Opus Vrilis – the Book of WSA 352

This is Opus Vrilis, the central text of WSA 352 detailing the philosophy, exeatic praxis, and spiritual practices of Chloe 352’s Progressive Satanism. I have no doubt that the reader will find it enlightening.



The White Star Acception is named after Sirius, by the way, but the Acception also uses the variant name Waffen Schaft Azagthoth [Army of Azagthoth]. The founders have written that they were unaware at the time that they chose their title that 352 is the numerical value of the name Shaitan in Hebrew Gematria, so it is probable that they also were/are unaware of Typhonian Occultist Kenneth Grant’s attribution of Sirius/Sothis to the Devil. They were also purportedly unaware that “Acception” is not a word.


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