Analyzing a Poem by Michael Kuntz

A woman posted poem written by her boyfriend (Michael Kuntz) on my facebook wall and asked me to analyze. The poem was obviously written from the point of view of Thelema or some other such tradition, but I decided to interpret it to the best of my ability anyway. This post will present the poem by Kuntz and thereafter present my conversation with the woman, whom we’ll just call GF, which occurred in the comments section.

“418” by Michael Kuntz
All my life I’ve wandered the lonely world astray
But found a rough-hewn diamond tumbling in the fray
Reeling from the spiral beam of Light from above
All my dreams resounding with the whisperings of Love
Had I known this diamond would’ve taken me from home
A Fool I would’ve been to pluck it from the loam
Death now stalks me on the Tree of Life I climb Unknown
As I glide through space and pass through time ever faster
Beside myself I ponder on the thoughts of the Master
Rising through the Spheres I find I’ve found the Secret Rose
All my life I’ve wondered as to what the Master knows

VK: Well, is the Secret Rose you? Since you identify so strongly with the Scarlet Lady?

GF: That’s flattering, but no. Tell me what else you notice about the poem. You’re brilliant; I know you can figure this out.

VK: Well, 418 is the numerical value of Abrahadabra, a mantra used to contact ones Inner Daemon. By Love, he is referring to the inverse polarity of Will [Agape (Love) and Thelema (Will) have equivalent numerical values]. I’m told that the “Black Diamond” is the name for a state reached via Qliphothic/Infernal self-transformation, so I’m guessing that “diamond” refers to Kuntz’s striving towards meeting his Inner Daemon. The line about death stalking him may suggest that he feels called (or “tempted”, if you like) to delve into Infernal self-transformation (maybe even to psychic vampyrism). The spheres would be the realms of the Sephiroth/Heaven (also called the Tree of Life, whereas the Qliphoth is called the Tree of Death)… It is this Secret Rose that I am not familiar with. It could refer to the Scarlet Lady called Babalon (female soul-mate/polarity), but it probably refers to the Lapis Philosophicus [Philosopher’s Stone], which is equivalent to the aforementioned diamond.

GF: Most excellent! The secret is the heart, true love! But there is another secret hidden in the poem that you’ve yet to notice.

VK: It could be said that Daath leads to Death. Choronzon of Daath brings about the dissolution of the ego, whereas the Azerate/Chavajoth brings about the Black Diamond… Am I right about that?

GF: I think you’ve got it right, but I’m still learning too. Thank you so much for spending your talent on me!

VK: I think I might blush.

GF: But, the most important lesson hidden in this poem has yet to be interpreted!

VK: I don’t care; I’m fucking tired of this.

-V.K. Jehannum


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