journal of the Tempel ov Blood, comprise short allegory called Flight of the Monarch – Porcelain Face Programming, which depicts a Noctulian’s use of trauma-induced programming on a small girl for esoteric purposes.

A Noctulian is the specific kind of adept created through the vampyric, predatory praxis of the Tempel ov Blood. A Noctulian is required to beat the humanity out of himself, and the way this man treats his daughter is certainly indicative of the sociopathy sought after. The Noctulian is described as having “sea-green eyes” which belie his pretense of adherence to Orthodox religion. The Noctulian adopted this pretense upon taking a Jewish woman as his bride, and it is most likely that he selected her for his act of infiltration out of more than anti-semitic contempt.

In the story, the Noctulian beats his daughter’s ass with a paddle that had holes drilled into it and bloodies her face as part of Monarch programming, which is the deliberate and coercive causation of Multiple Personality Disorder with specific tactical intent. The subject (in this case, his daughter) is given a “trigger word” to activate the transition from her regular personality to her obedient and tactically-oriented personality.

The Noctulian, after beating her, dons various Hebrew spiritual garments, intones unlisted chants, and then recites a Hebrew invocation to Drill Sergeant Grey. He concludes the rite by saying a four-letter Hebrew name which looked like Resh-Qoph-Vau-Teth. While I compared the spelling to a list of 72 Hebrew names, I found it to match none of them, backwards or forwards. It is clear that this is a mimetic rite, possibly creating a subconscious association, in the mind of the daughter, between the center of Hebrew worship and another entity to subconsciously redirect her devotion and praise to something other than Yahweh.

The trauma-induced programming is for magickal use, and it is applied to a small girl because of the spiritual prowess that young females are renowned for. The daughter sees the use of her body and mind for ritual as a “game” and interprets the extra-rare meat she is red prior to ritual as a “warning” that the game is going to be played, as if her mother were helping her cheat. Nonetheless, it is clear that the blood-consumption is used as something of a power-boost for the upcoming rite. A vampyric grimoire known as Liber Hirudo [Book of the Leech], which instructs the witch in becoming an ardetha [vampyre who wasn’t born vampyric] requires blood consumption at a certain point in the metamorphosis. Blood is also known to be a very effective mechanism of spirit manifestation which can aid in the causation of possession.

The game always take place during a certain point in the lunar cycle– when the moon is shaped like a  down-ward facing “hangnail.” This presumably refers to the (probably) waning moon as being conducive to certain magickal efforts. Or, the adherence to lunar cycles could be a metaphor for the Noctulian’s adherence to his own feminine spiritual faculties.

The room wherein the ritual commences has a metaphorical open window, through which the cold air native to “the time and season” enters.

The Noctulian begins to fuck his daughter while reciting her trigger phrase/command prompt which refers to her as a Monarch butterfly describes her taking flight. Once he causes his daughter to orgasm, the Noctulian backs away from her as if he had “touched a hot stove top.” A blue glow emanates his daughter’s third eye, and the narrative ends with the description of a blue light shining through the window.

While little girls are mostly renowned for their capacities of mediumship, it seems most likely that the Noctulian is harnessing his daughter’s Kundalini, which lines up with the ToB’s Hindu emphasis. The Kundalini is sexual energy, and the metamorphic symbolism and reference to flight (ascent) appear to signify this as well.

People have debated about whether or not this constitutes a direct endorsement of pedophilia and child indoctrination, which even the extremist edge of the Satanic community has always stood against. However, the Temple of Blood is primarily Hindu, so this is less surprising than it otherwise would be. A more manipulative reviewer could make some kind of dickish case about Vaishnavism is technically not an RHP denomination of Hinduism, but that would not be productive and I could not do it in good faith.

Referring to the perpetrator as a Noctulian is a pellucid but non-overt endorsement of his actions. Some Niners will disagree with this analysis, but I like to think that my audience can recognize them as those slow “please feed me by spoon” types.


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