Anton Long: Traditional Satanism is Incomplete

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The proclamation by the Order of the Nine Angles that its denominations of Satanism are the only legitimate iterations of the Devil’s path have been a large and manipulative jape conducted in order to achieve certain polemic ends, which ends were naturally successful. While Anton Long, the leader of the Order of the Nine Angles, labeled his denomination as Traditional Satanism, this title (which he coined) has been adopted by the Satanic community at large, despite Diane Vera’s observation that the term “Traditional Satanism” inherently paradoxical, concerning the individualistic nature of Theistic Satanism. With these things in mind, we will refer to Anton Long’s religion as Exeatic Satanism henceforth.

Exeatic Satanism is great for many reasons: (One) it establishes powerful original magickal techniques, (Two) it calls out Atheistic Satanism and Setianism and makes many valid and important criticisms of them, and (Three) it establishes exeatic (practically transgressive) activity and the transcendence of other personal boundaries as being exceptionally useful methods of evolution. And those reasons are hardly the only things that one can gain from studying and practicing Anton Long’s Satanic teachings. But the path of Exeatic Satanism is, as a religion and way of life, incomplete and insufficient, because it is designed to be.

ONA literature describes Exeatic Satanism as being a “necessary and noviciate pathei mathos”, where pathei-mathos means “process of self-development through conflict,” and also goes as far as to say that Exeatic Satanism as a “rite of passage” and “a presencing of dark forces/acausal energies – a form/mythos – only relevant to the current Aeon.” So, Exeatic Satanism is basically intended to be a phase for the witch to go through and then leave. Since Exeatic Satanism was designed specifically to be a phase, it cannot be regarded as a legitimate or coherent religion in and of itself by a serious thinker.

This is why newer ONA members like Chloe Ortega have created new denominations of Satanism (e.g. Progressive Satanism)– because Exeatic Satanism is focused too strongly on the Sinister and on the negative. It centers almost purely on Anton Long’s conception of evil, and an adept must be balanced. While black magickal techniques are the fast lane to self-empowerment, baleful acts must be prepared for and balanced out by non-baleful practices such as chakra meditation, chanting the Hare Krishna, spirit work, divinatory practices, and/or other self-developmental practices.

When Myatt/Long writes about Satanism, he claims that true Satanism revolves around baleful action and “Sinister Honor”, that all other religions are Magian/mundane, and that Satanists should be willing to lose their lives in the advancement of Myatt’s political goals. When Myatt writes essays under Arabic pseudonyms to encourage Jihad, he claims that Islam revolves around killing kufar [infidels], that all other philosophies are Tawaghit [idols], and that this life is merely a test, so the Muslim should be happy to die. Back when Myatt wrote neo-nazi literature, he wrote about the importance of “fag-bashing,” wrote that Hitler’s teachings made all religions irrelevant, and that the nazi should consider his or her “Aryan honor” more important than life. What I’m saying is, take Myatt’s teachings with a grain of salt.

Anton Long/David Myatt wrote “Genuine Satanists are dangerous people to know; associating with them is a risk. They might get you in trouble with the Police; they might make you into a real “outlaw”; they might bring you to the notice of the Intelligence Services. They are trouble, and their psyche is contagious: and can break others, or bring them misfortune, or drive them toward inner breakdown or even madness.”

The problem with admitting things like that is that any “mundane/Magian” Satanist who gets called a “pseudo-Satanist” for not joining the ONA can now retort with “Well, I’d rather be a mentally stable adult who can benefit his friends and loved ones than dedicate my life to furthering Myatt’s political aims. Ta-ta for now!”

Lest the reader think I am being unduly harsh, remember that all religions and philosophies have many flaws, and that Exeatic Satanism was made to fail. The Satanist should learn as much from the insights of Anton Long as possible, as well as from other ONA members like Hagur and A. A. Morain (not to mention the Tempel ov Blood), but the teachings of other kinds of Theistic Satanists should be integrated into one’s overall weltanschauung [worldview] as well if one intends to pursue Theistic Satanism as a serious religion and anados [“ascent” or process of evolution] rather than as a brief endeavor.

So, here are a few Satanists worth learning from, starting with Geifodd ap Pwyll.

While Demonolatry is technically a separate religion from Theistic Satanism, its teachings and techniques should be integrated as well.

If you like Demonolatry, you will probably also enjoy the Youtube channel that OFS Adrianna (aka Stephany Conolly) posts on:

The writings of Diane Vera can be found here.

E. A. Koetting, though not a Satanist, has teachings that are very much worth perusing (just ignore all his sales pitches and shit), many of which can be found on Youtube. Here are a couple seminars from his channel:

The late Reverend John Allee’s teachings are beautifully written and well-considered. (No, this isn’t a link to the actual Church of Satan’s website)

Here’s a link to the Temple of Ascending Flame’s ritual page. It’s kind of relevant.


Analyzing a Poem by Michael Kuntz

A woman posted poem written by her boyfriend (Michael Kuntz) on my facebook wall and asked me to analyze. The poem was obviously written from the point of view of Thelema or some other such tradition, but I decided to interpret it to the best of my ability anyway. This post will present the poem by Kuntz and thereafter present my conversation with the woman, whom we’ll just call GF, which occurred in the comments section.

“418” by Michael Kuntz
All my life I’ve wandered the lonely world astray
But found a rough-hewn diamond tumbling in the fray
Reeling from the spiral beam of Light from above
All my dreams resounding with the whisperings of Love
Had I known this diamond would’ve taken me from home
A Fool I would’ve been to pluck it from the loam
Death now stalks me on the Tree of Life I climb Unknown
As I glide through space and pass through time ever faster
Beside myself I ponder on the thoughts of the Master
Rising through the Spheres I find I’ve found the Secret Rose
All my life I’ve wondered as to what the Master knows

VK: Well, is the Secret Rose you? Since you identify so strongly with the Scarlet Lady?

GF: That’s flattering, but no. Tell me what else you notice about the poem. You’re brilliant; I know you can figure this out.

VK: Well, 418 is the numerical value of Abrahadabra, a mantra used to contact ones Inner Daemon. By Love, he is referring to the inverse polarity of Will [Agape (Love) and Thelema (Will) have equivalent numerical values]. I’m told that the “Black Diamond” is the name for a state reached via Qliphothic/Infernal self-transformation, so I’m guessing that “diamond” refers to Kuntz’s striving towards meeting his Inner Daemon. The line about death stalking him may suggest that he feels called (or “tempted”, if you like) to delve into Infernal self-transformation (maybe even to psychic vampyrism). The spheres would be the realms of the Sephiroth/Heaven (also called the Tree of Life, whereas the Qliphoth is called the Tree of Death)… It is this Secret Rose that I am not familiar with. It could refer to the Scarlet Lady called Babalon (female soul-mate/polarity), but it probably refers to the Lapis Philosophicus [Philosopher’s Stone], which is equivalent to the aforementioned diamond.

GF: Most excellent! The secret is the heart, true love! But there is another secret hidden in the poem that you’ve yet to notice.

VK: It could be said that Daath leads to Death. Choronzon of Daath brings about the dissolution of the ego, whereas the Azerate/Chavajoth brings about the Black Diamond… Am I right about that?

GF: I think you’ve got it right, but I’m still learning too. Thank you so much for spending your talent on me!

VK: I think I might blush.

GF: But, the most important lesson hidden in this poem has yet to be interpreted!

VK: I don’t care; I’m fucking tired of this.

-V.K. Jehannum

A Rite to Execrate a Church

{People who are raised religious will retain, at least temporarily, subconscious mental programming even after leaving their religion. While the fledgling Satanist knows logically that there is no condemnation after death, his subconscious mind has still been conditioned to think that there is, giving birth to irrational fears. This curse ritual is meant to be cast upon the church that the celebrant used to attend– if a random church is targeted, much less deprogramming is achieved. The tricky part of the rite is balancing the expression of legitimate respect for the Satanic forces one is calling upon with contempt for the Christian establishment which is cursed and the servitors of Yahweh which are slaughtered mid-ritual. Phrases in bold are to be vibrated while phrases in italics are to be chanted. Translations and/or explanations appear in brackets.}

It is my intent to obliterate the influence of the Christian ethos over this place and over myself. I will bring about the slaughter of angels and the execration of the church in the names of Satan, Lilith, Tannin’iver, and Belial. These words I speak are gateways to the black and horrific forces which will blot out the reign of the Autistic Nazarene and wreak havoc upon the fuck-ups that adhere to his doctrine of shit. I call now upon the Dragons of Khaos.
Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam [phrase which calls upon the Dragons of Khaos]

Taninsam! Pythonic Aspect of Lilith!
Obliterate these Sephirotic abstractions through a black and acausal flood!
Veniat ad me, Regina Chaosifer (x13) [Come to me, Queen Chaosifer]
Agios ischyros Taninsam [Hallowed be the Sacred Taninsam!]
Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam.

Leviathan! Draconic Aspect of the Devil!
Subject this place unto your wrathful demonry and saturate the cathedral with the wrathful pandimensional energies of the primordial ocean of Khaos!
Dessurpur Kajp Giddup Leviathan (x10) [Mantra calling disharmonious acausal energies]
Jaden Tasa Hoet Naca Leviathan (x3) [Mantra which calls forth Leviathan]
Agios ischyros Leviathan! [Hallowed be the Sacred Leviathan]
Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam.

The Qliphothic Emissaries of Belial which are known to man as the Sons of Darkness seek out and slaughter the worthless servitors of the Messianic Candy-Ass. I share their contempt for the worthless fucking abortions that elect to service the Sephirotic Deity of Ignorance and Self-Deprecation.
I call now upon the wrathful spirits of the Lord of the Earth: manifest on this plane and slaughter any spirits of Jehovah which are present!
Filii Tenebrarum Triumphantes (x6) [Mantra to rally the Sons of Darkness]
Agilleath Tiddehmos Tlyfos Belial (x5) [Mantra to call upon the forces of Belial]
Iaus Belial! [Exclamation of praise to Belial]

The Impostor Guru and Eternal Virgin who is known as Yeshua and Jesus is an insipid autist and his teachings are corruptions of pre-existent traditions. The Christoid religion has imposed weakness upon humanity: weakness of the mind, and weakness of the spirit. I refuse to be bound by such ideological castrations; I subject this cathedral to the Will of the Infernal.
The obliteration of Nazarene  shackles has made way for the triumph of Will. As I utter these blasphemies the blood of angels is shed and acausal currents obliterate the emanations of the Sephiroth. Fuck the Messianic Cunt Ape, and fuck his worthless disciples. These words of power I have prepared to utter will sow the demise of this temple of sheep. Fuck the worthless Christoid masses.

[The following names and phrases will saturate the cathedral which conflict-breeding, destructive, disharmonious, and chaotic influences]
Aperiatur terra, et germinet CHAOS! (x7)
Alastoros (x4)
Chao ab Ordo (x7)
Porro triumphator in inferno sunt
Et revertetur ad tenebras

Palas Aron Ozinomas,
Baske Bano Tudan Donas,
Geheamel Cla Orlay,
Berec Hé Pantaras Tay!

Fuck Yeshua Christ (x17)
Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam.
Agios ischyros Taninsam! Agios ischyros Leviathan! Iaus Belial!

Invocation of Luluwa/Qalmana/Awan

Io Qalmana-Lil-Uwa

I raise my voice unto the Nigrescent, Venusian Throne wherefrom the Scythe-Bearing Princess over the Divinities of Adulteration presides over the envenomed, hallucinogenic rose garden of

Malka ha-Magal ha-Kavod va-Mispach (x13)
[Queen of the Sickle of Abundance and Bloodshed]

I desire the Reddening-Demonry of the Progenitor of Sortilege so that she might lead the way in my attainment. I will unite my cognition with the wisdom of Qalmana and empower myself through her guidance. Vampyric Creatrix, descend here within me!

Luluwa-Agrah-Va-Koh-Hen-Hah-Sehmol (x7)
[Luluwa Daughter and Priestess of the Left Hand]

Allow me to experience the power of she who has completed the Great Work!
Let me partake of the love felt by the Precursor of Witchcraft!
Grant me the brutality of the Gorgeous Matron of Homicide!

Qalmana Meleketh ha-Gulgatha va-Nogah (x7)
[Qalmana Queen of Gulgatha and Venus]

Mother Awan!
I call to you,
Veiled Creatrix of the Burial Mound,
Shrouded Mother of Roses,
Black and Beloved Tormentress!

Hail Luluwa!
You who resides amongst the Court of Infernality
As a Demigoddess of Abundance!
Cunning Artificer of the Lineage
of Demonolatry and Human Sacrifice!
I seek to Become and become one with you!

Awan Luluwa Lalawa Qulmuna (x13)

As I have spoken, so let it be done!

Invocation of the Mistress of Blood

{This rite invokes Mother Earth (referred to as Baphomet the Mother of Blood by the Order of the Nine Angles) for the purpose of spiritually empowering oneself. Baphomet is the Earth itself, so witches of any tradition can perform it and evolve thereby. It is optimal for this ritual to be performed facing the North, and the sigil of Baphomet depicted at the bottom of the script should be placed on the altar or on the floor. It is great for this rite to be performed in a natural area, but any location will do. A jar can be filled with leaves, grass, and dirt and placed on the altar to presence natural energies which will be conducive to the ritual. Focus on feelings of love and/or admiration for the Earth (Baphomet) as you perform the invocation. View yourself as a cub approaching her Mother for nourishment, and you will be received as such– this approach is the best one for calling on any deity or spirit. Read the entirety of the ritual script prior to performing the rite, and feel free to modify or skip any sections which you do not understand, disagree with, or simply dislike. Phrases in italics are to be chanted, and translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. The chants are translated non-literally so as to best convey their meaning. The word telluric means earthly, gnosis is spiritual knowledge,  the word anados means ascent, and enantiodromia is the process of reaching a balance of opposing characteristics within one’s personality.}
-Best regards from V.K. Jehannum, 2016 Anno Maleficarum

Ave Baphomet
[Hail Baphomet]
Agia H Baphomet
 [Numinous is Baphomet]
Regina Rubedo Venire (x5) [Queen of the Reddening Come!]
The tellurian gnosis and auspices of Baphomet are the gate to a sacred anados.
I seek union with the Harbinger of the Fifth Initiation
Whose blood-stained hand bears the torch of moonlight.
Beloved is the Mistress and Bride of Nigrescence,
The Mother of Love and Enmity.
Agios ischyros Baphomet (x4) [Numinous and Sacred is Baphomet!]
Regina Rubedo Venire (x4) [Queen of the Reddening Come!]
I seek union with Queen Baphomet
As I seek the union of opposites within.
Baphomet represents Enantiodromia;
She is that which I seek to imitate.
The Dreccian Moons are an icon of balance,
And I must be balanced thereas.
The Bloodbath Empress is the Earth Itself,
And I do so love the Earth.
Agios o Baphomet (x4) [Numinous is Baphomet]
Regina Rubedo Venire  (x5) [Queen of the Reddening! Come to me!]
So it is done.


Nazism and the ONA


The following is the transcript of an email I sent to an ONA correspondent.

“While I agree that it is not worth the time to worship Hitler as per esoteric Hitlerism, it is my gnosis that he did gain immortality after death via adroitness in sorcery. One of the essays in the White Order of Thule manuscript collection that I made public in my Obscure ONA Manuscripts post should provide enough evidence of Hitler’s sorceries to do away with any doubts you might have towards this postulation.

In regards to the Lightning and the Sun, I am familiar with the basic premise.

According to Sinister tradition, it is necessary for a traditional nexion to undertake a culling once every 17 years, and the number 17 is significant in numerology. It is considered to represent a lightning bolt, and 17 is the number of squares in a swastika. The number is deemed to be anti-Christian/Christ in nature.

One opfer every 17 years in order to bring about Kalki, or the Antichrist, or Ad-Dajjal. The opfer tarot card (Atu 12) is associated with Vindex the Avenger. When the white magickians in Falcifer: Lord of Darkness said their number was 12, that is what the reference was to. It is also interesting to me that there were 12 rays in the Nazi’s Black Sun symbol. “Opfer” is the German word for sacrifice. A badge called the opfer rune was worn by Nazi soldiers to commemorate the deaths of their fallen comrades. This should make clear exactly what Vindex is coming to avenge. Not the Nazis, not National Socialism, and not Hitler, but the honor and values which the Nazi society personified. The old ONA treatise Nexus – A Guide to Sinister Strategy makes it clear that the weltanschauung [worldview] of racial supremacy is desirable primarily because it is antithetical to the sickness of spirit inherent in Judao Christian belief.

I’m personally not anti-semitic, although I do not balk at racist beliefs from fellow Satanists. The Jews have been kicked out of over 100 countries, and I think this is because of their belief that they are a divine race. They refer to non-Jews as ‘goyim,’ meaning ‘filth.’ Ergo I tenatively posit that racism is the problem, not the solution.”


Element: Fire
Direction: South
D/N: Mostly Nocturnal
Gematria: 75
Colors: Purple, Grey, Blue, Pink, Indigo
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Chasek
Primary Planetary Attributions: the Moon; Earth
Lesser Planetary Attributions: Neptune; the Sun
Attributed Qliphas (In Order of Significance to Her): Satariel; Nahemoth; Herab Serapel

Laylah/Lailah is mentioned occasionally in the slightest possible detail by various commentators on the Talmud and other such speculations. She is described by these postulations as an angel of the night and a protectress of childbirth and pregnancy. Some commentaries outline her as a determinant of a human’s destiny,  adding that she has the task of escorting spirits to the afterlife. Other authorities allege that she became a demoness. She was of interest to me, so I summoned her so that I learn her true nature from the horse’s mouth.

One of Laylah’s specialties is protective magick and the banishment of undesirable energies. For a spirit who is most powerful at night, she is peculiarly powerful during the hours of daylight as well. She can be called upon to diffuse maledictions and she can reverse the effects of spells. Furthermore, she can strengthen one’s astral double to the point where it is near indestructible.

Laylah can give advice, assistance, and instruction regarding green witchery, hunting, ceremonial magick, archaeology, homicide, theft, astronomy, nutrition, politics, philosophy, neurology, and psychology. The personality traits she can impart or strengthen/develop include intuition, mindfulness, creativity, foresight, and disclipine. She can also improve the witch’s decision-making, reasoning, and organization skills.

Laylah specializes in the creation of egregores and the arts of mind reading and mind control, and she can give teachings regarding Tantra, Psionics, draconic sorcery, Hebdomadry, Norse runes, the mysteries of To Mega Therion and Babalon, the Tree of Wyrd, Santeria, the Eleusinian Mysteries, and solar magick. She can strengthen the witch’s natural psychic defenses and improve her clairaudience and clairsentience.

Laylah can make the witch a better lay. Her guidance and auspices are advantageous for necromantic endeavors and rites to Those Who Died Nameless and Forgotten, as well as in rituals to the Undead Gods. She can be evoked to permanently diminish or cure the symptoms of anxiety disorders and learning disabilities, as well as to help someone get out of legal trouble or get laid.

Laylah can help the magickian open portals, practice astral magick, and work with the Planetary Spirit of the Earth in magick. She can be called upon in spellwork to repair romantic relationships, get somebody employed or promoted, Her auspices are of use in banishing, shielding, and healing spells.

Laylah is both an archangel and an archdemon. She serves both Jehovah and Chavajoth [the gods of Hell]. It is easily possible to serve both agendas simultaneously, as these two pantheons are in no way defined by their conflict with one another, and they have agendas apart from their rivalries with one another.

A fallen angel is a different species of spirit than a demon, but spirits can become hybrids, and they often seek to do so in order to become more powerful. It would appear that Laylah has done this.

lailah-sigilAbove: the Sigil I Created & Use for Laylah

Magickal Chants

Laylah Malka Ha-Malakuma
“Laylah, Queen of the Healing Dead!”

Erige Laylah Ambrosia Pentrale
“Rise, Laylah, Immortal Spirit!”

Vocamus Te Laylah-Noctiferi
“We Call unto Laylah who Brings About Nightfall!”

Laylah Genetrix, Veniat Ad Me
Mother Laylah, Come Into Me!”
Magickal Chant for Invocations of Laylah

Kliffarrah Klarrommah Klahtorrah Lailah Larrothah
Channeled Summoning Chant for Laylah

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia